Olive Leaf Reviews (Olea Europaea)

Chris Agius - MALTA 's avatar  Chris Agius - MALTA 28/07/2012 21:13

I am a type 2 diabetic and also suffered from heart disease. Recently I experienced a hyper thyroid and my readings went for the worse. My thyroid is now under control but my readings were still not always so good. I started boiling olive leaves and the results were astounding. I am now consuming olive leaf tea every day and I feel great!

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Paul Lamon 's avatar  Paul Lamon 26/06/2011 13:22

as we reach middle age, using olive leaf extract as part of one's daily supplement routine makes a lot of sense - various kinds of stress can leave folks over 40 more susceptible to attacks by stealth pathogens - in other words, a person doesn't even have to be exposed to germs from another person, because the infectious organisms within their own body can reactivate and flare up during stressful periods - and they may not even cause full-blown illness but still cause enough inflammation to keep the body feeling worn out, affecting the thyroid, adrenals, etc...so olive leaf is a great natural weapon to wipe out these stealth pathogens which are often the root cause of so many other states of disease - i make sure i take my ole every day

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David 's avatar  David 21/06/2011 22:41

Just started taking olive leaf capsules. I have suffered with bad throat and sinus infection for over 10 years nothing the doctors have given me worked antibiotics Ann steroids. Day 3 into taking the capsules results are unbelievable.

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BeforeTheDawnHealsUs 's avatar  BeforeTheDawnHealsUs 10/11/2012 11:45

I used a tincture at first, then found out that raw dried leaves are excellent for tea. I never sweeten it or add anything, I get about a 1/2 cup or so of leaves and grind them down to about 1/4 cup in a coffee grinder and I put some distilled water on the stove until it wants to simmer but doesn't quite simmer, then pour water over the ground material in a funnel fitted with a coffee filter. It is very bitter but tolerable and I hold a large gulp in the mouth for about 15-30sec before swallow. It creates, for me, a similar sensation that a shot of whiskey does, that tingly rush in the back of the neck and top of head. Of course it doesn't intoxicate me at all, its more like coffee, except that the energy you get from it doesn't come from a altered brain chemistry, but rather from the 400X more powerful ORAC than the 2nd best antioxidant known, purging my body of every toxin and pathogen known. I used to have tooth aches from bad teeth becoming infected. I used to get cold's seasonally. I used to be lethargic and have mental fog. I used to wake up groggy. I used to have very smelly sweat. I cannot even focus long enough to list all the benefits I have personally experienced from taking this herb in significant quantities. I have about 40 or so other herbs that I also revere greatly, but I think olive leaf has won most of my attention. I am surprised it is not illegal: i.e. hemp.

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Pat.t. 's avatar  Pat.t. 20/06/2011 17:20

After watching a PBS program called Under our Skin,Health care nightmare. I was not only shocked over the wool being pulled (once again) over our eyes in America, I was frighten to see that I have had and still do many of the symptoms of Lyme disease,                                              which is progressively getting worse. Knowing that where I live I would hold no chance on getting help with the Medical Profession, and being somewhat of a herbalist I intend to take the God given route and make me up a tincture of Olive leaf, Thyme, Oregano and any and all other antibacterial herbs and take them for the rest of my life.  

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Sarah 's avatar  Sarah 15/11/2013 15:18

Oil Of Oregano, not just oregano. Look into Activated Charcoal and Psyllium Fiber. (youtube is awesome).

Surfergirl3 's avatar  Surfergirl3 03/02/2012 19:23

I recently started using Olive Leaf and was curious what the normal dosage for fighting on colds/infections would be? I have Multiple Sclerosis and I catch everything that my kids and husband bring home. Im at the end of my rope... Im constantly sick. HELP!!!

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Anabela 's avatar  Anabela 12/11/2012 18:00

A friend of mine was able to fully recover from the hell of multiple sclerosis. He began by changing their feeding almentação and followed according to your blood group. Then withdrew the dental mercury amalgams in a holistic dentist. He followed this with withdrawal infrared sauna. He wiped the body of parasites with Olveira extract, oil of oregano, Saccharomyces boulardii, woorwood, capsules and fresh cloves and black wallnut diatom earth. Then he took probiotic Dr. Ohhira's, Essential Formulas Inc., Probiotics, Original Formula. Then did a treatment with liver extract carrot juice made ??at home, n-acetyl cysteine ??took, took Alpha Lipoic Acid, took milk thistle, dandelion and artichoke, and selenium. Boldo then made ??into capsules that only 3 weeks. Did clearing liver and gall of Dr. Hulda Clark and then did a clean kidneys with nettle and chlorella. Excretory organs first cleaned and then started taking vitamins and nutrients when your body was able to absorb and metabolize them. The only supplements that remained from beginning to end and that it continues to take the pollen royal jelly capsules probiotics and olive leaf as well as cod liver oil and selenium and vitamin E. Once a week makes a deworming with wormwood, cloves and wallnut.A his full recovery took 4 years. Today 10 years have passed and he has a normal life.

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Anabela 's avatar  Anabela 13/11/2012 12:38

I forgot to tell you about helminthic therapy and also he took and continue with B12 Methylcobalamine. Sorry about my english, I'm Portuguese and live in Portugal.

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Patricia Costa De Sousa 's avatar  Patricia Costa De Sousa 23/05/2015 02:04

Anabela, I'm in Portugal. Did your friend have help from a Doctor? I have Adrenal Fatigue and looking for someone to help me... Obrigada...

Elle 's avatar  Elle 17/03/2014 12:09

Hi Anabela, I suffer from multiple sclerosis. I barely can walk. Can you plz tell your friend to write me if possible. I live in Greece and I need help.

BeforeTheDawnHealsUs 's avatar  BeforeTheDawnHealsUs 10/11/2012 12:33

The idea is to start slow and move up in dose. The reason for this is the Herxheimer reaction, which can occur if a person who has a serious infection or heavy toxic load suddenly takes a large therapeutic dose of olive leaf. Its a flu caused by the death of millions/billions of pathogens that are both active and/or dormant. The immune system and body will experience great stress if you don't gradually move into taking way more than a recommended dose. But theoretically anything can be cleared from the body with high enough dose. I started taking 1 150mg capsule of 20% Oleuropein 3 times a day. Then i moved to 3 caps. Then 6 and then even 10 at once. If you take larger doses, the only negative i noticed was sleeplessness and dehydration. So I just increase my water intake if i increase my dose to really knock something out. I think there is a threshold for effectiveness against the more serious/ life threatening diseases. I'm not aware exactly what the threshold in mg is and I'm sure its different for each person. I think it becomes very effect for me at about 3-4 times the recommended dose. Also, if you take high doses you have to avoid alcohol and other blood thinners for the 4-8hrs of time that the olive leaf is in effect.

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Sarah 's avatar  Sarah 15/11/2013 15:43

Surfergirl, Oil of Oregano has been proven to be more powerful at killing bacterial & fungal infections than ANYTHING, ANY Dr. can prescribe. If there's a viral infection, Drs. will say "There's nothing we can give You, You have to let it run it's course". Oil Of Oregano KILLS viral infections! Look into Doug Kaulfman. There is a lady on one of his programs who cured herself of ms. She wrote a book on it. The connection between fungus in the body and it causing ms is undeniable. STARVE fungus. Kill fungus. Corn and sugar are major contributors of feeding fungus, it thrives from it. This program will inspire, encourage, and inform you on how to win this battle. " Doug Kaulfman" "know The Cause",

Elle 's avatar  Elle 17/03/2014 12:11

What is the name of the book called that this lady with MS wrote?

happygirl 's avatar  happygirl 11/12/2012 19:22

To Dory (who is pregnant), I used olive leaf extract (30 drops in a shot of water, 1 to 3 times a day) throughout my pregnancy when ever I felt a cold coming on, which was frequently as I worked in a preschool at the time. My daughter was born in June of 2011 with no apparent side affects except that she has not been sick once in her whole 1 1/2 years. Whether or not that is just a coincidence, we will never know. A few weeks ago, she sounded a little stuffy so I gave her 10 drops in a shot of juice 3 times for 2 days and it completely went away. Good luck!

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Jackie Deeble 's avatar  Jackie Deeble 25/07/2012 15:03

I found that after 4 months usage it did not work for my viral load, it actually increased, my CD4 count was stable, but doubt that Olive Leaf works on the P24 of HIV as documented.  

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BeforeTheDawnHealsUs 's avatar  BeforeTheDawnHealsUs 10/11/2012 12:57

sometimes you get an increase at first because the virus is being dislodged from the nooks and crannies and goes on the run for its life. Thus a temporary spike in peripheral blood count. Sometimes something works only if you do it correctly and for long enough sustained therapy.
The link below explains using the terms "Therapeutic dose"....which means a dose much higher than a label recommended dose.

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Sarah 's avatar  Sarah 15/11/2013 15:18

Look into Blue Green Algae aka Hawian Algae. Studies have shown two groups of hiv+ patients taking BGA, The first group, the hiv load dropped. The 2nd group who took twice as much, their hiv load dropped so low that it could not be found in their blood test! LOOK INTO IT!!! :D

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Jasdekok 's avatar  Jasdekok 13/07/2012 11:02

Last year we moved to a colder climate with more native trees and weeds of every kind I suffered from Bronchitis and then got Pneumonia and really bad sinus infections as the beginning of this years winter I got another lovely viral infection and hit it with Olive Leaf Extract, I have been taking it for one month, I still got slight flu like symptoms, ie. slight cough and slight runny nose but the olive leaf basically  killed it and stopped it turning into anything nastier that a virus. My son is 4 years old and had 7 double doses of antibiotics last year and he got the same virus as me and I put him on it and it hasn't been sick since he's been taking it, it did seem to clean his sinuses at first tho, the first few days not long after I gave it to him he sneezed some big boogers (as he calls them) out.  He's been great tho with no ear infections or anything now for that whole month, which is a first for him!!!!! I love Olive leaf extract and am going to keep us on it for the rest of our lives!!!!

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 Ganesha 's avatar  Ganesha 09/12/2011 12:21

This is my favorite "cure all" with it's only negative side effect it's strong, bitter taste. Though this article warns studies with unborn and young babies have not been conducted, I can assure pregnant and new moms it's completely safe for your baby and with breastfeeding. In fact, I've noticed positive results with my son while I've been taking OLE or olive leaf tea. He normally gets agitated and fussy when I am ill and the OLE via breastfeeding seems to soothe, calm and help him to be a happier more peaceful baby!

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Malynda11 's avatar  Malynda11 06/05/2012 11:38

I have used olive leaf in a tea mixture teo or three leaves in hot water for about a year. During that time I was pregnant and nursing my new born child. She is 12 months now and doing very well. She has had all of her immunizations and not had one fever during the times that I have been nursing her. I am planning to stop nursing now and have been adding 1 teaspoon of my mild tea mixture to her bottle I add one scoop of formula and 1/4 teaspoon of coconut sugar and 1 teaspoon of the olive leaf. I only have the olive leaf one time per day r she is doing very well. Again no fevers in her entire life and all of her immunizations are up to date. I am very pleased with olive leaf and with its results I drink the tea every day only 2 to 3 leaves in hot water I make sure I drink the tea throughout the day just sipping on it after I make the tea in the morning.

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Auntcmw917 's avatar  Auntcmw917 15/07/2011 13:37

I had a sinus infection and sore throat, I was about to go get on an antibiotic when I went to local health food store and they said try Olive Leaf..so 2 days later sore throat gone and feeling so much better!! I wish I would of known about this when I had shingles!!

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laird 's avatar  laird 07/07/2011 06:35

I've been taking olive leaf extract pills (four a day) for the past seven months after being diagnosed with a very stubborn case of Ramsay-Hunt Syndrome, a type of Shingles.  A few days ago, I stopped taking it because I've been doing so well and in just three days some of my symptoms started to come back.  It is definitely something that has helped me and continues to do so when prescription anti-viral meds couldn't, and now I know that it's not just a coincidence.  I'll continue taking it, along with using a topical tincture and drinking olive leaf tea from time to time.    

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anonymous  's avatar  anonymous  19/10/2014 08:03

I was diagnosed with genital herpes at age 23. Desprate to find a cure, I turned to olive leaf extract. I took 1000 mg a day and within three week the virus was no longer in my body. I continue to take this ever day rot its many other benefits. I HIGHLY recommended this herb.

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Annon 's avatar  Annon 23/08/2015 06:10

Did uou get a blood test done? Is it really gone? I will try anything

BellaB 's avatar  BellaB 28/10/2014 13:31

Does this really work for herpes? Or does it just control it?

Marv 's avatar  Marv 18/09/2013 01:35

HepC-2b infection from Hong Kong tatoo, 1976. Viral load Oct 2012- 15 million.May 2013 started olive leaf, 4- 150 mg caps, 3 times a day. 1000 mg Milk Thistle X 2. Viral load Sept 2013- 5 million. I will understandably continue, hope to reduce further. Fantastic

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chizzy 's avatar  chizzy 18/05/2015 00:40

Hey, can you please give us an update about your hepatitis b? ? My friend was diagnosed with hepatitis b, and although he situation is not chronic. Can you please tell me if the olive leaves help cure it or did it just control the symptoms? ? THANKS

Lise 's avatar  Lise 08/09/2013 17:14

I had been having blood pressure problems for a few years and had been using nattokinase, potassium and magnesium to little avail. I went to the doctor, had tests and was scheduled to see him again in a month. The test shot my bp way up and so I decided to try olive leaves because I had read about them on line. I used dried leaves and every evening I made tea for my husband and me. I boiled the water and crumbled the leaves into the hot water, let it steep for about 7 or 8 min. then poured it through a strainer into our cups. I added a little stevia to sweeten and we drank it ...quite pleasant! When I went back to the Dr. he was surprised that my pressure was 125/75. Now it hovers between that and 135/85, mostly lower. My father had high blood pressure for many years and consequently had strokes and heart attacks. I guess I have a propensity too, but I won't let it happen. When I think of all the other good effects olive leaves have I will use them till I die of old age (hopefully).

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smellynellybelly 's avatar  smellynellybelly 05/02/2014 07:54

Lise, because I love your Nordic name, you like olive leaves, and I have 15 olive trees...I will send you a bunch of fresh picked olive leaves, if you would like some free green goodness from Gold Country, California...just let me know. I've found a great way to eat 25 leaves a day by adding them to citrus smoothies...sour lemon balances the bitter, so does the creaminess of adding almonds and sesame and pecans...and a dash of maple syrup helps, too. I've had unexpected major improvement in the neuropathic numbness in my feet for just a month of eating fresh olive leaves daily. I have seen nobody else post that they eat these amazing leaves in the manner or quantity that I do. It's your choice to try this, too...I will help you.

judy 's avatar  judy 28/02/2014 16:09

hi, i'm in the valley and like to get some olive leafs, were about in gold country can i find the trees and some one to give me some?

margery 's avatar  margery 17/08/2013 20:29

hi, i have been taking ole for about 1 week and got really sick fatigue muscle pain in legs arms like an acid build up in the body but just hurt all over started to feel faint on the edge of collapsing,then vomitted once thought i was dieing. i went to the hospital they said my bloods were fine and sent me home said i was dehydrated,so i went to a accupuncturist he said all my mouth tongue everything was so dry,dehydration.my tongue colouring was all off, he said there was something not right inside,,But after reading the die off afect maybe that is what it was,see i was taking the ole, but my body was not ridding itself of anything my bowels are all blocked up, so would it be maybe i should have bean taking something else as well to flush out the body quicker, please help as i am in so much pain i even thought i am about to have a heart attack or something...

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Nichols 's avatar  Nichols 09/02/2014 01:31

It sounds like you did not completely kill off the problem. When you stopped the problem developed and unpleasant defense against the Olive leaf. So for a while you haad to cope with the defense of the bug. When you finally did him in you felt good again.

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Sarah 's avatar  Sarah 15/11/2013 16:04

how much did you take? we need to up our H2o big time.
Activated Charcoal will whisk that garbage away. Psyllium fiber is great too. YOU NEED TO TAKE IT WITH A LOT OF H2O... (not quite a gallon a day.

John 's avatar  John 28/06/2013 11:32

Live in Scotland Constantly fatigued --took it for 2 months 2 a day felt better then stopped to give my body a rest.

Started taking it again about one month later 1 cap first thing and was violently sick. 24hrs

Got over that and about two weeks later tried again same thing one cap made me so ill is was unbelievable. Constant puking for 24 hrs, wretched my gut up until nothing left but the retching continued even tho there was nothing left or so I thought- then about 14 hrs in I puked up about a gallon of bile this came out like a pressure hose.I was totally incapacitated and had to crawl to the toilet as my bowel was about to erupt at the same time.Lucky I made it. During the first 6-12 hrs my complete body was freezing I have never been so cold -and this was in front of a coal fire all wrapped up in many blankets and a sleeping bag but still freezing .( I have been in Chicago at -54 so I do know cold.After all that managed to get some sleep and woke up feeling great. Can anyone explain what happened.

Same thing happened to my brother in Canada after I introduced him to the miracles of Olive Leaf extract except he took it month on month off for 6 months before he developed a reaction same as me- All the best and would welcome any rational explanation

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Meagan Truitt 's avatar  Meagan Truitt 30/06/2013 22:26

Sounds like die off. I have experienced this as well. Most likely if you take a small amount like 1/3 to 1/2 cap for a few days the increase by the same increment for a few days and so on, slowly increasing you will avoid this. Most likely it is this not an allergy. Even if you were taking more without these symptoms you can at some point hit a time where you have a big die off and have to back down. It can help to quit altogether and then start small and slowly increase.

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HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 01/07/2013 10:17

Thank you Meagan. Very interesting response to John's enquiry.
Best regards

H. Shoulders 's avatar  H. Shoulders 10/07/2013 01:48

Your symptoms sound extreme to just be die off. I would visit the doctor to see if something else is going on. You must have a recurring infection or something else was going on. Hope you never have a reaction like that again!

anna  's avatar  anna  23/06/2015 00:46

I tried olive leaf extract to assist with my arthritis and with possibly shingles and herpes simplex and herpes complex, that leaves a wound on my lower spine every time I am stressed. It seems lately that the outbreak at the base of my spine is now showing up all over the place, meaning in different spots. I was told herpes 2 would reduce its outbreaks with olive leaf extract but 4 months later I can't say that I have seen a huge improvement. I get outbreaks less frequently but still get one every 7 to 10 days. I have one sexual partner and I know he only has one. However I have noticed an improvement with my arthritis in a big way.

senior1946 's avatar  senior1946 19/06/2015 16:34

I have used Olive Leaf for infection. It is pretty effective. If I have a really bad infection in my sinuses it takes Olive Leaf and antibiotics to get rid of it completely. Depending on the severity of the infection if I don't take both, the infection will either disappear and return in a short time or not even disappear completely, but just become much less severe as long as I am taking either Olive Leaf or an antibiotic. If I am forced to use both during the same time period, I separate the time when I am taking them by at least 2 hours, but I usually separate the doses by more like 3 to 4 hours or even more. The last time that I did that I had a really severe sinus infection that I just couldn't get rid of even with Olive Leaf and eventually it started getting worse in spite of the Olive Leaf. The gave me that Ciprofloxin for it, because it was so bad. It helped at first and then all of a sudden my symptoms got worse. I could barely breath through my nose at all and I couldn't sleep. When I added my Olive Leaf back into the mix, my infection not only cleared, but my sinuses have been absolutely fine for about 6 months now. This is a very rare occurrence for me, because even when my sinuses are pretty good, I still have some problems there. It is really heaven to go so long without any sinus trouble. My guess is that I may have had both bacterial and fungal problems in my sinuses and the antibiotic alone had the side effect of making the fungal problem worse. Well, whatever the reason, it took both to get rid of the problem.

Jorge 's avatar  Jorge 16/06/2015 19:14

I have been using olive leaf extract, 250 mg, 17% oleuropein for one full year since my last genital herpes attract. Happy to say that was the last time it has happened. Side effect to me has been some constipation.

moon 's avatar  moon 16/05/2015 12:25

I am taking olive extract supplement 500mg for toenail fungus but after taking 20 tablets I feel like my whole body is shaking sometimes.Is it ok and i will continue taking tablets.Can someone guide me thanks

aa aa 's avatar  aa aa 01/05/2015 12:08

Greetings, the olive leafs tea, or tincture is highly recommended for psoriasis, eczema etc. The reason why is that you kill the ascaris parasites that causes these diseases. Read Dr. Hulda reghar Clark books. Love & Light Michel Saulnier

JER 's avatar  JER 27/04/2015 00:18

Not recommended for those with asthma, eczema and related disorders as it will exacerbate symptoms and cause allergic reactions, in some cases, severe irritation.

chizzy 's avatar  chizzy 26/04/2015 11:42

Hi can someone please post a picture of the bottle, my friend was recently diagnosed with hepatitis b. The doctor said it's not chronic and her virus load is 31. .can she still be able to use this product without it making her condition worse? ?

hetty 's avatar  hetty 14/04/2015 12:00


Peter  's avatar  Peter  22/02/2015 02:10

Olive leaf is incredable I take four olive leaf capules with four green coffee capules be fore each meal with water I am no longer insuline depenant my levels have droped from 12 to5.5 and has never altered have been capules. 4 years I buy natures care product olive leaf 3000 powered capules plus natures care green coffee beans capules ,

Clive Dobson 's avatar  Clive Dobson 03/02/2015 22:51

I put leaves in with my instant coffee. Flavours are both bitter and complimentary.

greta frusha 's avatar  greta frusha 03/10/2014 20:37

I feel better when I take olive leaf. I started taking it to stay well during cold and flu season. (I am a teacher) Not only did I miss out on all of the strange viruses going around school, I noticed that I was feeling much better and not having sugar cravings for sodas and snacks. I also had more energy and lost a lot of water weight! I find myself recommending it to friends and family a lot. Also we had a litter of kittens that developed ringworm. I got desperate and mixed olive leaf, echinacea, and moringa powder with coconut oil to make a salve for their ringworm that wouldn't be toxic like the meds the vet gave me. I put the salve on the kittens at least twice a day and with in two days was seeing a measurable difference! All the ingredients are anti-fungals. I was soooo happy!

sunny 's avatar  sunny 25/09/2014 20:25

wonderful plant.... It is indeed a Photo-Estrogen though and caused my breasts to be tender.

Anne Marie 's avatar  Anne Marie 22/06/2014 15:46

Joe, how many leaves per cup of water

Tammy Sue 's avatar  Tammy Sue 06/02/2014 02:05

I got my capsules in today to start taking for EBV, I pray it does the trick and fixes me right up.

SarahB 's avatar  SarahB 31/01/2014 16:37

I have three olive trees in Florida and tea from the leaves is good, like any herbal tea, but I got the greatest benefit when I bought capsules from a local store where the guy gives advice. He said that properly extracted olive leaf preparations have thousands of times more effectiveness. I had no side effects in either case. I drink the tea from time to time and use the capsules for a specific case of infection. Today it's dental.

Seren 's avatar  Seren 28/11/2013 11:51

developed a UTI over the past few days. read about the Olive leaf extract and decided to try it. the taste is not good but I could see the results the very next day. if you have high blood pressure, you may want to be careful as it lowered my BP as well. I guess everyone's body is different. as far as energy, you will get that as I needed it for my Thanksgiving feast I am about to start. overall, I feel it works for a lot of things and I would recommend it to anyone

KELLY 's avatar  KELLY 23/11/2013 11:21


KELLY 's avatar  KELLY 23/11/2013 11:00


Linda 's avatar  Linda 31/10/2013 20:02

I had continuous sinus infections, UTI's and bronchitis. I haven't been sick with sinus infections or bronchitis in years now. I still struggle a little with UTI's but they are fewer and farther between. I have not had a cold in years either because of the olive leaf extract I've been taking. It really works and works great!

looking4help 's avatar  looking4help 16/07/2013 07:11

I am into Olive leaves Extract now Please pray for my success
Because I have Hepatitis Be
by the way how about the interaction between olive leaves and Milk thistle and Black seed Oil?

chizzy 's avatar  chizzy 15/05/2015 11:34

Hey, can you please give us an update. .did the olive leaves work for the hepatitis b? ? My friend has hepatitis b and I was just wondering if this can help. .

smellynellybelly 's avatar  smellynellybelly 05/02/2014 07:30

Lise, just because I like your Nordic Name, and you like olive leaves, I would like to send you some olive leaves that I fresh pick from my trees...free of charge, a gift of good will. Let me know if you would like this green goodness from Gold Country, California...

john 's avatar  john 01/07/2013 14:15

Can you please explain die off in more detail all the best from Scotland

Sarah 's avatar  Sarah 15/11/2013 16:06

John, Die off is when the poisonous microbes die. When they die, they excrete poisons into the body. That's what makes us feel so horrible. If we take too high of a dose of ole... we'll feel like we're dying!

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Marcy 's avatar  Marcy 13/04/2013 00:42

Why did it say not to use if you are a diabetic, if the first use is to stabilize blood sugar?

Sarita 's avatar  Sarita 21/04/2013 06:26

they want people to keep buying insulin, which costs an arm and a leg!

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Less Stress28 's avatar  Less Stress28 12/04/2013 18:59

Don't know if any one else has experience this...I feel the circulation in my reproductive area stimulated! I have high blood, and needless to say the meds stop the "feelings"! I am feeling the "flow" NOW!

Hope22 's avatar  Hope22 05/07/2013 22:59

How long did it take for you to notice that change?

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Hope22 's avatar  Hope22 05/07/2013 22:54

I hope I have the same effect! I have hbp and circulation problems too, as well as Raynaud's and Prinzmetal's Angina. Nothing doctor's have recommended have helped so I'm going to start with olive leaf extract. I'm glad I found your posting!

Mos 's avatar  Mos 08/09/2012 20:45

I have been taking olive leaf extract in capsule form for almost 2years now. One a day. I have not been sick once over this period despite my children being sick with colds and flu and colleagues at work also being sick. I lament the health benefits of olive leaf constantly. If I feel the slightest onset of a cold I will take 3-4 capsules a day for a few days and any symptoms will disappear. One of my daughters now takes it regularly whilst her identical twin sister is not so keen on swallowing capsules - so no surprise that the one that doesnt take it has had 2 bad doses of flu this year. I wouldnt be without it.

Moodyr 's avatar  Moodyr 10/06/2012 12:35

Seems to help me with hayfever, no surprise.

Scorpiohoney86 's avatar  Scorpiohoney86 08/12/2011 18:46

Where would be the best place to buy this olive leaf in New York

Sarah 's avatar  Sarah 15/11/2013 16:07

Wal Mart. It's where I get mine.

Elora 's avatar  Elora 29/08/2011 20:03

Can someone please advise where I can buy the tea leaf?  Someone brought me a bag from Brazil, but I'm trying to find retails here in the U.S. that carry the tea.  Any insight?

Dory 's avatar  Dory 26/11/2012 06:23

I was advised by the pharmacist to take olive leaf extract as I am suffering with my 2nd cold within a Month. I informed him that I am 2 months pregnant and he said that it was ok to take BUT when I googled it, it say DON'T take it! Does anyone know if I can? Has anyone taken it?