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Aloe Vera (Aloe Barbadensis) Reviews

Kimnguyenho 's avatar  Kimnguyenho 30/11/2010 05:53

can i put fresh aloe on face directly?

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Mia 's avatar  Mia 29/01/2011 04:57

Well i suggest to put on the face if you have burns but yes you can put aloe vera straight on the face as it helps moisturerise the face.

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josephine 's avatar  josephine 10/02/2013 13:25

my mom got a burn on her face the doctor say's it is a second degree burn how can it heal in 10 or 2 weeks

nick57 's avatar  nick57 24/12/2010 14:17

Yes you can, I put aloe on burns, blisters, sores, cuts anything that needs to heal (except a heart). I have used it for years and recommend it for everyone. I take the gel caps but have on occasion just taken a small piece off of my plant and swallowed it with some juice, it will not hurt you and it is excellent for the body.

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car72 's avatar  car72 12/02/2011 01:11

yes, I have a friend that applies it at night, she has beautiful skin

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Helen 's avatar  Helen 05/03/2011 04:05

yeah, I did it...take the leaf and act as if you're using a cleansing pad, let it dry on your face.

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tony 's avatar  tony 10/05/2012 22:57


Susiemac6 's avatar  Susiemac6 15/02/2011 10:59

Absolutely!!!! I have had great success. Read my comment. susiemac6

Sachin_mumbaikar 's avatar  Sachin_mumbaikar 04/02/2011 07:52


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Michellechekan 's avatar  Michellechekan 18/10/2011 12:46

I can tell you that magnesium is amazing for hair growth. I was prescribed 500 mg per day for chronic headaches. Not only has my headaches improved, but my hair went from pin straight to wavy, but my hair is growing quicker. I told my mother about this and she started taking magnesium as well and she has new hair growth where it was not before. Good luck.

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mikal 's avatar  mikal 29/01/2014 08:40

u r right...

Gladys  's avatar  Gladys  01/08/2011 09:32

yes~~it is very helpful for hair growth~~u can use the aloe vera gel to massage ur hair~~

Lvarmauk 's avatar  Lvarmauk 30/09/2010 08:36

While I was in India I was very constipated and swollen legs - I tried aloe vera gel eating for 2 weeks in the morning with empty stomach has helped so much I lost weight all bulgy stomach constipated also cured and I feel so much better that all this years I suffered with swollen body even could not wear rings on my fingure
thanks I found the cure with aloe vera gel

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Kunal 's avatar  Kunal 02/10/2010 18:09

I have the same experience....

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Sheetal 's avatar  Sheetal 11/10/2012 06:57

yeah great i am so happy to know this, even I am having aloevera since 10 days, I was in doubt whether it will work or not.thanks for sharing.

Susiemac6 's avatar  Susiemac6 15/02/2011 10:23

I have been tolerating a mild form of roseaca (dry redness of the skin) on my face and underarms and dry flaky inner ears due to menapause symtoms (apparently), for more than 2 years and have tried many lotions and potions, some were prescribe. After being given an aloe vera plant to sooth bites on my leg which worked amazingly fast, i decided to try it on my face etc. Within 24hrs i sore a miraculous improvement with vertually no visual signs of my condition. Asbsolutely amazing!!!! I apply it morning and night, and have since started using it as an eye gel and it feels and works better than anything i have ever purchased and its so cheap, 4 bucks for small plant. Cant wait to tell my doctor.

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Herbal 's avatar  Herbal 29/03/2011 03:20

I agree Aloe vera juice is great for every ailment. I had redness on the face too and I started using the aloe vera juice on my skin and it took the redness away. I love it! Whole leaf aloe vera juice is the best.

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Sunaina Sukumar 's avatar  Sunaina Sukumar 25/10/2010 08:13

All said is fine and good but it has not stated when and how this juice should be taken.

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Josephine 's avatar  Josephine 11/11/2010 09:47

its recommended you take it at least twice a day 30 minutes before each meal. Aloe vera gel works best when taken on an empty stomach because it cleans the stomach lining so as to allow nutriets to be absorbed well wen you eat.

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Eao54 's avatar  Eao54 10/10/2010 02:04

I have started taking aloe vera in the evening before going to bed. It has helped with my indigestion and nausea from GERD . I am a believer now in wonderful plant that God gave us to help heal us naturally.

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Mary Rose Liverani 's avatar  Mary Rose Liverani 01/02/2011 02:27

I got a sudden attack of toothache on a Saturday afternoon when access to my dentist was not possible. The pain became more diffiused and intense, all over the right side of my jaw and i thought several teeth were involved. I take vitamns supplements but avoid medications like the plague and thought I would just have to hang on until Monday. But by Sunday afternoon I was feeling utterly worn out by the pain. Then I suddenly recalled that I had an aloe vera plant in the garden and had a vague idea that the plant was said to have anti-inflammatory properties. So I cut a leaf and slit it open so that there was quite a wide area of juice and I pasted that area right up against my teeth and gums. Within an hour the pain had dulled. I inserted a new leaf and two or three hours later i was aware that the pain had localised and that only one tooth was the cause of the problem. Then the pain disappeared altogether. I couldn't get an appointment with my dentist until Tuesday morning but since i remained pain free i wasn't too worried, although i wanted my tooth fixed. When I arrived at the dentist's, because there was no pain, he had to show me a mirror and I pointed out the suspected culprit. He said it seemed as if there might be an underlying infection. he took x-rays of the tooth and those near to it and prescribed me an anti-biotic. A few years ago i got an abscessed tooth, the first ever in my life (I'm nearly 72) and the dentist gave me two lots of antibiotic. They were both useless. He told me I'd have to rely on my immune system to clear up the infection before he could do the root canal therapy. That ended up taking months and my having to go to a specialist dentist. Researching the whole business on the internet i was aghast to find out that the bacterium is golden staph, that it is present in every mouth and can become active at any time. Very dangerous. Now that i have the script I'm wondering if itwill be a waste of time to take it it. And having just gotten on to this site to discover what is said about aloe vera's possible support for the immune system, I'm wondering if I should just keep applying the leaf to teeth and gums until I return to the dentist in a week. I'm actually sitting with a piece of leaf in mouth at this minute. I may continue with the AV for several days to determine whether I should take the antibiotic which will not necessarily be at all effective. I'm allergic to penicillin and sulfa drugs. So the range available to me is not wide. One thing I can certainly vouch for. AV is a powerful anti-inflammatory, at least equal to or more effective than aspirin.

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Greg 's avatar  Greg 19/02/2011 12:05

I can tell you from personal experience that not only does the aloe soothe the pain from a tooth that is infected or inflamed but it will actually kill the infection and no need of an antibiotic. At the first sign of discomfort you can apply the gel to the outside of your face near the sore area and soon the infection and the pain will disappear!

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philip 's avatar  philip 29/12/2012 20:29

Lol.I'm a dentist. Infections will not "disappear". Misleading statements like this can kill someone..please refrain from such nonsensical talk.

Matt 's avatar  Matt 06/12/2013 04:11

How can you say that. Your immune system fights off infections on a regular basis without the need of antibiotics. Humans don't always need to rely on antibiotics to resolve an issue. In fact it is dangerous to do so.

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Alastair Measures 's avatar  Alastair Measures 20/05/2011 21:25

Our seven year old son had a dental problem on a Friday evening and with no dentist available until the following week we were stressed. 

As a best guess we dosed him with soluble vitamin C (1g 4+ times per day) and aloe vera juice (squeezed from a leaf and diluted with apple juice).  Along side that he drank plenty of water.  It worked incredibly well and I later discovered that some research indicates that the benefits of vitamin C are amplified by the presence of AV.

WRT root canal therapy; after recent experiences, I would elect to have an extraction instead.  It seems RCT seals in infections which silently grow causing problems - and not just locally but systemically too.

LH 's avatar  LH 17/01/2011 14:36

My friend fell off her motorcycle in Thailand. Her legs were awfully scratched all over, red sore and bloody. A Thai lady picked a fresh Aloe Plant, opened its leaves and added the gel straight to her wounds. I have never seen anything like it. It cleared up immediately and my friends pain was gone.

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Enara 's avatar  Enara 10/11/2010 10:15

I have been taking the aloe Vera plant orally for about 7yrs now. the results?... am younger looking, clear eyes and skin. i have very free bowel movement eachtime i take it. i also found out that aloe Vera is RELAXING, LAXATIVE and SEDATING

I have even recommended it o a couple of friends and family.. and they are loving it!

Thank God for the WONDER PLANT called ALOE VERA!


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Hefroese 's avatar  Hefroese 10/11/2010 18:46

How do you take Aloe Vera plant orally..do you extract it..what amounts

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Randy Ramesar 's avatar  Randy Ramesar 14/11/2010 22:18

Please explain how you take aloe vera orally In what amounts and when ?

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AloeMan 's avatar  AloeMan 13/01/2011 11:22

How much you take depends on your reasons for drinking aloe. Approximately 2fl oz (60ml) a day as a general tonic to maintain wellbeing. More if you have a specific condition, up to 6fl oz (180ml) or more a day. The average is 4 fl oz (120ml) per day. I personally take 2fl. oz twice a day and it has virtually eliminated my asthma attacks.

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Ur798 's avatar  Ur798 25/06/2011 11:03

The recommended drink size is 1/4 cup daily. After drinking, my skin condition is better, stomach is healthy can eat a lot more food, contispation is mainly gone.

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Sandy 's avatar  Sandy 25/07/2011 13:06

I take a form of concentrate that also has mango to flavor the taste. It is great! Off my meds for acid refulx and no more digestive problems!

Vardan 's avatar  Vardan 07/02/2011 04:23

do you grow the plant and consume it? How/what exactly do you consume it?

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Alissa 's avatar  Alissa 28/04/2013 03:13

There is a lotion made out of aloe vera. I once had this huge sunburn that caused both of my shoulders to peel all the way down to my elbows, so I used the lotion. Guess what?! The burn was completely gone the next morning.

Thegibsonfamily 's avatar  Thegibsonfamily 23/05/2012 00:42

what kind of aloe do you use 

Steeven86 's avatar  Steeven86 23/11/2011 17:47

Where do u buy your aloevera?

Freelancetradeservicesinc 's avatar  Freelancetradeservicesinc 27/11/2010 00:22

What? NO KY!
Its ok, I have Aloe Plants and they are cleansing as well as anti-bacterial.

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Msguyana 's avatar  Msguyana 13/02/2011 23:01

Does anyone know the benefits of aloe vera on hair growth?

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Josie 's avatar  Josie 28/03/2011 23:11

Yes, it works! I am 49 yrs. okld and started to lose hair, a friend of mine suggested taking aloe vera gel, actually drink the stuff, and in 2 weeks time you will see positive hair re-growth.

Issacwilliams20 's avatar  Issacwilliams20 17/12/2010 03:05

one day i burned my finger so bad. I had put aloe gel in a sandwich bag and kept my finger in the bag for 2 hours to stop the pain, it was a bad burn. and i never even got a blister, like it never happened. funny thing is when you burn yourself warm water hurts the burn and the aloe was warm after about 10 minutes of being in the bag. and it didnt hurt at all

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Freelancetradeservicesinc 's avatar  Freelancetradeservicesinc 27/11/2010 00:27

I ate aloe vera and it helped almost immediately.

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jaja 's avatar  jaja 19/12/2010 02:59

is there any poisonous aloe? we have lots of aloe veras in our back yard and i doubt if it could really use internally...but i use aloe when i had cuts, insect bites and burns and it left no scars..

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Freelancetradeservicesinc 's avatar  Freelancetradeservicesinc 27/11/2010 00:26

Wow what a scare, wasnt sure what it was. It looked about the size of a kernal filled with blood. The doctor told me it would have to be cut then ointment applied with no other solution. I went home untouched and applied aloe vera leaf directly on it for a few days and it went away without any other medicine.

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fc 's avatar  fc 29/01/2011 16:26

what is better to take internally whole leaf aloe vera or inner leaf?

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Cheyenne 's avatar  Cheyenne 12/02/2011 17:45

where I buy mine, the whole leaf aloe vera juice has the stuff removed to make you go to bathroom. So what's left is the benefits. The inner leaf aloe vera gel is the one to make you go to the bathroom. so depending on what you want, choose accordingly.

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Gnowlyn 's avatar  Gnowlyn 29/11/2010 17:09

having protein in my urine and shouldnt be. any chance aloe vera or anything else that might help.

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Pinkiepaw 's avatar  Pinkiepaw 08/02/2011 00:17

My daughters lab test showed excessive protein in her urine which was seriously abnormal till she began drinking aloe vera juice. Protein numbers are back to normal, feels energetic, cleansed the colon and helped her to lose the over weight.

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sisw/praderwilli 's avatar  sisw/praderwilli 13/12/2010 23:52

do you eat/drink a lot of diet foods/soda? aspertame, which is found in "diet" foods can cause high levels of protein in your urine. google aspertame and you will find LOTS of negative information on it.

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kris 's avatar  kris 16/03/2011 17:18

Hi~ I have a question about what part of the plant to actually use.

I noticed in the comment thread someone mentioned cutting off the outer skin and washing off the slimey substance under the skin. Perhaps foolishly, I thought the slimey substance *was* the gel, and have been using that on skin, etc.

Is there a part of the plan that is particularly good to use? What is that slimey' part when you cut the leaf open?

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HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 07/06/2011 11:38

You are correct that the "slimey" substance IS actually the part of Aloe Vera that's used, as this is the gel.
Best regards
Herb Wisdom

Lmoore 's avatar  Lmoore 05/06/2011 15:52

I thought the same thing and still do not know about the part that is washed off. Did anyone answer your question?

Fashioncounts 's avatar  Fashioncounts 29/01/2011 16:18

what is better whole leaf aloe vera juice or inner leaf?

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CarolY 's avatar  CarolY 18/01/2013 02:24

Inner leaf is better for most purposes, like digestion, and general health. The skin has strong laxative properties.

Sue L 's avatar  Sue L 22/01/2011 03:02

Aloe vera has elimiated my acid reflux in one week 2oz. twice a day with juice. Started put it in my face and neck. Within a week a noticable difference in my skin. No more wrinkle lines from tanning beds on my neck. I was very self conscience about it. And can't even see them now! Put way those expensive lotions!!

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Margaret 's avatar  Margaret 20/01/2011 18:53

I use the gel from the fresh aloe vera after completely removing the green skin and washing off as much of the slimey substance under the skin. I cut off a large piece of the gel and chew it just before going to bed. All symtoms of an ulcer disappeared completely after a week or two of this treatment. I now use it several times a week to prevent a reoccurance.

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Tamcabbell 's avatar  Tamcabbell 15/11/2011 23:38

the slimy stuff is the gel...which is what you need from the plant...so imagine how much better it'll work when you take it too

Freelancetradeservicesinc 's avatar  Freelancetradeservicesinc 27/11/2010 00:20

Once i friend who ate just about everything complained of hemorrhoids so severe it took patting instead of wiping because of sensitivity. I took an aloe leaf with honey and told her to stick it in her mouth for about 10 minutes. After about an hour or so she was relieved of burning as well as a clean wipe after evacuating. Bad dietary habits contributed to the condition.

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Steroids 's avatar  Steroids 11/04/2011 12:05

the fresh stuff is really nice in drinks

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Josie 's avatar  Josie 28/03/2011 23:07

yes, it definitely has! i would suggest this plant base product for everyday use, it really cleanses your digestive and stomach issues! if you experience constipation on a regular basis, this is the cure for your issue...thank God this plant exists!

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Pgagnier01 's avatar  Pgagnier01 23/03/2011 04:10

I love aloe - it has deminshed my scrapes and burns and I use it in my bath water to soothe my skin. I recently started taking aloe capsules and my digestive sytems feesl much better.

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Lmail 's avatar  Lmail 22/03/2011 23:01

Aloe vera juice has been amazing for me. I have suffered migraines for 30+ years until my dear friend highly recommended me taking organic aloe juice.
I am so grateful as it has now been three months since my last migraine. Further more I have had NO sign of one even coming on.
I have always understood that migraines are just a sign of something not right within one's system but after exausting almost every other avenue I was still getting them. Aloe has so many wonderful benefits that I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants great health.

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scott 's avatar  scott 27/02/2011 12:59

I got slight cold which always results in block nose, skin itchness, skin bumps and slight arthristis problems for many months. Had look for doctors but always being prescribe with Chlorpheniramine tablet and nasal spray. It came back a few weeks later after i stop taking these. I start taking aloe vera (fresh ones) and tablet based and i felt it has improved my health significantly. There's less occurrence too.

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Tamcabbell 's avatar  Tamcabbell 15/11/2011 23:41

You also sound like you may have food sensitivities or allergies...they have the same symtoms and if it's reoccurring over and over...that's what I had.

Tnguyen4150 's avatar  Tnguyen4150 26/02/2011 03:00

Aloe Vera , I took Aloe Vera gel for 2 days, now I think I have a new life. I feel much better. Thank you.

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Amsandell1 's avatar  Amsandell1 15/12/2010 20:48

I've had dozens of abdominal surgeries. I've struggled for years and seen a half dozen specialists who've shoved every kind of tube into every oriface only to tell me I have gatroperisis, a slowly emptying stomach, chronic severe addhesions. The only thing that has helped me has been aloe vera juice. It's amazing the difference its made. I'm on dialysis and was told the other night i have to stop taking it cause its bad for people on dialysis. If you know anything about this please e-mail. amsandell1@yahoo.com Thank you, Austin

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E L 's avatar  E L 17/02/2011 03:50

Don't always listen to doctors. I was told in 1986 by a kidney specialist that I had over 50% kidney failure and if I didn't go and have his friend who was a specialist also operate on my kidneys I would be put on dialysis or heart failure . This is now 2011 and will be 70 next month and I went to the health food store and not the doctor's office. E L

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MWINK1975 's avatar  MWINK1975 08/01/2011 00:53


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Lin46 's avatar  Lin46 29/01/2011 21:36

The reason people are on dialysis is because their kidneys are not able to remove the toxins from their body anymore. You do have to be careful what you ingest when your kidneys aren't eliminating toxins. It is not that simple to just get off dialysis (I'm sure the person on dilaysis knows this already). If the dialysis doctor or dietitian says aloe vera is not indicated for a dialysis patient you have to take them seriously.

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E L 's avatar  E L 17/02/2011 03:52

Doctors don't know every thing , trust me. Living proof here.

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Lioness8163 's avatar  Lioness8163 14/01/2012 06:09

Absolutely, me too 16 years later!!!

123 's avatar  123 02/09/2011 19:29

The likely concern for aloe in dialysis treatment is that the aloe pulls out all the toxins that would otherwise be laying persistent in all the tissues of the body.  The aloe is actually pulling those toxins out of the tissues and places them in the bloodstream for natural removal from the body via the urine and feces.  The machines the doctors are using in the dialysis have been specialized for removing the average amounts of toxins in the blood. But the aloe is getting rid of the persistent toxins, therefore creating loads the machines might have a difficult time filtering all at once.  In my opinion, you have to get those persistent toxins out of your tissues no matter what, so talk to as many specialists and alternative physicians about this.  It may be that your tissues are so deep nested with toxins that it is what is causing your kidney weakness, and thus, inability to filter your blood properly.  Talk, listen, look up and talk some more about this.  But also take action on what those talks build up to advise.  Contact proper alternative medicine practices. 

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charity 's avatar  charity 18/11/2010 08:25

How shud the aleo vera tablet be taken? 2 or 3 tablets be day after a meal?

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Danapala 's avatar  Danapala 15/10/2010 05:40

if it is mention in various name of a trees in verious contry

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Julie K 's avatar  Julie K 13/10/2012 11:35

I dropped boiling water on my foot one morning before work. I had socks on and it held the heat a bit. I burned the top of my foot seriously in about a 1 & 3/4 inch irregular diameter. I took the sock off and put my foot under cold water for about 4 minutes. I felt pain. And was frightened by what I saw. I may have had a 3rd degree in the very middle of the burn it looked mushy and pink. I then went on the internet. I read that home treatment for burns was the use of fresh aloe vera. And impressively, I read aloe was used as a treatment for people after being burned in Hiroshima. Those who were treated with fresh aloe had less infection, faster healing and less scarring.
Fortunately I had a large aloe vera plant with big leaves. I cut one off and split it down the middle. I laid the oozing flesh on top of my foot, I then put a sock on and then my leather slip on full-cover Birkenstock shoes. They are a kind of flat slip-on clog style. This acted as a tight bandage and held the aloe onto my foot. The aloe also eased the pain and it became really only a discomfort. I worked 8am-2:30pm that day.
When I came home I replaced the aloe again, placed a clean sock and the shoe. I did this about every 4 hours. When I went to bed I also put on new aloe leaf and a sock, and laid a towel over the sheet as the sock oozed. The aloe caused my socks to get a brown stain, however when I scrubbed them it came out.
I did this treatment faithfully. The second day I brought leaf with me and put a fresh one on during my lunch. I really had little to no pain. One day I took the aloe off and let the air to it for about 10 minutes and it began to hurt. I then put a fresh aloe leaf on again and the pain went away!!! the leaves were - always flesh down - and these were thick, about 3/4 of an inch in thickness and up to 3-4 inches in width. When I would cut them through the thickness they would be about 5-6 inches wide.
I now am utterly convinced that aloe is the best treatment for burns. I never put any kind of salve on my burn. I used this treatment for about 12 days-maybe 14, because it was such a deep burn. In fact, I didn't even want to examine it because it worried me that it may have reached vital foot ligaments or such. It healed to a pink skin and I have a scar that is the same texture as my normal skin, but shows an outline of the burn and it is a little darker than my normal skin. However, it is lightening up with time.

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Eve 's avatar  Eve 10/05/2012 14:36

can you drink aloe vera while on plavix

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Alethea r amabisca 's avatar  Alethea r amabisca 17/04/2011 22:45

does aloe vera work for strech marks ?

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Bsenn 's avatar  Bsenn 14/04/2011 01:40

Is it ok to drink aloe vera if you take plavix?

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FRANK 's avatar  FRANK 10/04/2011 17:38


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Dscollin 's avatar  Dscollin 05/04/2011 16:49

great for topical use on sun burn ,right from the plant

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Deb 's avatar  Deb 01/04/2011 21:05

A friend recently told me about aloe vera juice and I started taking it yesterday. I'm hoping it will help with the terrible stomach cramps that I'm having daily. The Dr says I've got ibs and gave me some pills which are not working. Anyone else using the juice for this?

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Roses201 's avatar  Roses201 01/07/2011 11:30

my doc just told me to try this for one month for my IBS also I have reflux disease caused by all the heavy duty medications my other doc gave me for the IBS my new Gastro doc said we need to go a more natural approach. I bough a bottle of aloe vera and taking it as suggested on the label. lets see what happens?

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Peter Radley 's avatar  Peter Radley 22/03/2011 17:12

I have found Aloe Vera brilliant. I first used it on the back of my hands because I was told it would reduce "age spots". I had a long standing Carpel Tunnel problem and I had lost the feeling in two fingers. I realised that the feeling was returning after just one application to the back of my hand. I continued to use this daily and the Carpel Tunnel problem completely disappeared. Since I have used it regularly on aching Joints and other problems. It seems to help in most situations. I normally cut a leaf from the plant, cut about 2" from the stem, remove both sides and the Green Skin on the front. I then rub the gell in. Once it becomes dry, I slice a few mm off and start again. Also I drink the gell. I put this in my blender with some fruit juice and whisk. I quite a pleasant drink.

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ELWAYORNOWAY 's avatar  ELWAYORNOWAY 09/03/2011 21:20


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Tina 's avatar  Tina 19/02/2011 08:17

does anyone know if aloe vera gel decreases high cholesterol?

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Mpmugali 's avatar  Mpmugali 24/01/2011 16:02

will Aoe vera work to reduce hypercalamia?

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pinkireddi 's avatar  pinkireddi 13/03/2014 11:03

can anyone tel me how will alovera help from getting rid of tanning .they asked me to apply in the night and sleep but the gel soent stick on to ur bed

mikal 's avatar  mikal 29/01/2014 08:47

Aloe vera is best hair growth product.

Dorris 's avatar  Dorris 27/12/2013 13:57

Can Aloevera treat scars? I have one on my forehead.

Katy 's avatar  Katy 22/11/2013 11:59

Can eating aloe Vera help cure oily skin?

aloebeliever 's avatar  aloebeliever 20/11/2013 01:43

how can one remove the redish stain that the aloe plant leaves on clothes?

susie 's avatar  susie 08/11/2013 00:38

So we have a hereditary disease called neurofibromatosis. They are tumors and they grow in the brain both of my boys were diagnosed and they drank aloe hole leaf, 4-5 tablespoons of whisky and 2 1/2 cups of honey in the blender. Stored in a black jar and there tumors have shrunk. They are healthy and normal teenagers. It is truly a blessing that they have had aloe vera to drink and that they are not having to have brain surgery any other treatments. God is good. Aloe was token from the garden of eden by Adam for a reason.

selam 's avatar  selam 01/11/2013 13:08

it really make a big diffrence in ma life so i highly recomanded u 2 use aloe vera for a lot of purposes

alex 's avatar  alex 29/09/2013 10:37

alovera is prevent of syphillis

Greened out ! 's avatar  Greened out ! 19/09/2013 02:36

I consumed some aloe the other day and it turned my pee and poo green is this normal has this happened to anyone else ?

Kam 's avatar  Kam 05/09/2013 00:45

I have seb. dermatitis and I put aloe vera gel on my scalp every other day. It works better than all the dandruff shampoo's I've used the last 5 years.

Dina 's avatar  Dina 25/08/2013 02:00

Aloe Vera does not have any B-12

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 04/09/2013 12:27

Thank you for your feedback. I have now amended the article as you are correct that it seems there are only trace amounts at best of actual B12 in Aloe vera. Where it does seem to help with B12 is in aiding absorption and bio-availability of this and other foods and supplements.
Best regards

foxchad 's avatar  foxchad 14/08/2013 11:33

i take humira folic acid and methotrexate can i drink aloe vera juice?

Andrea 's avatar  Andrea 04/08/2013 05:36

I was told to give my 3 month old aloe for his tummy aches.
How safe is it for infants?

Sarah 's avatar  Sarah 28/06/2013 08:22

I have scarred, red cheeks from mild acne. I have a phobia of acne and have to squeeze as soon as I seen them so I guess that's the results. I want to know how long aloe vera or aloe vera gel will take to clear the redness and perhaps take away my scarring. I'm 17 and had beautiful skin once, I just want it back. Nothing else has worked am really desperate. I've been using aloe vera for about a day or two now

Elw 's avatar  Elw 12/06/2013 21:38

Where are your references for this article???

El 's avatar  El 14/05/2013 10:58

aloe is not the only known source of b12 and you do NOT want to give it to your 4 legged companions. It is toxic to dogs

Navneet Vats 's avatar  Navneet Vats 28/04/2013 09:11

Aloe gel is detoxifies and nourishes body cells to improve the overall metabolism of the body. It well-know for its anti- inflammation and anti viral properties.Besides this gel helps body regulate well its immune system to fight viral attacks.

PrettyLady 's avatar  PrettyLady 03/04/2013 15:33

Do it help with losing weight and if so what do ineed to buy and how much to take a day

Aliya 's avatar  Aliya 21/03/2013 02:31

Can aloe vera plant be used on cuts of wrist?

Jesse Lewis 's avatar  Jesse Lewis 14/03/2013 02:25

I love aloe vera juice. Been drinking it daily for years (the pure juice, not the rind in whole leaf). Also use aloe vera for my skin. I would caution your readers to avoid any drink or skin product of aloe vera that also uses the latex (just under the rind of the leaf) as this can really irritate your skin (learned the hard way). Only the pure inner gel (should be the first item listed in the ingredients) is of benefits both for the skin and internallyl

MiniDriver 's avatar  MiniDriver 25/02/2013 06:25

Fresh Aloe boiled is really good in removing swellings, or retaining water. It worked on my swollen ankle in less than a day. It's also good to clean your bowels and blood.

babs 's avatar  babs 18/02/2013 21:50

I have been drinking aloe vera juice for 2 months now. I had severe pain in my hands and was on predisone which was great, got rid of my pain, but it always came back, bad side effects. Aloe Vera is a miracle in itself, pains gone, feel great. I will drink this forever, great stuff.

Heather 's avatar  Heather 21/03/2013 06:22

Hi Babs, Am hoping it's not too late for you to answer my question. I have really severe knuckle pain in my hands. I have bought some aloe vera powder today. I don't suppose you have any idea how much I should use? How are your hands feeling now after using the juice for 3 months?

birD 's avatar  birD 05/02/2013 17:49

I bought an Aloe Leaf from Whole Foods Market for about $1.50. I cut the outer green off as much as possible. I keep as much gel and filet as possible. If it's colored pink, it has a bitter taste, so I don't keep that. That is found sometimes near the tip. I put slices and gel in a jar with lid, and keep in the refridgerator. I eat about 4-6oz per day (when I remember). Today, I woke with headache, (first in years), after about 5 hours, my son suggested I take the aloe in the fridge. I forgot I had it! I did, headache was gone immediately! I'm not a doctor or anything. I use homeopathics and believe in nature as medicine, when possible.

harry 's avatar  harry 25/01/2013 07:19

can i use aloe vera gel in URIC ACID & R-FACTOR PROBLEM.

Denise 's avatar  Denise 22/01/2013 02:32

Can aloe Vera help for dry,itchy under eye circles? Dry face?

Vick 's avatar  Vick 12/01/2013 12:30

Does aloe vera give you back your natural hair colour (from gray)? If so, is it applied directly to the scalp or taken internally?

WHIT 's avatar  WHIT 18/12/2012 04:04

I use it to treat my burned vocal cords, which occurred from

Laryngopharyngeal Reflux (LPR).

Shari Hastings 's avatar  Shari Hastings 15/12/2012 00:09

When you drink the aloe vera - what part of the plant do you "drink"?
Also, when using it for hair loss do you just put the slimy part of the plant on your scalp? Also, when using it for faces, again, is it the slimy part of the plant?
Thanks to anyone who could answer my questions - I really want to try it.

Hellolaurib 's avatar  Hellolaurib 11/11/2012 18:37

Hi, I started using aloe vera juice after a year of having cronk stomach infections. Only antibotics would give me relief. And then the infection would slowly return. Aloe vera cured me. I take it everyday. Not only does it help my stomach, my skin and hair are healthier, it gives me energy and i finally lost that 10lbs i have been wanting to ask. I would recommodent finding aloe made by Univera, you can google it. Its the best quality and its not expensive

Herblady 's avatar  Herblady 23/08/2012 02:07

I add it to a good basic lotion like Fruit of the Earth Aloe lotion which already has some aloe in it. I also add about 15 gel caps of vitamine E to it and use it on my ankle where I have had a rash and swelling every since I broke my ankle. It works great. I get the Aloe Gel from GNC and it is a large brown bottle and doesn't cost much at all, it lasts quite a while. It must be refregerated after opening. It is the real aloe gel. I also put it in my face lotion, I put it in all medications that I give my dogs so the meds won't irritate their stomachs. It has many uses and very effective inside or outside the body. I do caution people who take the dry powdered form, it is good for arthritis but only use it when you need to take one. Not every day. I took one capsule every day for about a year to prevent arthritis pain and it had a bad effect on my thyroid. It went into overdrive.........oh, I lost weight but didn't feel good and it gave me headaches too after a while. Use powdered form with caution.

CATZ_MAGNET 's avatar  CATZ_MAGNET 05/08/2012 10:06


Sbhanu Muthuraj 's avatar  Sbhanu Muthuraj 05/07/2012 10:23

i am using aloe vera plant directly on my face daily , my skin colur is black, is there any possibilites that my skin look fair and glow

Sara 's avatar  Sara 30/06/2012 20:33

I have had aloe vera liquid for the past 3 months and it has really helped my stomach problems.  I have gallstones which cause indigestion and bloating which is very sore and painful at times. Since taking aloe vera these stomach issues are now very rare for me which is great!  They were a daily occurance at one time (and I mean ALL day I was in pain with my stomach) and I would recommend anyone with stomach issues tries aloe vera.  It perhaps took a few weeks to fully ease the stomach discomfort but now I will not be without it!
Also since then people have commented on how good my skin looks and I also put this down to taking the aloe vera liquid daily. 

Sarah Beth 's avatar  Sarah Beth 28/06/2012 05:45

A delightfully informative article.  I knew that aloe juice helped the GI, but the rest was new info! 

Miriam B 's avatar  Miriam B 26/06/2012 15:04

had a very stiff neck a d after trying everything - i got relief after using aloe vera  still using it

tony 's avatar  tony 10/05/2012 22:55

After I drink and eat  aloe vera(natural grow from my back yard) for a few days I feel my body so much better.
Before my lower back has a lot of pain, my body is  cold, I couldn't pee easy, my body is so sick and so weak.
I think people should eat or drink  "natural grow alo vera" for better health, just pay attention to your body you can feel a lot better for Real.

Hcampbell49 's avatar  Hcampbell49 15/04/2012 04:08

Aloe vera : Slice it  in small portions  and swallow as is  and you will have no need for so called "health Care Provider"  -----  they would be "patiently" bankrupt!  Have a healthy Aloe  Vera day.

Lizpav 's avatar  Lizpav 10/02/2012 01:09

My teenaged son spilled gasoline on his forearm, which ignited.  He had a large burn from elbow to wrist.  I cut some aloe leaves, split them and laid them on the burn, and used gauze to lightly hold them in place overnight.  In the morning, he had healed places in the exact shape of the opened aloe leaves.  Around the outside of these shapes was second degree burns I had not been able to see when I applied the aloe. 

Margaret 's avatar  Margaret 23/01/2012 01:56

I read instructions for using Aloe years ago, so I  remove the green outer leaf, rinse it to remove the slimey substance and then eat the gel which is the main part of the leaf.
At one time I bought whole leaf capsules of Aloe and got terrible diarrhea from the two capsule dose recommended so tried one capsule with the same results. Threw the rest of the bottle out, and now I only use fresh aloe prepared as above. 
I eat a piece about one to two inches deep the width of the leaf just before going to bed This cured a ulcer and prevents it from returning and am going to try a small piece a half hour before meals as someone on the site has suggested to aid digestion.  For my skin I use any part after removing the skin.  I once had it stop the pain from stinging nettles in just a couple of seconds.

I keep two large plants growing in my sun room in the winter and my deck in the summer so I always have access to it. Wouldn't be without it.

Aburubeen 's avatar  Aburubeen 21/01/2012 21:12

what a website
Thank you

Rudystyle7 's avatar  Rudystyle7 15/11/2011 04:20

Yes you may apply Aloe Vera directly on skin, face, hands...I tried that today as my face was looking very out of shape, dry and a bit wrinkle, maybe caused by the fact the I smoke, and in just one time treatment, it left my face looking smooth and clean.  This plant is awesome I strongly recommend it.

coachsandy 's avatar  coachsandy 07/11/2011 17:16

I'm loving my Aloe - I'm drinking it daily and my Acid Reflux is doing awesome - No more sleeping sitting up! I think the burns in my esophagus have healed!

Peter K 's avatar  Peter K 29/09/2011 01:20

I'm quite amazed that there has not been major emphasis on Aloe Vera's capacity to heal burns.

My x-wife brought our baby son back from a day out visiting her sister and he was as red as a boiled lobster - she also had some aloe vera and said the sunburn would be alright. My fury abated over the days as he did not have any of the symptoms typical of bad sun-burn, he slept well and did not seem troubled in the least. It really jarred my sense of reality and what was possible - no medicine I knew of could do anything like that.

Since then I have used it on burns and scratches and recommended it to friends that have had the same sort of success I had experienced and seen. A friend's wife was shockingly sun burnt on one occasion and she recovered without any pain or trouble - although the two days before getting some aloe vera from us was a living hell.

A tomato grower near my sister in law's farm was bottling tomatoes in some form that required them to be boiled and then bottled. Unfortunately his wife had an accident in which her upper chest was plastered with boiling tomato juice. The husband had an aloe vera plant so he cut a leaf and slit lengthwise and then applied it to the burn area. The wife was taken to hospital were she ultimately had a skin graft - it was in the cleft of her breasts where the husband had missed applying the aloe vera, the major burn area recovered without any skin graft.

I always keep some aloe vera plants around the house as it is the best thing I have ever seen or heard about for (at least your average) burns.

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 30/09/2011 13:19

Thank you very much for your feedback regarding burns. I have now updated our article. Aloe vera is a remarkable plant with many health benefits!
Best regards

Jrda108 's avatar  Jrda108 14/08/2011 13:06

I had nail fungus after manicure, which wouldn't heal for more than 3 months. My cousin recommended fresh aloevera juice to apply, which I did twice a day and it has healed 90 percent. It is an amazing herb, use for any problems and You must also take fresh juice on empty stomach. It is a guaranteed cure. it is also helpful for brown spots or pigmentation on your face, just rub the pulp on affected areas morning n night for 3 minutes and go to sleep with it. You will find improvement in few days. Thanks to my cousin hover

Aledab 's avatar  Aledab 15/07/2011 23:57

my dad told me to drink aloe many years ago as he did. it healed his stomach.  i have IBS and drink it when it flares up and it really does sooth and take the pain away.  it works wonderfuly for me !!

Engg Baghel 's avatar  Engg Baghel 13/06/2011 17:26

aloe vera is a very-2best products

Retired_happy_mac3353 's avatar  Retired_happy_mac3353 30/04/2011 00:02

From Early 2008 through Jan 2011 the V.A. has attempted to control the 4 different types of Psoriasis that covered 85 percent of my body. I have had bi-weekly injections of Humira and 4 different cortizone cremes since June 2008, to little avail. In February 2011 I started drinking 2 oz of Aloe Vera every morning AND evening. In my travels around the world I have drunk some really nasty stuff, but nothing like ALoe Vera. Having said that...the Psoriasis that was so bad last fall has been reduced to about 10 percent of my body. My type II diabetes readings are now consistently less than 125 down from 200in the mornings and my A1C is now 5.7 . With the great amount of improvement that has taken place in the last 90 days, nasty taste or not, I will continue to drink Aloe Vera

JWMAC April 29, 2011

Leunz_jiet143 's avatar  Leunz_jiet143 13/04/2011 08:07

ahm i just wanna ask,.. huw to prepair this herb,.?

Linda 's avatar  Linda 24/09/2011 00:28

I just break off a leaf, wash it and eat it.  That simple.

Stacisweetness 's avatar  Stacisweetness 15/03/2011 01:18

Can anyone comment on aloe vera and pregnancy

Julyscat 's avatar  Julyscat 12/03/2011 20:43

has anyone used the aloevera juice for breast cancer or chemo?

Jia Sundus2008 's avatar  Jia Sundus2008 24/02/2011 19:58

is alovera iz better for moles on skin

car72 's avatar  car72 12/02/2011 01:25

I take the skin off and blend the gel with some papaya, drink that as soon as I wake up(with an empty stomach). What benefits does this have?????

Jg360 's avatar  Jg360 06/02/2011 08:40

I know you'll probably say 'go talk to a health care pro' but anyway, I care for a disabled man who has several health conditions, one being type 1 diabetes. I think he'd really benefit taking it BUT!! he also is allergic to asprin. I read that aloe vera contains Salicylic acid hence its seditive effect i guess. Can someone posibly tell me if they can relate to this & provide an answer??

Uyvonda_elbert 's avatar  Uyvonda_elbert 03/02/2011 20:12

i drink the juice while i was having raidation on mt stomach, i had no burning in my stomach or throat,and my did not burn

Wendyrathbun 's avatar  Wendyrathbun 10/12/2010 02:48

my son and I both have crones, would love to try this, live in the country, zip code 12832 could you tell me where to buy this juice.

jennifer 's avatar  jennifer 17/12/2010 03:08

buy at the health food store or order it online. you can drink the juice and if you get the gel you apply it to burns , after you shave or after you clean your face it is anti bacterial, fungul and virul.

3 people liked this.
herbal 's avatar  herbal 29/03/2011 03:44

I have Colitis and I take aloe vera daily it's good for the inflamation and I also take Milk thistle daily. I am in remission. Drs. wanted to give me meds and steroids but I just took both of these and I have not had any complications or bleeding for 2 years now.

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chandu 's avatar  chandu 01/02/2013 17:14

Hi, aloe vera juice or gel is useful for diabetes and heart diseases (like blood circulation problems)..

Thanks in advance

Rakez 's avatar  Rakez 07/05/2011 03:10


do you take natural aloe vera or tablets??

Tiffany 's avatar  Tiffany 19/02/2012 15:41

 I've noticed many comments on having IBS, Chrons Disease, Colitis, but have any of these commentors read up on Gluten Intolerance as it causes all these digestive conditions including many many more (Diabetes as well, neuropathy as well, high chloresterol as well and on and on).  Good idea for all to read the book "Wheat Belly" by William Davis (Dr.), he also has a website blog (Google it).  I agree of the wonderous properties of Aloe as I've used it for Silent Acid Reflux with amazing results and am going to try it for my Carpal Tunnel Syndrome which I seem to have very recently acquired and hope this helps.  However, for everyone, it is a very good idea to look into the Gluten Intolerance relationship; the book was a astonishing eye-opener for me and is also how I finally concurred Rheumatoid Arthritis (which Gluten causes).