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Avena Sativa - Oats Reviews

D.A/Marty 's avatar  D.A/Marty 28/05/2011 17:42

Is Avena Sativa a good substitute for Viagra 100 mg.?

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islam Gul 's avatar  islam Gul 01/07/2013 11:39

Yes carry on it works as natural vigora

Andrew 's avatar  Andrew 17/10/2011 08:06

I have been eating oats to help with anxiety and found that my anxiety has gone.  I just have a bowl in the morning and in the afternoon, but would prefer to have the tincture instead.  Just don't know where to buy.

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Buckster64 's avatar  Buckster64 07/02/2012 04:54

I'm 47, and I have not woke up with morning wood, it's been along time. I recently started the tincture under the tongue, and low and behold with in a week I woke up with my woman by my side, saying what the blank is that poking through the sheets.

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Jaffrijaffrifsd 's avatar  Jaffrijaffrifsd 25/10/2011 09:30

avena stiva is a good medicine for impotence.

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Katherine Huether 's avatar  Katherine Huether 11/03/2014 04:53

This is one of my favorite herbal remedies for the nervous system. It can certainly help boost energy when feeling frazzled!

Zo 's avatar  Zo 18/12/2013 09:45

from where do i buy these?

shyboyn1 's avatar  shyboyn1 14/10/2013 07:28

I tried it for a week and it seemed to work then it stopped. I am still working on it and I'll be posting an update.

Jan Malakandian  's avatar  Jan Malakandian  01/07/2013 11:37

My Dear friends

i am using aveena sative from the last 8 years. Belive me it works effectively in love making.

Jan Malakand KP Pakistan

Timothy Wisk 's avatar  Timothy Wisk 23/12/2012 17:25

doesnt work as well as something like viagra/longjack...better as in with combination, but DOES help lower cholesterol, taking 400to 800 mg daily...I get regular morning wood now:)

also helps calm me down, and helped me with nicotine withdrawal when I quit smoking 5 years ago

Chris 's avatar  Chris 03/03/2012 11:26

I have taken the capsules and liquid form (extract). The capsules I took double the recommended dose and it worked great. The liquid form seems to work faster and better for me.