Horsetail Reviews (Equisetum Arvense)

Carroll MacIntosh 's avatar  Carroll MacIntosh 28/05/2011 11:45

I have been taking Horsetail for 29 years.  I originally started taking it to stop cramps in my legs when I was pregnant.  I noticed my nails got really hard and my hair grew more quickly so I kept taking it.  When I turned 40 I went for a bone density test.  Out of a 100, I was 132, the 2nd highest they have ever seen.  
Everyone I have recommended it to has noticed the same thing.  I use the Silica from Flora. A extra benefit is that i have no wrinkles on my face.  It is great for the skin as well.

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Rianvanmook 's avatar  Rianvanmook 18/02/2012 08:15

Hi carol
My bones ere very brittle = minus 2 and I need a bone builder despaerately. Mediaction from my gp gave me all the bad side effects so are not suitable for me.
Wher did you bye the Horsetail and how is the intake. Hope to hear from you. I liev in spain.

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J.D. 's avatar  J.D. 30/08/2014 22:07

Hi, Caroll -- That's amazing! Thank you for sharing. :) I've just used it a few times recently, but I'll have to give it more of a thorough, regular, try! Do you take it as tea or as a pill? Personally, I've been adding it to herbal tea mixtures that I've made. I'm curious to see if you take it differently -- I know absorption is different depending on how things are taken.

mt 's avatar  mt 02/08/2013 20:25

Hi Carroll, I see that you were taking it during pregnancy, but my doctor told me to stop. Did it affect your child in any way? I'm just about 4seeks pregnant. Thanks for any input you have

Cammeooo 's avatar  Cammeooo 15/05/2012 19:05

i was diagnoised with MS many years ago--so i took massive doses of prednisone which depleats calcium from your bones. this led me to start taking horsetail/silica for my bones---and indeed this product is exactly as it says---my bones are strong as well as my hair, skin, teeth, and nails.  i rate this product with 5 stars! and i will take it until i go into the grave----and what i really .love about this is it is a gift from GOD for the human race to take...all natural.   

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Andyn 's avatar  Andyn 29/01/2011 17:32

I have been taking horsetail for about 4 months. I had abdominal pain and thought I had pancreatitis, I had a gastroscopy yesterday and it turns out I had a stomach ulcer and he said that it was healed. I met with the doctor 2 weeks prior to the test and he prescribed Pantoprezole which is an antacid. Not sure which medication healed up the ulcer but am quite happy to think the Horsetail grass had something top do with it.

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Lemusumeci 's avatar  Lemusumeci 07/09/2011 14:25

More a question hoping someone can answer and help me. I was told to try horsetail as a remedy for recent issue with my hair. I have 3 balding spots (very upsetting for a young woman). The lady I spoke with had a heavy Russian accent so I couldn't understand in what form of horsetail would I use. The question is how would I apply horsetail to my situation. I was under the impression it was topical. Thank you!

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Cammeooo 's avatar  Cammeooo 15/05/2012 19:09

you take the horsetail internally.  ---into your body.  eat something with it --this is what i do----i take it after i eat my breakfast/  good luck! it does work for hair skin nails bones an teeth!

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Julie 's avatar  Julie 08/01/2015 03:19

I have also had hair loss issue and I found that taking at least one strong brewed tea every day has really helped. I've had success with re-growth and my skin and nails have never been better as well, I swear by it for hair

Isschade 's avatar  Isschade 16/03/2015 14:38

I have Alopecia Universalis (total body hairloss). I just found this post and wonder if it would restore my hair ?? Yes I know very well how upsetting this is for ANY woman, young or old. I've been battling this problem, that started out as a quarter sized spot, for 11 years. Any and all other advice sure is appreciated. My nails are FINE and are growing quite well ... I've taken almost every conceivable and recommended vitamin and supplement and this is the first time I've seen this one.

Eric 's avatar  Eric 06/05/2015 15:23

I've had Alopecia Universals but I have reversed it

Iain Byrnes 's avatar  Iain Byrnes 20/05/2011 11:00

I also have an abundance of horsetail, did anyone reply to Hunthilary regarding making this into tea or some other useful medicine/ointment etc?

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Hunthilary 's avatar  Hunthilary 13/02/2011 11:42

I've got a garden full of this (unwelcome) stuff. Anybody out there know how to make it into a beneficial form?

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Atomsky 's avatar  Atomsky 10/08/2011 22:44

I've been searching for the stuff for ages! Can I get some off you pls?

jewels 's avatar  jewels 14/06/2011 23:36

yes, air dry the stuff cutt in small one inch pieces and drink it as tea, very helpful for lots of ailments, prostate cancer, kidney stones, it dissolves them much easier for passing and cures bladder infections, overall miracle worker!!!

D. Ikeda  's avatar  D. Ikeda  26/06/2012 03:10

Has anyone felt hyper after taking horsetail? I seem to. I tried it as a tea and felt that way so got the pills by Flora as I read that they took the nicotine out as part of their manufacturing process. Have taken just one pill a day for the last two days and am feeling a little hyper again. I am taking it for my bones but this slightly hyper feeling is rather uncomfortable. 

I have tried nettle too and found the same thing. I am indeed often extraordinarily sensitive to things so herbs may just not be the thing for me. 

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Ann B 's avatar  Ann B 08/03/2015 13:11

First thing in the morning, I take 20 drops of Horsetail in 2 oz. water at least 20 minutes before breakfast. Been taking for 16 days so far & was told by Chinese medicine practitioner to take for 3 weeks & see him again. This is part of the treatment for H-Pylori both myself and my husband are on. We believe we are passing H-Pylori back and forth, so we are BOTH being treated at same time.

Fritz 's avatar  Fritz 06/07/2011 02:40

I find that Silica is a miracle.  I have lost a bulging belly that was deemed hereditary by me because of it's presence in all of my siblings.  My lower back pain disappeared within the first few hours of trying it.  I am a healer and have recommended it to most of my clients.  I have to go back to working a fulltime job because they don't call me with their complaints anymore.  Even people who merely tried a little are seeing amazing results.

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Ann onymous 's avatar  Ann onymous 24/07/2015 16:42

I found a horsetail plant on a friends lawn and he gladly gave me that when I asked for it. However, how can you tell t he difference between equisetum arvense (the edible herb) and equisetum palustre (the one that should not be used?)

terry 's avatar  terry 06/11/2014 00:44

fritz i am trying to break into the healing profession ,please let me know how you conduct your business, via internet or do you actually see patients>

Darkgoku301 's avatar  Darkgoku301 15/01/2011 19:09

some years ago i became quite poorly which pretty much left me in a bit of a long term pickle . the stress caused my lovely long hair to fall out . horsetail has done wonders for me . i am poorly but when i did start taking horstail ,i noticed easing of some symptoms to a tolarant level and my hair started growing for the first time in few years since it fell out . i did stop for a while and symptoms got worse again and my hair started thinning . i started taking it again and have done now for about 2 years. maybe just me but it definatly helped me (along side prescription drugs , but horsetail took away some suffering)

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Belladurmiente 's avatar  Belladurmiente 12/02/2011 16:07

yo llevo mucho tiempo con un dolor en la cadera tengo osteoporosis hace 4dias que empese a tomar 800mg de cola de caballo y el dolor ya no es tan fuerte y camino menos coja pues ese dolor me hace cojiar lo unico que estoy haciendo diferente es tomando la cola de caballo y como dice que repara el tejido pues esta ayudando

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Chris Rehkopf 's avatar  Chris Rehkopf 14/06/2015 08:27

To Iain Byrnes I have gathered the topes of the plants in my yard, dried them in my food dehydrator, then used the coffee grinder and made it into powder. two table spoons steeped in a pint of hot water and drink three times a day. Till you have no symptoms, or once a day for maintenance.

Light4Jesus 's avatar  Light4Jesus 08/11/2013 00:59

I was having trouble with one of my teeth and read it could heal your teeth, so I tried it. It definitely does help. My tooth quit hurting and seems to be fine, and MY HAIR, OH SO SOFT. Somehow the silica can go in and repair the roots of your teeth. The tooth is living and needs nutrients too. Guess it really likes silica. Anyway, it worked for me. I have been taking it about five or six years now. My teeth are doing well. Thank God.

Rednuts 's avatar  Rednuts 20/04/2013 20:35

A lady I buy hay from told me that a friend of hers said if you feed it to your horses over time will kill them.B.S maybe if you feed a whole bottle of abstract

Atomsky 's avatar  Atomsky 08/08/2011 10:35

hi guys, anyone living in london or sussex area got some fresh horsetail to sell, or know where i can find them in the wild?

Nessporterkelly 's avatar  Nessporterkelly 21/07/2011 07:00

does any one know how horsetail can be used to protect potatoes from blight?

Dibarra669 's avatar  Dibarra669 04/02/2011 07:56

I have been suffering with constant urine infections for years a friend of the family recomended horsetail and I am so happy to say it cured it right away meds were taking too long to do the job, 3 glasses of horsetail tea was all I needed "I strongly recomend to anyone who suffers from urine infections ;)

Pooboon 's avatar  Pooboon 27/01/2011 15:14

i just bought some horsetail to prepare it and eat it?
is it 1 glass mix with 4 glass of hot water?

Namdi2 's avatar  Namdi2 10/02/2011 03:41

Hey: I teaspoon or 1 Tbag in 6oz. of boiled water. Let it step for 3-5 min. You may sweeten with honey, and not sugar.

B well.

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Teddy 's avatar  Teddy 28/04/2011 00:07

Don't use honey to sweeten hot drinks, even if it's a common thing. Honey should never be heated or cooked, and should never be combined with very heating or hot herbs or spices (like red pepper). Honey is a healthy thing, but it has been known in old medicine for as long as historians can guess that honey -- when heated or added to body-heating herbs -- has very few beneficial effects and some toxic ones. Heated honey, or honey used with heating herbs, causes the immune system to respond dramatically against it and the pathogens that will feed on it, thus reducing its medicinal effects hugely. Ayurveda, one of the oldest medicine practices, tells us that we should use whole cane sugar evaporated solids (not crystalized juice, but "sucanat") or dark brown sugar in hot beverages and baked items, or palm, date, or bamboo sugars, or maple syrup, fruit juices, beet sugar, etc. But not honey. Honey should be eaten raw only, and better if fresh. (I have experience with this myself, and I only feel good eating honey when it's a small amount, before or between meals, and raw. Never right after waking up, though, and never when dehydrated.)

hope this helps

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Alpine_newt 's avatar  Alpine_newt 08/01/2011 17:16

I tried it. Somehow I found one tablet better than the two recommended per day. I didn t notice much more urinating than normal. I still had slightly bad joints after jogging. Perhaps my hair felt smoother but no visible improvement of skin. I am nearly 50 years old.