Black Cohosh Reviews (Cimicifuga Racemosa)

M.E. 's avatar  M.E. 09/02/2011 23:26

Moving from peri- to menopause and experiencing all the annoying symptoms. When I take Black Cohosh regularly, along with several other supplements and herbs, my symptoms are minimal, if not altogether gone. I highly recommend this herb for menopause symptoms.

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Lis 's avatar  Lis 07/03/2013 14:01

Definitely black co hosh has helped me, I'm 47 and peri menopausal, apart for the usually symptoms I had been getting very bad boils, these boils would appear every month when my period was due. I battled these horrible boils for 2 years, they were very large and extremely sore and no one could tell me why. 3 months into taking black co hosh and my boils have disappeared. It's been 6 months now of taking the black co hosh and fingers crossed no boils, and all usual peri menopausal symptoms have eased and my period is back to 28 days religiously again.

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Misty307rane 's avatar  Misty307rane 08/09/2011 03:09

I visited a Dr.years ago for PMS followed by the severity of hot flashes right on down to pain & suffering,I had severe anxiety,mood swings,much anger.The Dr.gave me prempro/premerin it only inhanced the problem to make matters worse,I also found these drugs are not good for the change of life people,it causes cancer.So sixteen years ago I heard about black cohosh,I feel great almost like a whole new person,no hot sweats,no mood swings no anger issues,no anxiety issues..Because of the name it generally scares people off but I have no regrets what so ever.

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SashaJean J Gth 's avatar  SashaJean J Gth 27/04/2013 14:05

Thats very true, the name scared me and I'm Black.

Estela Melara 's avatar  Estela Melara 28/06/2015 18:45

I have been taking black cohosh for several years, and when I stop taking it, I start having back swings mood, hot flashes, I take 540 milligrams a day. And I don't feel any side effects only I can not loose weight, but I am not too much overweight. I am 50 and I really recommend black cohosh.

SymptomRelief 's avatar  SymptomRelief 19/06/2015 19:09

Yes. This herb has helped me. I am in peri-menopause at age 45 and have been experiencing night sweats, hot flashes and mood swings. I had been tracking my mood swings on a calendar and found they were directly related to my cycle. My NP suggested Prozac but I didn't feel comfortable with that suggestion. She then suggested a low dose birth control pill. Again I didn't feel that was really the answer. I did a little reading and started taking black cohosh. Within less than a week of starting the herb my hot flashes and nights seats have reduced significantly. My mood has returned to normal. No more irrational or crazy thoughts. I thought at one point like I was having a panic attack. I had a sudden feeling of doom and my heart was having weird palpitations. All of my symptoms have improved and I feel like I am back to normal again. Just wanted to share my experience with others. My only concern about this herb would be its DVT risk. I have read a bit about other side affects and plan to keep an eye out for any symptoms. I hope other women find symptom relief as well with this herb.

Lisa 's avatar  Lisa 07/02/2014 07:28

It take away my ovarian pain, and my cyst don't hurt me anymore, I take black cohosh and Maca herb for my cyst and abnormal bleeding and they both work. And i find that ones i take both i don't feel depression

6ix 's avatar  6ix 05/09/2013 03:03

I was so tormented with continuous sweating,especially at night. This went on day after day,I was becoming weaker and weaker. I found this article by happenstance. I bought some Black Cohosh.I immediately took 3 540mg capsules,and in just 2 hours I started cooling off and the sweating reduced by lie folks! I was so sick and miserable,I started becoming suicidal this brought me back to life.It's been three days since my first dose,I'm at a local place using the internet able to get up and go about after three months of hell. I recommend this for anyone.I have been menopausal for 1year.,

CMFsd 's avatar  CMFsd 03/09/2013 15:06

This herb, along with a few others, have significantly (if not completely) eliminated my most bothersome symptoms of peri-menopause. I am taking NO medications anymore for ANY symptoms. Was taking birth control (for PMS) sleep madication or anti-anxiety meds to sleep -NO MORE & feel normal again! Western medicine is not always the answer!

SashaJean J Gth 's avatar  SashaJean J Gth 27/04/2013 14:03

I love useing herbs and Black Cohosh is one of my favorites. I am 67 and not only have mood swings; but different temperatures in various parts of my body such as cold hands and feet, warm or hot knees especially my Right Knee which is full of Mr. old Arthir last name, itis. But Black Cohosh lessens the swelling, stabilizes my different body temperatures, thereby makeing me easier to live with others and myself. Aint no fun in pain.

help47 's avatar  help47 21/02/2013 00:02

I've started perimenopause my symptoms are only rapped heart beat [132bpm]ending up in ER three times because the epsodes would last for more then an hour,The Dr put me on VenlafaxineXR 74mg,and I take Evening Primrose, would Black Cohosh help with the rapped heart?

D 's avatar  D 02/12/2012 21:54

Wish I had found black cohosh 6 years ago!!! I started taking it last week and within 24 hours I noticed a decline in the hot flashes! I'm sleeping much better. This is awesome!!! No more taking layers of clothes off then putting them back on. I'm starting to feel normal again!

DT 's avatar  DT 12/01/2012 15:27


I found that Susun Weed's book "New Menopausal Years" The wise woman way to have alot of information on herbs for women 30 to 90.  It has been a life saver for me where I have have started menopause and have terrible hot flashes etc. My daughter who is in her 20s has been using herbs to help her PMS with the information in this book.  I highly recommend it.

SAS 's avatar  SAS 14/09/2011 21:17

would like advice on combinations of herbs to take for peri-menopause....what can you take without taking too much, at the moment I take eve primrose, omega 3/6/9, vitamin B, and a herbal menopause suppliment.  Experiencing hot flushes, palpatations, slight weight gain, lethargy, non menstrual for 3 months.  Unfortunately there's not a 'instruction manual' for this 'change in life' but i'd like some guidance without over doing the suppliment thing and costing £'s..........any solid advice out there please?