Olive Leaf Reviews (Olea Europaea)

Joekurt34 's avatar  Joekurt34 29/11/2010 16:33

I started using olive leaf 15+ years ago - it been used with horses for a long time. I "eat" FRESH leaf - no extract. There is all the effects of the good things as mentioned, PLUS there is a "nutrition for your body" in a way that the overall "neural" cognitive effect is . . . PEACE (within you). We would all be a better race for ingesting.

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nancy 's avatar  nancy 28/12/2010 09:35

it really works i alwalys take it when i get the first symptoms of a cold like a sore trout or runny nose and never get the full blown flue symptoms that last for weeks is a great immune booster

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joe duran 's avatar  joe duran 27/02/2011 09:00

Hi where can one get fresh olive leaf in NY

PJ 's avatar  PJ 20/12/2010 17:11

Where do you get the fresh leaf?

Broyce 's avatar  Broyce 16/12/2010 01:03

I have kicked some major infections with this. Sinusitis, UTI's, Bronchitis, URI's. Haven't and won't take antibiotics anymore.

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janet 's avatar  janet 28/12/2010 09:46

how do you know it work did you actually when back to get a urinalysis or lab work to make sure its been clear from your body?

martha 's avatar  martha 08/02/2011 02:02

Had brast cancer sugery and three months later was hospitalized with mercer, there had been an out break in the during the time of my sugery, I thought I missed it because it showed three months later. The lab test had to be done twice, and when the test came back, I ask about the results, and the nurse said it was a good one. When the doctor opened the wound, clear fluid came out. I had been taking 1000mg a day after sugery. The doctor had not experience that in all his years of practice.

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Kimandcat_33 's avatar  Kimandcat_33 04/10/2010 00:28

Olive Leaf Is Truly A Miracle herb

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MistralWinds777 's avatar  MistralWinds777 21/04/2011 18:38

Yes there is a reason the dove carried an olive branch in the story of Noahs Arc. There is a reason and a season for everything under the sun !!!

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lee 's avatar  lee 27/01/2011 08:37

I love olea olive leaf capsules, have always suffered from migraines....4/month now am down to 1/month....have more energy, and even noticed a weight loss....will continue taking and encourage my friends to do so...

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andy  's avatar  andy  20/12/2010 19:33

I have Hep C and this has been excellent for bringing my viral
load to a minimum. Also, I hardly get colds any more.

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Artsd1 's avatar  Artsd1 31/01/2011 22:46

well i have hep c and i will be taking it after ab vaccine, liver enzymes went up

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mia 's avatar  mia 14/01/2011 07:53

Diagnosed recently Hiv+. I have not started my medication yet. i decided to take the Olive leaf oil extract coz i heard its benefit.
I can feel that i have got lots of energy although psychologically i'm still affected into terms that am +.
In my second doctors appointment hopefully i will be expecting my Viral load to decrease and increase my cd4 counts due to my intake of olive leaf oil.

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Happy&Healthy 's avatar  Happy&Healthy 20/09/2010 17:17

When I first read of the benefits of Olive Leaf Extract, I went to a national vitamin seller, bought their house brand, and was amazed that it restored energy and vitality to me! Successive bottles did not, however. Now, some years later, I'm back using Olive Leaf in liquid form because of what I've heard regarding cardio health.

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Katrina Louise 's avatar  Katrina Louise 13/03/2011 07:57

I have had great success with olive leaf. I suffered from many conditions , Panic attacks,Anxiety, Fibromialgia, Depression etc. I was able over time to regain my health and stop taking all other medications. Extra benefits are rarely getting cold sores now and it is unlikely for me to get a cold.I take in tablet form with Echinacea and Andrographis herb. It has given me a life back as I had got so sick I couldn't work. I would reccomend it to anyone to give it a try.

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MistralWinds777 's avatar  MistralWinds777 21/04/2011 18:43

That is wonderful news Katrina !
I too have fibro and have only used this to clear sinus infections. But now from reading your story I will put it in my daily routine. God Bless !!!

Joan eisner 's avatar  Joan eisner 10/01/2011 06:18

olive leaf finished off bronchitis when the Dr. gave me another prescription of an antibiotic. I take it regularly. It cleared up my sinus. I can breath real easy when I go to bed. I am at the end of a head cold. It cut that short. I am taking 4-5 a day now. wouldn't want to be without My husband and several kids take it too. we love it-no side effects, JOAN

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Louloubean23 's avatar  Louloubean23 24/01/2011 15:04

How do you know how much to take?

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MistralWinds777 's avatar  MistralWinds777 21/04/2011 18:36

Take 40 drops of the extract in about an ounce of water 2 x a day

AvonM 's avatar  AvonM 31/03/2011 14:23

I have around 20-25 olive oil tree in my back yard, do you recommend to eat the leaf as is fresh? no side effects? some one told me to dry it and drink it like a tea.
your comment please.

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Leslieathome1220 's avatar  Leslieathome1220 21/03/2011 23:37

I woke up this morning with symptoms of a severe sinus infection. I was blowing blood (fresh) and brown mucous and coughing up the same. The whole right side of my head hurt from the top even down into my neck. Even my teeth ached, and I could barely wear my glasses, my face and head hurt so badly. I made a trip to a local health food store, described my symptoms, and listened to the employee's recommendation. She highly advised me to try a homeopathic remedy containing olive leaf extract in the form of an atomizer. The relief was almost instant. I administered the remedy at two-hour intervals all day today and have had almost no recurring pain.

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janet 's avatar  janet 28/12/2010 07:08

well i dont know but i always see olive trees by where i live i live in the city of arleta in california and i see them all the time when im traveling in the bus. And we used to have a tree where i was growing up so there not hard to find im sure if you ask around thell probably let you know maybe they have one in there house, but another thing you could do is look at olive trees pictures and become familiar to what they looks like and you probably know what the fruit looks like already but there usually green when there not ripe and thell turn purpuish when there ripe cruise by in the bus and spot one i always do that and it works well i hope it works for you.

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Karen Gutschlag 's avatar  Karen Gutschlag 25/12/2010 12:36

My husband took Two Olive Leaf Extract capsules and his chronic sinus problem he had been suffering for approx 5 months cleared. He was amazed and I was relieved not to suffering the side effects of a congested snorting snuffling bed partner. I believe he had a fungal infection in his nasal sinuses and possibly lungs due to his inhalation of dust/debris from under houses/ceilings( he is an electrician).

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Viola Woolcott 's avatar  Viola Woolcott 20/09/2010 19:53

Hi there - I have not taken it yet, but ordered and it arrive today. There are 4 of us who are going to try it for different reasons. So we will see. ;-)

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interested 's avatar  interested 19/10/2010 03:59

Have you felt any benefits yet?

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Cindy 's avatar  Cindy 10/05/2011 18:03

We use Olive Leaf daily, we have olive trees growing in our front yard and it works wonders. However we don't recommend using the extracts because they have been processed with some pretty nasty chemicals. Either consume the whole olive leaf in a powder form(either put the powder in a smoothie or get them the olive leaf in capsules) or use an Olive Leaf Tea. The more natural your olive leaf, the more your body can use it!

Guest 's avatar  Guest 21/04/2011 13:14

I have found olive leaf capsules to be effective against warts. Take them 3x/day for about a month and my bout of warts disappears!

Peacemaker 's avatar  Peacemaker 27/02/2011 16:49

Very nice, Very informative...Thank you...

Shunts15 's avatar  Shunts15 22/02/2011 00:04

Started about 2wks and my appetite has decreased, I'm losing weight, was on the verge of catching a cold and haven't caught it at all. I absolutely love olive leaf extract. Telling everyone I know and meet.

Shunts15 's avatar  Shunts15 22/02/2011 00:12

Oh I started taking it for a fungal Breakout on my skin. Everything the doctor prescribed didn't work but after taking this its almost entirely gone after years of suffering.

Mrubio2 's avatar  Mrubio2 25/03/2011 16:53

How long did you take the olive leaf before you saw a difference?

Heleenferwerda 's avatar  Heleenferwerda 14/02/2011 13:41

Hello there, I've always bought the capsuls, but like to try a tea for we have our own tree's a plenty. Can some one tell me the dose for an adult an for a kid, thanks

Gloria 's avatar  Gloria 09/02/2011 02:22

Where I live I have Russian olive trees. Would the leaves off it work?

Alemtsehay 's avatar  Alemtsehay 20/01/2011 08:40

wow it is very interesting news

JM3 's avatar  JM3 15/01/2011 15:22

Had gallbladder surgery and liver issues. Was very bad and had 0 GB function. After surgery I could not eat as you get severe stomach cramps. Tried everything. I had Olive leaf already in the house as I used it for shingles in the past. After 1 week of use I can now eat without pain. Was on no meds or other herbs-vitamins. It is working and I hope to get back some of the 70 pounds I lost from being ill for months.

Kimandcat_33 's avatar  Kimandcat_33 19/11/2010 14:57

Try This For Yourself Youll Be Amazed How Much better you will feel..