5-Htp Reviews

Ladybug 's avatar  Ladybug 22/02/2011 04:21

My whole life has changed since getting on 5-HTP. It helped my irritability and and got rid of my insomnia. I also have a feeling of well-being and normalcy that I didn't have before. My doctor said that some people are naturally low in serotonin, and this is noted by a tendency to stay up late and a history of depression.

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Toladore 's avatar  Toladore 19/09/2011 12:56

Ive started taking it and feel alot happier. its subtle and pleasant. Ive recently got very intrested in herbal supplements and this is by far one of the best.... :)

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Peach48462 's avatar  Peach48462 06/07/2011 16:28

I am a 49-year old woman and have been taking 5HTP for a couple of years now and highly recommend it.  I take 100 mg nightly...it balances my mood and helps me sleep. 
I recently ran out and didn't take it for 3 or 4 days - found myself short and irritable.  I love this supplement - it really works and has no negative side effects.  Plus you can find it on line cheap - recently I bought 8 bottles for about $30.00. 

I'm entering menopause and I think this has really helped tremendously.

Mary A.

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Kelley 's avatar  Kelley 16/06/2011 05:37

Absolutely 100% amazing results!  The doc had me on lexapro but I quit taking it and had majorly horrible side effects.  I read that omega 3's would be good for my withdrawl so I started taking those and at the same time picked up 5-HTP.  WOW...what a huge difference.  They work better than the lexapro and I don't have to worry about any chemical withdrawl if I'm ever in the position where I can't afford them.  5 stars for this herbal supplement!

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Chris 's avatar  Chris 25/11/2011 17:21

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signalfire1 's avatar  signalfire1 13/11/2011 17:43

Agree with the other posters, this stuff is wonderful.  I have had mild but persistent depression my entire life, which got worse as my serotonin levels got lower (I presume) because then I started having trouble sleeping, low serotonin causing low melatonin.  I would lay awake until 5 in the morning and then finally get to sleep when it was time to get up for the day.  This continued for years and the only sleep I got was naps intermittently. I was a zombie, and a depressed one at that.  I read about 5-HTP and started on it; the first two days I vomited afterwards (turns out there are serotonin receptors in the small intestine and the 5-HTP hits these and causes a vomiting response) but after that subsided, I felt very well.  I slept like a kid again, falling asleep within minutes of lying down, and slept straight through.  My mood was enhanced and I felt "normal" again, like I did when I was a child.  After several months to a year of taking it regularly, I find I no longer need it, as if the serotonin levels have been refilled.  I now only take it perhaps every few months, for a few times and my mood and sleeping ability seems to stay steady.

Excellent supplement without the cost of going to a doctor and getting meds, and without the side effects of the SSRIs, which I also tried and found to make me angry and unpredictably moody. I much prefer natural drugs to what the docs have to offer, I think they are safer and also far less expensive. 

Brit 's avatar  Brit 13/08/2011 16:27

5-htp is an awesome supplement, it not only helps to boost serotonin levels but it also help to block pain by working with nuerotransmitters to block the pain receptors, so people who have fibro pain this is a very good supplement to take.

I was taking an antidepressant but it was not working and I did not want to start taking an SSRI because of the weight gain that it will cause, my doctor advised me to take 300-400 mg daily which has helped a lot, but honestly, I have taken a lower amount and it is not enough for me, I mention that for anyone out there who has tried 5-htp in place of anti depressants and think that 5-htp does not work, talk to your doctor, you may be able to take more than the recommended 100 mg.

peaches 's avatar  peaches 26/07/2011 05:41

When I got pregnant I had gone through depression almost all my 9 months.  I had mood swing, suviour panick attacts, anxiety. Couldn't even get out of my house. I couldn't have a regular life. I had axiety attack before I had got pregnant but, when I got pregnant everything got worse I guess my hormones got inbalance during pregnacy. Well of course I couldn't take anything during pregnacy so after I had my son I was trying to find something I could take that would help me because after I had my son I also when through baby blues,throught panick attack, axiety. Well to make my story short after trying so many thing I had try 5htp and in three day I had felt a different I was so happy and I recommend this to any one I love it and It did have any side affect like prescrive drugs  

Azbmxdonut 's avatar  Azbmxdonut 05/06/2011 00:26

how much do you take and when

Lucitastar 's avatar  Lucitastar 16/05/2011 13:33

I am glad you have a doctor who will openly discuss this type of information with you as a patient.