Fennel (Foeniculum Vulgare)

Fennel Benefits

Rich in phytoestrogens, Fennel is often used for colic, wind, irritable bowel, kidneys, spleen, liver, lungs, suppressing appetite, breast enlargement, promoting menstruation, improving digestive system, milk flow and increasing urine flow. Fennel is also commonly used to treat amenhorrea, angina, asthma, anxiety, depression, heartburn, water retention, lower blood pressure, boost libido, respiratory congestion, coughs and has been indicated for high blood pressure and to boost sexual desire.

Fennel is a useful addition to any of the Breast Enlargement herbs and has an impressive number of other health benefits.

Fennel is also commonly used to treat amenhorrea, angina, asthma, heartburn, high blood pressure and to boost sexual desire. Fennel is a mild appetite suppressant and is used to improve the kidneys, spleen, liver and lungs.

Fennel is an effective treatment for respiratory congestion and is a common ingredient in cough remedies.

It is also used for cancer patients after radiation and chemotherapy treatments to help rebuild the digestive system. Fennel relaxes the smooth muscle lining the digestive tract (making it an antispasmodic). It also helps expel gas.

It is a tested remedy for gas, acid stomach, gout, cramps, colic and spasms. Fennel seed ground and made into tea is believed to be good for snake bites, insect bites or food poisoning. Excellent for obesity. It increases the flow of urine. It is gargled for hoarseness and sore throats.

Fennel Herb Notes / Side Effects

Latin Name

Foeniculum vulgare

Common Names

Large fennel, sweet fennel, wild fennel, finocchio, carosella, Florence fennel, Fennel


Warming, carminative (an aromatic which tends to expel wind from the alimentary canal, or to relieve colic, griping, or flatulence), Antispasmodic, Antidepressant, Promotes milk-flow in nursing mothers, Stomachic, pectoral, diuretic, diaphoretic, aromatic, Anti-microbial, Pain reducing, fever reducing.


Colic, Wind, Irritable bowel, Increase urine flow, Breast enlargement, Promotes menstruation, Improves digestive system, Improves milk flow, anxiety, depression, arthritis, water retention, appetite suppressant, amenhorrea, angina, asthma, heartburn, lower blood pressure, boost libido, respiratory congestion, coughs

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Shaheen Pari 's avatar  Shaheen Pari 18/05/2015 10:37

Fennel made my life.I don't know what was problem but I used to feel tired and fatigue all day 12 hours since childhood.Then as a measure to stop my new habit of smoking I took Excessive fennel doses and now I feel like a horse.I can feel energetic every time and now I can play ,stand and work without tiredness all the day.Now I don't feel tired after sex with my part enter and also feel fresh after heavy meals

AChanceFind 's avatar  AChanceFind 29/12/2010 03:27

I take one or two fennel capsules as a chaser to a heavy meal or when taking a combination of strong tasting herbs and supplements on an empty stomach. I can describe the effect best as "refreshing" or "neutralizing" on the stomach; I find myself having less lingering tastes and burps from the food or supplements. I also sometimes have episodes of "fast" intestinal urgency and bloating from certain foods or during times of anxiety and stress. I do notice a calming effect on my lower digestive system, and it definitely helps expel gas, especially in the morning, so that my bowels feel more comfortable throughout the day! I recommend the seeds in capsules but it can also be eaten as raw seeds if you can tolerate the strong anise/black licorice taste.

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Zanobia Zahid 's avatar  Zanobia Zahid 06/12/2010 18:56

someone told me make black tes out of fennel seeds,ginger roots and green cardimen boil in water and drink early morning and at night to loose tommy fat and it's working for me

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Swtpie50 's avatar  Swtpie50 02/04/2011 19:55

plz tell me how much i have to eat fennel and when to eat for breast enlargement daily ??????

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Fawayed 's avatar  Fawayed 29/06/2014 17:52

Fennel essential oil boosts digestion and reduces calories consumption

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hana 's avatar  hana 03/03/2011 05:23

I don't like this taste, the tincture is sweet and syrupy. But it does make my stomach feel better, I take this and fenugreek when I eat a big meal. I do notice breast enlarging effects as well!! especially after I got off it for several months (for running out), and I just started taking again and it really enhances a smaller bust

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