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5-HTP Reviews

Ladybug 's avatar  Ladybug 22/02/2011 04:21

My whole life has changed since getting on 5-HTP. It helped my irritability and and got rid of my insomnia. I also have a feeling of well-being and normalcy that I didn't have before. My doctor said that some people are naturally low in serotonin, and this is noted by a tendency to stay up late and a history of depression.

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Olena 's avatar  Olena 01/02/2012 02:40

Reloqueen, I know what you mean! I suffered from restless leg syndrome too, and 5HTP  worsened it significantly when I took it before bedtime. HOWEVER, I started taking a B-Complex vitamin and iron supplements, and my RLS went away completely. Now I don't have a problem taking 5HTP, and its effects on my mood and appetite are amazing!

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Toladore 's avatar  Toladore 19/09/2011 12:56

Ive started taking it and feel alot happier. its subtle and pleasant. Ive recently got very intrested in herbal supplements and this is by far one of the best.... :)

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Peach48462 's avatar  Peach48462 06/07/2011 16:28

I am a 49-year old woman and have been taking 5HTP for a couple of years now and highly recommend it.  I take 100 mg nightly...it balances my mood and helps me sleep. 
I recently ran out and didn't take it for 3 or 4 days - found myself short and irritable.  I love this supplement - it really works and has no negative side effects.  Plus you can find it on line cheap - recently I bought 8 bottles for about $30.00. 

I'm entering menopause and I think this has really helped tremendously.

Mary A.

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Red 's avatar  Red 27/02/2013 16:40

Hi, glad to hear that it has helped you, I just started and feel good already. Can you tell us the website where you ordered 8 bottles for $30.00. Would appreciate it very much, thanks

pat 's avatar  pat 18/02/2013 19:54

Hello do u need to take any other vitamins with 5htp? Can u give me website where u got it,?

Kelley 's avatar  Kelley 16/06/2011 05:37

Absolutely 100% amazing results!  The doc had me on lexapro but I quit taking it and had majorly horrible side effects.  I read that omega 3's would be good for my withdrawl so I started taking those and at the same time picked up 5-HTP.  WOW...what a huge difference.  They work better than the lexapro and I don't have to worry about any chemical withdrawl if I'm ever in the position where I can't afford them.  5 stars for this herbal supplement!

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Pixie 's avatar  Pixie 08/01/2014 02:43

I have had insomnia, panic attacks, anxiety and mild depression off and on for years. The anxiety is often very bad at night. I've taken prescription meds in the past but I always end up going off them due to the side effects. I started taking 5-HTP about 5 days ago after reading about it on a blog. Just 100mg at night before bed. My sleep immediately improved and I am suddenly aware that I am dreaming. I didn't even realize that I possibly wasn't dreaming. I just thought maybe I am one of those people that doesn't recall dreams well. Makes me wonder if I was ever even reaching REM sleep at night. I am waking up more refreshed and happy and I am way more patient and less irritable during the day (maybe because I am finally sleeping well, I don't know...but I like it!) I find myself smiling more and I'm way more patient with my kids. Win Win for all here!

tommyco 's avatar  tommyco 18/09/2013 23:04

Hi I have chronic back pain. I started taking 5 http 200mg a day but I stopped because I read somewhere that you should not take for more than 12 weeks. Does anyone know why? It appeared to be helping. My pain seems to have increased since I stopped. I would like know when I should start again or should I try something else.

Just someone 's avatar  Just someone 17/10/2013 20:59

Hey Tommy,

12 weeks is, I think, arbitrary. Julia Ross in her book the Mood Cure advises to take 5htp for as long as it works - according to her, you will notice when it stops working, as you will start feeling worse instead of better, on the pills.
Since your pain has come back when you stopped, it seems like you should go on, for now.

Whyme 's avatar  Whyme 29/08/2013 23:01

I have been weaning myself off of Effexor XR for the last 6 months. I tapered even more than my pdoc recommended. I just knew that the WD symptoms were horrible from trying to get off of this poison before. Anyway, even after tapering to about .125 mg per day I had horrible WD symptoms when I stopped. In order to combat this, I researched different herbal supplements that may help. I started to take 5-HTP. Although I didn't really notice an improvement in my depression or anxiety, I developed Restless Leg Syndrome - almost overnight.

Now I've read many accounts of RLS and let me assure you, mine is severe!!! Picture a burning hot metal rod being placed in both legs from the knees down. Your legs begin to burn from the inside out to the point where the pain is so intense, your legs just jerk involuntarily.

Since being diagnosed with RLS (which was not brain surgery), I have tried Requip and Mirapex which work wonders on the RLS, but unfortunately, I can not take due to the awful side effects they have on me. I've also tried Gabapentin, which doesn't work as well.

Anyway, my point is - I'm desperately trying to figure out what has caused my RLS. Is it part of a discontinuation syndrome effect from the Effexor? BTW - I started to take a small dose of the Effexor again and the RLS has NOT gone away. Or is it perhaps caused by my brief use of the 5-HTP? Any insite or your own personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.

Rob 's avatar  Rob 30/09/2013 20:51

Try magnesium glycinate or citrate for RLS. Worked wonders for mine.

Dave 's avatar  Dave 29/09/2013 19:05

It is the Effexor withdrawls- as the same thing happend with me. brain zaps, audio hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, hot and cold flashes, flu like symptoms and Restless leg syndrome and Cramping are all from Effexor.

Maya 's avatar  Maya 21/05/2013 13:55

I started taking 5HTP after suffering from anxiety and mild depression. I had difficulties concentrating and I was just miserable. Ever since I started taking 5HTP I feel much better, I feel more accepting of things and I am able to concentrate for longer periods of time. I don't have this rage within me anymore, I don't have obsessive thoughts and I don't wonder around in my mind anymore. It also helps with apatite regulation (not that I need it) but I don't crave sweets, fatty and salty food as often.

I take 5HTP with L-tyrosine , L-Dopa (one of each in the morning) without food. After breakfast I take a vitamin supplement.

I only take 100 mg of 5HTP, 150mg of L-Dopa and 450 mg of L-tyrosine, it might be different for everybody but so far this works for me. I suggest that you do not take L-Dopa before going to bed because it will keep you awake, 5HTP itself before bed is fine.

Also, do not take 5HTP if you are on any medication (SSRIs, MAOs - Prozac, Zoloft etc). Do not take L-Dopa if you have Parkinson without talking to your doctor and do not take L-tyrosine if you have or have had a thyroid problem and have been taking medication for it, please consult your doctor.

Jaycee 's avatar  Jaycee 14/04/2013 23:00

I am a 58 yo woman and thought I would try 5HTP after reading about it - I was suffering from mild anxiety. I took the first tablet and got the symptoms your describe as Serotonin Syndrome - I felt completely spaced out, vision problems, sweats, nausea, confusion. palpitations. I have never taken another tablet phew!

Henry 's avatar  Henry 25/02/2013 02:41

My chiropractor suggested 5htp for my stress. It took about 5-6 weeks before I noticed a change but it was good. It not only reduced my stress but also my migraines and eating habits. I have been taking 5htp for about 6 months with no bad reactions. I had to take strong pain medications for the migraines and this has reduced my intake by about 75 percent and still getting better.. Remember to have some patience as it did take a while before I noticed any changes

Nicky 's avatar  Nicky 30/12/2013 18:24

Hi,after reading your review I thought I'd let you know about the mineral magnesium,how good it is for migraines...look into it but I take it three times a day 100mg capsules..I hope this helps you

Lucy 's avatar  Lucy 24/02/2013 16:30

My husband just started taking 5htp last week, and he is a completely different person as a result. I came across these posts because I was looking for the side effects of this product and peoples' reactions to this supplement, due to the drastic change in my husband's behavior. He was always irritable and couldn't handle emotional issues, even the most normal every day type of situations. This always made me think he had some sort of an imbalance, chemical or otherwise. He was becoming progressively more irrate about the most minute of problems. He was unbearable to be around, and it was destroying our relationship. I can't even explain the relief and the hope I now have for him, and for us.

I am not an advocate of this product, because I don't know the long term side effects, or the "negatives" in general.. But I can share what a 180 degree change I have seen and what a positive effect it has had on him.. Absolutely flabbergasting! Almost seems too good to be true.. that's how effective this supplement is. If anyone has any info on possible negative long term or short term side effects, please do share..

Nicky 's avatar  Nicky 30/12/2013 09:39

Hi I take 5htp I take it for time of the month,and it does help,
But 12 months ago I went for blood tests because of my pmt,and feeling tired,my liver enzymes were high,the doctor thinks it's because of the 5htp... But I was also taking fish oil capsules. So it could have been those. I would suggest you go to doc n check this out for yourself...best wishes nicky

Wolf 's avatar  Wolf 01/08/2013 16:40

How is he doing now?

Luke 's avatar  Luke 01/02/2013 14:30

I have been taking 5htp for a while now and it works a treat. i am now on the road to recovery from a long battle with depression.

carlotapopota 's avatar  carlotapopota 22/01/2013 00:39

Can You mix 5htp with rhodiola? (5htp At Night And rhodiola in the morning?)

Amanda Oz Staff 's avatar  Amanda Oz Staff 18/01/2013 20:43

The Dr. Oz Show is looking for 5-HTP weight loss success stories! If you're a female in the NY-Tristate area, we want to hear from you! arocco@zoco.com

MrOmega 's avatar  MrOmega 21/12/2012 09:59

Yes, I finished off a bottle. Anxiety levels are extremely low and I've gone through a period that typically would have had me raging significantly more than I did. Also, once finishing the bottle, I slept quite a bit and seem to be napping more often. Might have taken a little too much too fast. No syndrome effect, but perhaps not fullying enjoying the smooth bore feeling. Will not be buying another bottle anytime soon. I do recommend this stuff to others though if they take in moderation. I am not a pharmacologist.

Brittany 's avatar  Brittany 19/10/2012 22:51

I totally love it and I just discovered it, however, I guess I was taking too much because for the last week I have been so sick right after consumption and maybe because I take it in the morning (I'm switching to right before bed) but I throw up, I cant function for a good 3 hours after throwing up,It's horrible but I refuse to stop taking it considering the positive effects it has had. The bottle I have recommends 2 (100mg each) and I was taking 4. I took 3 today before reading this posting and I was sick for about 4 hours and I vommited once. I am feeling better now and I love the way I feel mentally about daily issues where in the past I would have freaked out and not have dealt with anything in a proactive way. I am open for suggestions or commentary.

Debbie 's avatar  Debbie 13/03/2013 04:55

From all I have read about 5-HTP, I think you're not supposed to take more than 100 mg a day. There's a chance you can get Serotonin Syndrome if you take too much.

Nicole Mungar 's avatar  Nicole Mungar 04/10/2013 00:16

That's interesting seeing as though I bought my first bottle today... 100mg and it says 1 three times daily for mood, fibro etc and 1-2 day for sleep and 3 three times a day for weight loss so its saying you can take 900mg a day for weight loss. That's a LOT more then the 100mg max you suggest and my info is right off the bottle.

Shoorikh 's avatar  Shoorikh 04/08/2012 08:41

why I can't purchase any of your products?Actually the features are not working

Reloqueen 's avatar  Reloqueen 28/12/2011 01:55

I suffer with Restless Legs Syndrome.  I can't take any of the SSRI (Selective Serotonin Re-uptake Inhibitors) antidepressants.  5-HTP made the condition unbearable.  Torture! 

Judd 's avatar  Judd 05/12/2011 05:42

I tried this and it made me kind of stupid, I could only do or think about one thing at a time, so it was hard at work too. I took a shower and was using body wash in my hair and then after I was done I thought to myself wait a minute...this isn't shampoo! lol I took 50mg and tried 100mg also, I was not like this before I took 5-HTP and after I stopped taking it my brain went back to normal. Weird it makes me stupid, I'm glad it works for other people though.

Chris 's avatar  Chris 25/11/2011 17:21

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signalfire1 's avatar  signalfire1 13/11/2011 17:43

Agree with the other posters, this stuff is wonderful.  I have had mild but persistent depression my entire life, which got worse as my serotonin levels got lower (I presume) because then I started having trouble sleeping, low serotonin causing low melatonin.  I would lay awake until 5 in the morning and then finally get to sleep when it was time to get up for the day.  This continued for years and the only sleep I got was naps intermittently. I was a zombie, and a depressed one at that.  I read about 5-HTP and started on it; the first two days I vomited afterwards (turns out there are serotonin receptors in the small intestine and the 5-HTP hits these and causes a vomiting response) but after that subsided, I felt very well.  I slept like a kid again, falling asleep within minutes of lying down, and slept straight through.  My mood was enhanced and I felt "normal" again, like I did when I was a child.  After several months to a year of taking it regularly, I find I no longer need it, as if the serotonin levels have been refilled.  I now only take it perhaps every few months, for a few times and my mood and sleeping ability seems to stay steady.

Excellent supplement without the cost of going to a doctor and getting meds, and without the side effects of the SSRIs, which I also tried and found to make me angry and unpredictably moody. I much prefer natural drugs to what the docs have to offer, I think they are safer and also far less expensive. 

Brit 's avatar  Brit 13/08/2011 16:27

5-htp is an awesome supplement, it not only helps to boost serotonin levels but it also help to block pain by working with nuerotransmitters to block the pain receptors, so people who have fibro pain this is a very good supplement to take.

I was taking an antidepressant but it was not working and I did not want to start taking an SSRI because of the weight gain that it will cause, my doctor advised me to take 300-400 mg daily which has helped a lot, but honestly, I have taken a lower amount and it is not enough for me, I mention that for anyone out there who has tried 5-htp in place of anti depressants and think that 5-htp does not work, talk to your doctor, you may be able to take more than the recommended 100 mg.

peaches 's avatar  peaches 26/07/2011 05:41

When I got pregnant I had gone through depression almost all my 9 months.  I had mood swing, suviour panick attacts, anxiety. Couldn't even get out of my house. I couldn't have a regular life. I had axiety attack before I had got pregnant but, when I got pregnant everything got worse I guess my hormones got inbalance during pregnacy. Well of course I couldn't take anything during pregnacy so after I had my son I was trying to find something I could take that would help me because after I had my son I also when through baby blues,throught panick attack, axiety. Well to make my story short after trying so many thing I had try 5htp and in three day I had felt a different I was so happy and I recommend this to any one I love it and It did have any side affect like prescrive drugs  

Azbmxdonut 's avatar  Azbmxdonut 05/06/2011 00:26

how much do you take and when

Lucitastar 's avatar  Lucitastar 16/05/2011 13:33

I am glad you have a doctor who will openly discuss this type of information with you as a patient.