Rhodiola Reviews (Rhodiola Rosea)

Ali 's avatar  Ali 02/10/2010 12:01

Started taking Rhodiola 300mg per day about four years ago for severe anxiety, it is just brilliant. It works within a matter of hours you do not have to take it for weeks before you feel the effects of it. Rhodiola is incredibly calming but does not make you drowsy or leave a hungover feeling, nor does it make you feel hyper alert, for anyone who suffers anxiety who just wants to feel what normal is like I highly recommend Rhodiola.

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Fftyhjhgg 's avatar  Fftyhjhgg 07/10/2010 21:56

Did you suffer any of the side effects while taking this medicine?

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Glen 's avatar  Glen 10/12/2010 01:05

Nope - unless you include insomnia if you take it too close to bed time

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Ezy 's avatar  Ezy 05/03/2014 09:44

Glen is it good before going to bed or take early as morning or mid day

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Anandkumar Kora 's avatar  Anandkumar Kora 13/01/2015 10:07

I am at present taking 4life transfer factor capsules for gastritis & nausea ! Would you also recommend Rhodiola to be taken along with transfer factor ? Kindly advice ! K.ANANDKUMAR , CBE , INDIA .

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Lbutlin 's avatar  Lbutlin 04/01/2011 19:32


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Cynthielle 's avatar  Cynthielle 01/05/2011 17:37

Just start out at a low dose and increase weekly if you want more of a certain effect (i.e., more calmness, more energy)
Avoid taking it less than 2 hours before you want to sleep. The energy provision is very dependable.

Rena Findlay 's avatar  Rena Findlay 20/02/2011 11:17

hi ali,

I was jsut doing some research on Vitano which is a herbal remedy i.e,rhodiola 200mg.

I see you were taking 300mg a day ?? is that right...as my box says 200mg for 30 tablets? of which i Have to take 2 a day... so its effetively a 15 day supply.... just wondered if it was 300mg A DAY you were taking....this is also for severe anxiety. I also take betablockers and have done now for about 20 years...and my doc recently gave me an antidepressant citalapram which after a 2 month trial was not at all for me, hence why i purchased the the herbal remedy.... can you confirm the amount you took per day ? Many thanks, Rena.findlay@btinternet.com - much appreciated.

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lottie 's avatar  lottie 07/03/2014 19:17

dont take citalapram with rhodiola it might have a adverse effect. i was told by my doctor when taking them both at the same, i just felt like i was numb without emotions

S Cromwell 's avatar  S Cromwell 22/08/2014 17:16

Ashwaganda is safe with ssri's I was told. But I'm no doctor. Ashwaganda is helpful for regulating thyroid hyper or hypo.

Anandkumar Kora 's avatar  Anandkumar Kora 13/01/2015 11:08

Hi Ali ! Three yrs back I was severely affected with gastritis & nausea ! After using allopathy medicines for a month , I started taking REISHI GANO for an yr & half & now at present I started taking 6caps of 4 LIFE TRANSFER FACTOR CAPS per day for past few months & am feeling 60% better.Kindly advice whether if i start taking < a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-rhodiola.html">RHODIOLA</A> I get will get back to my normal state & dosage to b followed ! Reg , anand

Lesleyj 's avatar  Lesleyj 16/12/2010 00:44

Is it compatable with thyroxine (meds for under-active thyroid)?

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jookky 's avatar  jookky 16/10/2013 22:06

do u now the answer

Cynthielle 's avatar  Cynthielle 01/05/2011 17:31

I hope you will give Rhodiola a month by itself. I'll bet you won't need to go back to a toxin like thyroxine.

Jess 's avatar  Jess 15/09/2013 19:01

Whoa there cynthielle! Rhodiola does not replace thyroid hormone in your body! Low thyroid hormone can affect your body is very negative ways - it can raise your cholesterol levels and make you more likely to have a heart attack or stroke. During pregnancy, untreated hypothyroidism can harm your baby. Please - rhodiola is NOT a substitute for thyroid medication.

Nicole 's avatar  Nicole 01/08/2014 16:17

I totally agree Jess. I had radioactive iodine at 17 years old (I am now 42) to kill my overactive thryroid as I was about to go into a 'thyroid storm' as I had a HYPERTHRYOID back then. I have taken thyroxine all of my life and as I have gotten older the dosage of the thryoxine has had to be increased based on blood levels (Because I do not have a thyroid gland AT ALL), I started taking Rhodiola (GNC brand) 340 mg per day. It has really given me an extra boost in energy but as I nurse I know better than to try and replace my thyroxine hormone with a herbal supplement such as Rholdiola as they do not have the same function I have discussed with my physician that take it with my thryoxine and he told me that this was okay. I have a lot more energy while take Rhodiola and usually take it every day. I also work out 5-6 days a week and have a 5 year old so any extra energy I can get I will take. I am thinking about increasing my mg dosage to 500/day once I am finished with this bottle.

Hopeful 's avatar  Hopeful 08/01/2011 20:26

I am hypothyroid and would like to know if there is anyone else with the same condition that is taking Rhodiola, and has it worked for them?

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Jan Steinman 's avatar  Jan Steinman 15/12/2011 06:53

A naturopath diagnosed me as hypothyroid. After Fukushima melted, I became very sluggish, and started taking iodine drops. They helped, but Rhodiola has had much more impressive results.

I am in a very stressful situation, and was having panic attacks and frequent anxiety several times a day. With Rhodiola, the anxiety is down to every few weeks. I can even face a particular stressor (a bipolar and verbally abusive business partner) without losing my cool, which I couldn't before.

Cynthielle 's avatar  Cynthielle 01/05/2011 17:29

I've taken Rhodiola for a couple of years now, and there is nothing like it. My thyroid has small benign cysts. So I have to be dedicated when it comes to managing the effects of a sluggish thyroid. Rhodiola meets the needs safely and naturally. There is nothing to compare with it. I do avoid taking it 2 hours before bedtime because it never fails to give gentle, reliable energy boosts.

Lbutlin 's avatar  Lbutlin 04/01/2011 19:30

I was suffering from chronic depression and perimenopause. I was taking Wellbutrin and Cipralex. Despite these drugs I had a few ": what I call, meltdowns" where I was contemplating suicide. My sister's Pharmacist in Nova Scota suggested I take Rhodiola. With little to lose I started to take it with Cortisol B5 B6 and Ester C. I noticed quite a difference mostly in my response to stressful situations esp. at work. Prior to taking Rhodiola I had been very irritable and lasing out verbally at my colleagues and supervisors. I had to take three months off work last winter to deal with it. Then I started the three supplements and have not had a problem since. I'm hoping it will get me through the winter which is my worst time of the year. So if you're thinking of taking Rhodiola, I highly recommend it.

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Nurseyvt 's avatar  Nurseyvt 01/12/2010 23:22

Rhodiola is included in SlimQuick, seems to help me with energy, and increased

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Landis_17761976 's avatar  Landis_17761976 04/01/2011 18:10

I think Rhodiola is a very good product i use it in a product called 'primal calm' it helps with mood memory concentration alertness and fatique. I had a condition called Bipolar which effects your thinking and mood. I've used drugs with there side affects such as ED, and drowsiness none of which i had using primal calm. I also use a potent high quality B vita,A good quality fish oil,and "sweet wheat. With these I have beaten Bipolar which i think is a tremendous accomplishment being in the mental health system. But without the side effects of drugs. John

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Linda 's avatar  Linda 27/03/2011 04:22

my son is 11 yrs old and is autistic, non verbal and not potty trained yet, do you think he is to young to try rhodiola?

Cynthielle 's avatar  Cynthielle 01/05/2011 17:26

Absolutely. I'll go as far as to say you will be able to permanently manage your son's condition, including starting him on an ever-increasing better quality of life if you are faithful with teaching him to take this blessing of a natural supplement every day. Just be sure to avoid having him take it less than 2 hours before he should be asleep. Congratulations. You found the answer. Keep your child away from synthetic drugs whatever you do.

Truth 's avatar  Truth 15/06/2013 20:56

Cyntheille. Are you crazy saying that to a person who has an autistic son?? Linda go to your Dr. and ask him. Cyntheille, your ridiculous and should be ashamed. "you've found the answer". Your high.

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Jessa  's avatar  Jessa  15/09/2013 19:05

I agree, Truth. Cynthelle, you need to do a little reading. Rhodiola can be helpful, but it isn't any kind of quick fix for autism or hypothyroidism!

j 's avatar  j 16/10/2013 12:33

If Hypothyroidism is caused from sluggish adernals then it is a fix

sw 's avatar  sw 27/11/2012 03:11

Been taking this stuff consistently for over 2 weeks now. I notice no change in my depression nor decrease in my anxiety, except maybe they have become worse. I am a programmer, and I noticed my memory and focus has suffered ever since taking it, in turn making me feel worse. Does nothing to help with my essential tremors either. Absolutely an overrated herb, to go out with all the anti-depressant garbage that never work.

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Galen Spring 's avatar  Galen Spring 03/12/2013 01:04

what brand did you order? a very few number of herbal supplement providers will significantly dilute rhodiola with other powders, or even put something else in the capsules entirely.

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chris 's avatar  chris 06/04/2013 23:12

If you are having tremors, memory problems, fatigue, and trouble concentrating, it could be heavy metal poisoning. A woman had mercury poisoning and mentioned those exact symptoms.

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Maria 's avatar  Maria 11/10/2014 03:13

So it didn't work for you--doesn't mean it's overrated. Don't ruin it for the rest of us or someone it could potentially help. Just find something that better helps you. Every body is different.

Tony Antoniou 's avatar  Tony Antoniou 08/07/2014 19:17

You are probably using an inferior quality Rhodiola or you are not taking it correctly. I must admit I was very sceptical about using this supplement. I even posted a very negative review about it on Amazon. I first took it on an empty stomach and felt awful. It was like drinking 3 cups of strong coffee at the same time, I felt anxious, jittery, hyper...awful. I then stopped taking it for a few weeks and then decided to try 1 x capsule with my breakfast first thing in the morning. Well after doing the same thing for a few days I started to notice a hell of a difference. No more jitters, just calmness, able to cope with stress, no more depression, better mood, better concentration, more energy. I noticed after lunch I would start to feel very tired again so started to take another capsule with my lunch. Once again I'm only experiencing the positive effects and none of the negative effects. I can only say that so far so good. Taking it with food works much better for me, I will not take it on an empty stomach, the effects are too powerful. Also make sure you are taking a high quality supplement, no cheap rubbish. The one I take is Viridian Rhodiola, excellent quality. Good luck and hope things improve for you.

BeckyLee 's avatar  BeckyLee 04/12/2013 00:24

try a different brand

claudia 's avatar  claudia 28/10/2013 11:48

Hi i hope you tried the liquid extract? I try capsules first and didnt see a difference as soon as i switched over to Liquid extract pure from the artics my symptoms disappeared for good! This really does work and my whole lige has improved!!!

johnny 's avatar  johnny 21/05/2013 13:33

smoke some crack

Victoria 's avatar  Victoria 23/10/2013 05:52

So immature ,considering crack will bring u to hell,real fast,loser

Justin 's avatar  Justin 08/04/2013 03:40

Doesnt work for everyone. Bad review

Cynthielle 's avatar  Cynthielle 01/05/2011 17:21

Rhodiola has significantly helped me manage fibromyalgia.

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cmr64 's avatar  cmr64 02/07/2014 02:21

My daughter also has Fibromyalgia...very badly. She is on disability because of it (also has Hypermobility Syndrome..another pain disorder) and Chron's. I was recommended this herb to help her with withdrawals when she tries to get off of her pain meds.

Val1357 's avatar  Val1357 09/04/2011 08:20

Can any tell me if there is any adverse side effect please.

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Jan Steinman 's avatar  Jan Steinman 15/12/2011 06:55

I would say it can enhance adverse side effects of other stimulants. I've cut my consumption of coffee, noticing that I'm more likely to get "the jitters" from coffee when I'm taking Rhodiola.

Cynthielle 's avatar  Cynthielle 01/05/2011 17:35

Just avoid taking it less than 2 hours before bedtime. The energy it gives might keep you up. Otherwise, get ready to enjoy a wonder of nature that is actually healing as it makes you feel better.

Martha Lidiap 's avatar  Martha Lidiap 14/04/2011 01:25

Natural stuff is good for you

Sylvia Meade 's avatar  Sylvia Meade 05/04/2011 01:56

Hello I would like to know is okay to take Vitamin Spplements with this and I am onn Thyroxin for an undercative thyroid, Is ther anything one should not with this Herb, Regards Sylvia

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jookky 's avatar  jookky 16/10/2013 22:03

do u take it i have thyroid problem2

Cynthielle 's avatar  Cynthielle 01/05/2011 17:33

Having taken Rhodiola for the past two years after having a lifelong sluggish thyroid condition, I can tell you it works---safely, quickly, naturally. Why take a synthetic drug with negative side effects when there is a natural alternative with nothing but added benefits for the rest of your body and mind? That's the question I pose to myself as I make sure I never run out.

C_chan2009 's avatar  C_chan2009 23/02/2011 21:50

I've been taking Rhodiola for about 2 weeks and I feel better than ever.
I noticed that after I took Rhodiola my sore throat disappeared and then
my cold was gone the next day!

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Bluedog 's avatar  Bluedog 24/01/2013 00:30

Help!! Are there prescription drugs that Rhodiola should not be taken with? I contacted my pharmcist and they had never heard of it.

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junior.miller0051 's avatar  junior.miller0051 10/05/2013 10:22

Yes, rhodiola could possibly react with antidepressants causing serotonin syndrome. There are several apps available to check drug interactions. You may want to obtain one as a guideline only because many herbal remedies have not been researched enough to know the different reactions. If your pharmacist doesn't know try a different one. Also, consult your primary care physician.

Julie reeves 's avatar  Julie reeves 29/10/2011 00:09

i take an antidepressent as well as an apirin a day. Would it be wise to take Rhodiola while still on these drugs

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Tanya 's avatar  Tanya 12/02/2015 05:42

No it is not safe to take antidepressent drugs and Rhodiola at the same time
(student herbalist)

d 's avatar  d 10/08/2014 19:43

Might depend on the class of antidepressant you're taking. Be careful.

Nikcuff 's avatar  Nikcuff 16/09/2011 22:52

This herb seemed to have a reverse affect on me.  After several days of taking the herb I experienced extended periods of being very irritable and angry, which is completely the opposite of my usual mood.  When I stopped takiing this herb most of these symptoms went away.  Obviously, this drug does not work for everyone.  I would not recommend it and I am very hesitant to take other herbs from the health food store.

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kerry 's avatar  kerry 03/04/2013 21:28

Hi thereI have suffered with anxiety for 5 years now. I have
only been taking Rhodiola Rosea for a few weeks. I brought it in powered
form. On the packet it said to take a grams worth.. when i did I
noticed my mood became lower and I had heart palpitations. In further
reading it suggests that i reduce the does and introduce it to my body
slowly.. so i am now taking 100mg in the morning and then maybe 100mg in
the evening. I am still experimenting with it but some days I feel
great.So i wondered what does you had taken?

lottie 's avatar  lottie 14/11/2013 20:39

if you suffer with anxiety, as i do, try bach herbs. Larch is a good one for confidence.

Jeanne 's avatar  Jeanne 04/06/2011 23:13

I suffer from fibromyalgia, and have been desperate to find medication which helps me, without nasty side-effects.  After trying several different drugs in varying combinations, i am now managing my fibro better with co-dydramol for the pain, amitriptyline at night for better sleep - and now i have discovered rhodiola rosea. My 'fibro-fogs' have gone, and I do not respond so badly to stressful situations as I used to.   It has definitely helped me be more in control of my life, and I have not had a panic attack since I started taking it.  It works in a  subtle but very effective way.   Give it a try - but you need to take it for a few days to a week, before you really begin to realise the difference it makes.   It works for me, i hope it works for you too.    Good luck.

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Betty McNeill 's avatar  Betty McNeill 07/10/2011 18:43

Hi Jeanne,  I also suffer from fibromyalgia and take amitriptyline for a better night sleep and chronic pain management.  I was wondering if you are still taking rhodiola?  If so, how are you finding things now?  Ideally, I'd like to get off of the amitriptyline, as I am at the top of the range allowed...plus, I get heart palpitations once in a while which the doctors says is a side-effect from the amitriptyline.  Hope to hear from you soon!  Have a great day <3.  Betty

Dominique Allmon 's avatar  Dominique Allmon 04/02/2011 01:04

Great article!
I take Rhodiola capsule and can only confirm their anti-stress action.

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Richard Lapi 's avatar  Richard Lapi 12/01/2011 01:53

"Lemon balm is a powerful antioxidant and it fights the free radicals which reduces the damage they cause. It is controls the function of thyroid gland.

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lottie 's avatar  lottie 07/03/2014 19:57

i love this effect of lemon balm with rhodiola

Patricia 's avatar  Patricia 11/09/2015 18:57

My child is 7 and has classic ADD, I do not want to treat her with stimulant pharmaceuticals. I read this is a good alternative along with L-Tyrosine and ginseng. I'm wondering what dosage I should give her?

Bookworm 's avatar  Bookworm 10/09/2015 13:53

I started taking rhodiola about 2 weeks ago. Absolutely miserable. So tired and foggy. I can't even think enough to write this note. I stopped my citilapram as well. No anxiety problems with stopping this time while taking rhodiola. Should I just brave it through. Thoughts?

M.Hughes 's avatar  M.Hughes 23/08/2015 06:49

I started to take Rhodiola to help with my albedo a couple of months ago. To my surprise it is working. It's only when I found other areas in my life have started to become easier I started to read more about the extract. All the areas it says it helps with were the exact symptoms I found easier. My anxiety, memory,energy and overall balance of my wellbeing has come together. I must be honest with you out there it was a last resort for me to take this and the added fact there are 'Hidden' benefits (for me) is just to good to be true. Putting the price of them in perspective was easy for me. A couple of bottles of wine over the weekend!!!!:-)) yes! Happy for a short period. Feel rough for the same period, sometimes longer. Loose time and don't want to do anything. The weekends gone. Now it's completely different. Feel energised, relaxed,assertive and aware And now I have noticed I am loosing weight. I feel much younger. Sorry a bit of a rant but If I get just a few people to try it I know I will have helped. Just wish I was on commission !!!!!!!!!!!!!! So enjoy life with your new best friend!!!:-)

Michelle 's avatar  Michelle 04/08/2015 17:03

I am thinking or starting to take Rhodiola, but am unsure of the brand to try and what should actually be in it...I don't want something with a bunch of additives. Any suggestions on a brand that does not contain a bunch of addivitives?

Ron Matt 's avatar  Ron Matt 23/07/2015 13:57

I have been an around the clock caregiver for my wife for these past 2-1/2 years. I slept on a couch in our bedroom and was always 'on call' to attend to her needs. She passed away in June and I have adjusted somewhat to not 'being on call 24/7'. However, the stress and anxiety continued to hang on. I heard about Rhodiola on a radio program and decided to give it a shot. It's only been a few days (I'm taking it in liquid form) The last few nights I've managed to sleep through the night for the first time in years, I don't even have to get up due to my prostate issues. There is something odd going on though. I've suffered from a ruptured disk for nearly 30 years. That means having a constant dull pain in my lower back that runs down my right leg. I've become so accustomed to it that I sort of block it out most of the time. Surprise, It's gone..or at least reduced considerably. I know that Rhodiola isn't prescribed for chronic pain, But for me, it appears to be treating it. Time will tell, but so far, so good

Gumshoe 's avatar  Gumshoe 18/06/2015 21:13

I have been taking Rhodiola for a few months and I have to say - it has changed my life. Well worth it!!

aileen  's avatar  aileen  09/03/2015 20:46

I have been taking rhodiola, in herb form, for about two weeks, and immediately noticed a big difference in my anxiety. I noticed a change within a couple hours of taking it. I take one in the morning, which keeps me level all day and then one at night for sleeping. I think you have to be sure that you are taking the type that contains min of 3% rosavins & 1% salidrosides for max. effectiveness.

Nicole 's avatar  Nicole 26/02/2015 22:49

Do you take it in powder form (capsules) or extract?

Jc wirral 's avatar  Jc wirral 26/02/2015 06:23

Am taking blood thinners and hi blood pressure medication is it safe to take Rhodiola as well. Had a bad experience with antidepressants

Blessed1 's avatar  Blessed1 13/02/2015 00:22

Hi, Has anyone taken Rhodiola while on Diabetic meds? I take 100mg Januvia and 10 mg Glipizide daily...some days I also take 25 mg HCTZ

jimmysky 's avatar  jimmysky 04/02/2015 22:55

Am considering taking rhodiola rosea. Have read articles both pro/con. Am 60 years old run 2 miles a day in good health, less having LDL slightly up. Have read that this herb helps. Please advise if you know.

Melinda 's avatar  Melinda 31/01/2015 03:31

Been taking rhodiola for 5 mths.It has proven very beneficial for the fatigue associated with perimenopause..helped with a knee and ankle injury.and has super charged my immune system..had my family all sick with flu at different times and have not gotten sick with even a cold. Great herb.

Francine Heykoop 's avatar  Francine Heykoop 31/01/2015 02:55

It helps me to sleep well at night! I don't have panics! It help me a lot!

Sonia  's avatar  Sonia  23/01/2015 17:31

I can't believe how well I feel after taking Rhodiola for just two weeks !!! I am waiting for appointment at ENT as I have a large goitre constricting my trachea and also solid mass of thyroid nodules . I am also having ongoing tests for fybromyalgia . Doctors just wanted to give me anti depressants ! I decided to go down the herbal route as I was very fatigued , felt low , couldn't sleep , joint aches and pains, nauseous . Generally felt unwell all the time . I now how more energy , sleeping better . I just feel as though my whole body is more balanced and revived . It's been like a miracle abd just what I needed when I thought I was never going to feel well again

erin 's avatar  erin 05/12/2014 18:41

I recently found out I am pregnant. 12 weeks and a day to be exact. I have adhd and I was advise by my doctor to stop taking my medication. I was taking adderal 20mg twice a day. now that it has been a few weeks i'm no longer having withdraw symptoms, but I will say I am not able to get anything done. im so scattered brain and Im so frustrated with myself. Anyway, Ive read to not take this while pregnant, but I was wondering if anyone has taken it while pregnant and if all was well with their pregnancy.

Jerry Snyder 's avatar  Jerry Snyder 04/11/2014 04:25

Do you know if this can be grown in a herb garden and used as a food ?

Maria Damis 's avatar  Maria Damis 22/10/2014 15:38

I take Ionix from Isagenix and it's amazing with the rhodiola.

Dillion 's avatar  Dillion 22/10/2014 01:08

I lost my sex drive when I took b calm

Mary 's avatar  Mary 17/10/2014 08:37

I have Crohn's disease and I am often exhausted from it. Rhodiola has
worked and is working for me. I have been taking it as an herbal liquid extract
twice a day for nearly three months now. My depression and anxiety that has
plagued me for years has completely GONE since I started taking it. I am
handling stressful situations much better, I am calmer, my concentration and memory
has improved, it has acted as an aphrodisiac :) and my energy levels are slowly improving. I do not know the brand. I was prescribed it by my herbalist. It is from a high potency and good quality practitioner-only range. I am ecstatically happy with
the results so far.

Shurik 's avatar  Shurik 15/10/2014 13:03

I had been diagnosed with irregular heart beats, had been taking medicines for blood pressure as well, I came across Rhodiola Rosea in super market in the food supplement section, one of the indication was it regulates blood sugar, so I purchased it for my pre diabetic problem, you believe or not after taking Rhodiola Rosea my heart beats became normal in two weeks. Thanks to Rhodiola Rosea.

Maria Damis 's avatar  Maria Damis 11/10/2014 13:31

Rhodiola is one of the ingredients in Ionix Supreme from Isagenix and is one of the best products. If anyone is interested please contact me at mariadamis22@gmail.com. Isagenix has changed my life and by the way, this website ROCKS!!!! Thanks for the great info!!!

jd 's avatar  jd 01/10/2014 04:22

Can you take when you are on estrogen and Zoloft? I had a hysterectomy and in menopause

Rose 's avatar  Rose 30/09/2014 20:38

Where are the references for this text?

skeptic 's avatar  skeptic 04/01/2015 00:18

That's the EXACT SAME question I had. Where are the frickin references?

Steph12 's avatar  Steph12 14/09/2014 16:54

I too have been taking rhodiola rosea for about three years. It calms me and I feel like I have more control with my emotions and anxiety. I've had people notice when I don't take it. I also take <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-ginkgo-biloba.html">ginkgo biloba</A> with it. The two for me really help my nerves. I can concentrate better and problem solve.

thinking-G 's avatar  thinking-G 17/10/2014 14:53

I've been on Ginkgo for a while now, and i am considering taking Rhodiala with it. How are the effects? do you notice a different from taking one alone compared to two?

Kristen 's avatar  Kristen 22/07/2014 05:57

I've been taking it for almost a week now. Very helpful and I also have hypothyroidism. As of now, I have no side effects interacting with my levothyroxine. Hope that helps clear things up for a couple of you.

kerry 's avatar  kerry 09/07/2014 12:04

Hello, My last post on hear was a year ago. I took Rhodiola for about 6 months everyday. 100mg in the morning as a tea with some honey and the same again in the evening. I had a great improvement in adapting to stressful situations. A year on I have also seen a NLP therapist and a hypnotist to also help me work with my anxiety. I am happy to tell you that I no longer suffer with anxiety.

I think we have to work on all levels of what we are to start heal. So diet, herbal remedies, working with the brain and also the spririt such as being in nature and being creative and alternative therapies. For me mental health is an inbalance in these things but it mostly stems from identifying too much with your own mind and personality and of course you own story (childhood family problems and belief systems) and not looking at the other aspects of what you are. Over the last 5 years that i have suffered with anxiety I have also done Rieki, Keniseology, EFT, CBT... all of which have helped me on my journey.

I would recommend Rhodiola but know that it will not cure you, but it will aid in helping your body to adapt and cope when you do get to that stressful moment. It seemed to take about two to three weeks for it to start working with my body. I could feel a lightness where I had previously felt heavy. But as I have mentioned you need to do other things alongside if you want to change and to heal.

Jackie White 's avatar  Jackie White 07/07/2014 18:38

Love Rhodiola for Anxiety. Give me a calm relaxed feel. Been using a Siberian Rhodiola rosea from Perfect Supplements. Went with them because it was freeze dried.

ArlingtonVA's Finest 's avatar  ArlingtonVA's Finest 23/06/2014 19:45

Rhodiola makes me drowsy. Which makes perfect logical sense, since it lowers cortisol. All you people who claim rhodiola rosea gives you an "energy boost" are either idiots, liars, spammers trying to sell rhodiola on the internet, or are simply fooled by a placebo effect taking place inside your mind.

Even bigger idiots are the people who take rhodiola supplements, but drink coffee at the same time. Which pretty much defeats the entire purpose of consuming an herb whose sole purpose is to lower cortisol and blood pressure levels, which subsequently lowers stress levels, and thus CALMS you down. With caffeine having the exact OPPOSITE effect, which raises cortisol, blood pressure, and anxiety levels.

Vasile Stana 's avatar  Vasile Stana 30/08/2015 03:12

I agree Arlington. This p.o.s. supplement gets me very tired and very sleepy. I threw it away:)

Alicia  's avatar  Alicia  16/07/2015 02:28

When a person experiences many stressors and anxiety they do increase usage of cortisol and cortisol stores and then the body starts to use up hormones in place of cortisol causing constant deficits in both and for many affecting the thyroid. Rhodiola helps lower Cortisol usage and stabilize the way the body manages stressors therefore a person experiencing fatigue, anxiety and mental fog can really benefit. Have you had blood tests to confirm your body even needs this herb? Really you should have hormones, thyroid and adrenals tested before deciding this drug is for you!

tedS 's avatar  tedS 25/11/2014 16:23

Yes, your one experience proves you correct and that the herb is a farce. You are such a cop! Narrow minded and always right. Pathetic.

Ezy 's avatar  Ezy 05/03/2014 09:24

hello.. can any one tell me when is best time to take it morning or before sleep. what is better to use tablet/supplement or buy the dried flower. i do not take any medication except PB small dose. Can i mix with Ashwaganda

Ezy 's avatar  Ezy 05/03/2014 09:21

hello every one i have serious problem sleeping, and worry too much any good solid advise. please help or email too

kerry 's avatar  kerry 07/02/2014 19:57

Hi Vicky
It does ot increase your anxiety unless you take the wrong does - If you take a does to high it can give you heart palpitations. I took about 150 to 200 mg a day. But start off with 100mg and build up. It is has helped my anxiety stop.

vicky 's avatar  vicky 07/02/2014 19:51

Hello there. I brought rhodiola rosea for anxiety but not sure whether to take it as iv read that it can increase your anxiety. Any views on what to do.
Thank you

lottie 's avatar  lottie 07/03/2014 20:11

if your already anxious like with me it made me overly anxious but i took other herbs with it to conteract this feeling. Like lemon balm and bach herbs (flower essence)

Sherri Wilhite Esau 's avatar  Sherri Wilhite Esau 15/01/2014 01:24

What is the best brand to buy?

TinLizzy 's avatar  TinLizzy 14/01/2014 23:28

Has anyone ever heard of Rhodiola Rosea helping people with MS ?

Conchitalee 's avatar  Conchitalee 28/01/2014 15:21

Yes, i started taking it 3 days ago. I suffer from an unclear head and fatigue and the former has definitely improved. I haven't noticed (yet) a reduction in my fatigue.

CatMurph 's avatar  CatMurph 10/01/2014 10:17

I have been taking this herb on and off several times in my life and have found it to be fantastic. When in times of stress, as in university exams, divorce etc this root has helped me to cope. Someone first described it to me as this, when anxieties are rising, this herb will stop the anxiety from spinning out of control. It really feels this way for me, I can think clearly and not get caught up in a situation.

Skippy 's avatar  Skippy 31/12/2013 04:40

I have taken Rhodiola (Natures Plus Extended Release 1000mg) for a year now. Last winter I had terrible SAD (seasonal affective disorder), this year... not one bit. I actually enjoyed Christmas. Also, a few weeks ago I ran out of Rhodiola, my heart started skipping beats again, then realized it was because I hadn't taken it in 2-3 days. Rhodiola also regulates heartbeats.

susan 's avatar  susan 12/12/2013 17:37

Hello. I tried Rhodiola for first time my brother recommended, I was skeptical but It worked wonders, I was able to handle stress and able to sleep better, I tried Pure Health Rhodiola from Walmart. I ran out of it, I am overseas and I am trying to get it here, because is essential for my anxiety and stress.

Catherine 's avatar  Catherine 08/12/2013 22:49

I buy rhodiola separately from the other supplements that I use. I buy the herbs in bulk form and use them in a tea.. or whatever.

surender 's avatar  surender 07/12/2013 06:50

Hey !!! buddies ,

Can u tell me please how to use rhodiola for racing purpose and its works or not.... tell me.... please i m waiting for your answer... please

K 's avatar  K 03/12/2013 19:19

Has anyone noticed high blood pressure? Taking 240 mg/day for more than a year with good results but now have to stop in case it's the cause.Usually my BP is low normal.

Lee 's avatar  Lee 29/10/2013 13:30

Hi. iv started taking Rhodiola Rosea a week ago for severe anxiety & depression which iv had for the last 15 years. Im on antidepressions but find no relief from them. Iv also tried acurpunture,recki,hynophises etc.you name it & iv tried it. this is definatly my last hope. Does it really work & when should i start feeling the benefits of it. I cant go outside,if i do iv to go home immediately..iv no life to be honest. Anyone chat to me please?

susyflorbella 's avatar  susyflorbella 15/02/2014 06:56

Lee. I suffer from anxiety and depression too, ,Please don't lose hope. Rhodiola it work wonders. Give it a try for a month, Try GAIA brand, (little more expensive but I think is one of the best) you can find it on VITACOST online, that website has all natural medicine and more for affordable prices. You have to try also, all the BACH natural remedies for anxiety and depression. Also I have tried the complex L-THEANINE SERENE with GABA and RELORA has 500 mg of MAGNESIUM, that complex had helped me with my anxiety so well that I never went back to ATIVAN,,,all that pharma will kill you slowly..Good luck.

Catherine  's avatar  Catherine  14/02/2014 18:36

Please let me know how this works for you, I suffer from some of the same issues and have just started the acupuncture approach to sleep, anxiety, and depression issues. I researching this herb and would love to be able to have my life back. Good luck to you

Just Fyi 's avatar  Just Fyi 10/10/2013 16:52

I started taking this a few months ago, I stopped and started a few times. The pill I take is mixed with B complex. Unexpectedly my libido has approximately doubled when I take Rhodilia. I thought I was just getting frisky because of spring/summer time lol but no I started up again a few days ago and I immediately felt the effect. It's just really unexpected but not problematic.

Mary 's avatar  Mary 17/10/2014 09:11

JUST FYI. I have had the same result. I have been feeling very frisky
since I started taking Rhodiola too. :) ;) Been reading up about it, and found is an adaptogen which works on the hormones and especially helps Adrenal Gland Fatigue. Rhodiola has been known for thousands of years as a powerful aphrodisiac. I read that: It has been documented as far back as 77 A.D. and is reported to have been used by Vikings and Chinese Emperors to improve their sexual stamina. Also read that: Rhodiola is a powerful adaptogen and is often taken as a tonic to promote the overall health and well-being of the body and mind. It reduces stress and can help restore ones nervous system after periods of exhaustion and can also help in regaining strength after illness. Rhodiola reduces fatigue and has anti-depressant properties. Rhodiola has a slightly stimulating effect and increases concentration. It is often used in cases where increased mental or physical performance is needed, and also used in athletics for increased energy and endurance........personally I think it is the BEST herb I have ever taken. It has done ALL this and more for me. I get mine from my herbalist. It is in liquid form and is high potency and from a practitioner-only range which means it is of a superior quality that has been extensively tested and quality controlled during the manufacture process. It is quite expensive, but I don't mind because it has changed my life for the better.

lee  's avatar  lee  27/09/2013 01:07

Hello, my doctor put me on Rhodiola Rosea over 2 years ago. He said I had high cortisol from adrenal stress. I have been chronically tired the past two months and not able to get over the extreme fatigue. I was told today by a nutritionist that I must STOP Rhodiola now as it speeds up cellular nervous system and that has now contributed to my fatigue! He had me purchase skullcap to soothe my nerves.

lottie 's avatar  lottie 14/11/2013 20:48

take a break from the rhodiola then go back on it in 6 weeks

myriam 's avatar  myriam 07/08/2013 21:58

combien prendre de gouttes en extrait le matin et le soir ??

suzy 's avatar  suzy 10/07/2013 15:12

i started taking rosea a couple yrs ago when i was on very bad low. i had several problems and was at my wits end . i was advised to take it and i have never looked back since i recomend anyone to try them . i would over ride any antidepressants from docs with this although it is advisable to seek advice if you stop taking anything you are already on

Helen  's avatar  Helen  15/06/2013 10:52

I have been taking rhodiola for a week and love the effect. After years and years battling anxiety and depression I thought I have found a way. the only problem is that my bowels have pretty much stopped since I started. Anyone else had this problem? I do not want to stop taking this which is the first thing that has worked. Blessings from helen

Danny 's avatar  Danny 23/05/2013 23:36

I have no history of aniety or depression but I do lack focus and energy. I was taking Nature's Way brand for a month, two times a day ( 250mg 3%/1%). Immediately felt a difference in mood, focus, energy and clarity in thought. I'm a coffe drinker and would advise not to consume too much coffee while taking rhodiola as it gave me heart palpitations. Although you could be different. Towards the end of the bottle the results were less profound which was disappointing. I've since switched to the brand Gaia (240mg 12mg rosavins) and find it much more potent and longer lasting. So far I'm very happy with results! Another good supplement that compliments Rhodiola is Oatstraw or Oat seed (avena sativa). They work amazingly well together and I feel, vastly improve cognitive abilities.

lottie 's avatar  lottie 14/11/2013 20:51

im taking it for nearly the same things, mental clarity, anti depressive qualities, optimism, communication skills etc FSC is good for what you like, just saying and you get good bang for your buck only £7

Dan 's avatar  Dan 20/03/2013 07:00

A few years ago I purchased raw rhodiola powder- and it came in two pound sacks. What am I suppose to do with it. It wont mix in smoothies because of the tastes. I tried brewing it like tea. Should I buy bulk capsules. Swallowing it raw had made me puke.

Jan Steinman 's avatar  Jan Steinman 20/03/2013 15:55

I agree, the powder is difficult. I put it in tea, but it was gritty in the bottom of the mug. I'd go with caps.

Where did you get it powdered?

B 's avatar  B 11/03/2013 04:11

Have been taking for about a week or 2. I seem to be losing weight, but not sure why as I made several lifestyle changes.

But, one day a friend mistakenly put 2-3x the dosage in our juices (usual ingredients: Apple juice, Kale, 1 flat teaspoon Rhodiola). I drank it anyway thinking it couldn't be that bad.

I had trouble sleeping that night and woke up with chest pains the next day.

Are these things related? Or was it just the lack of sleep that led to the tired heart feeling? Felt much better after some excercise, but still feel a slight tension in my chest.

Sai 's avatar  Sai 11/03/2013 03:03

Rhodiola '!!! Wow!!! It's really a marvellous herb,in deed.Its effects are fast seen in just about an hour. I have seen day long concentration,active ness,good night sleep,positive and happy mental mood,slimming,stamina.People interested in these health areas should try this herb and post their experience here,so that I wish one day people are all healthy and they',make living on this earth',a Happy thing.Please mind to eat nonveg only in the week ends,so that we don't tax our system too ruthlessly.

tooleey 's avatar  tooleey 07/03/2013 16:56

Can you take Rhodiola with 5-HTP?

lucy 's avatar  lucy 04/03/2013 16:56

Oh and no improvement on mood or energy either!

lucy 's avatar  lucy 04/03/2013 16:56

I have taken this for 20 days now with absolutely no effect on sleep, stress or anxiety. So will not be re purchasing after it runs out in 10 days. Might help other people though, all our bodies are different.

kerry 's avatar  kerry 03/04/2013 21:29

Hi thereI have suffered with anxiety for 5 years now. I have
only been taking Rhodiola Rosea for a few weeks. I brought it in powered
form. On the packet it said to take a grams worth.. when i did I
noticed my mood became lower and I had heart palpitations. In further
reading it suggests that i reduce the does and introduce it to my body
slowly.. so i am now taking 100mg in the morning and then maybe 100mg in
the evening. I am still experimenting with it but some days I feel
great. I wondered what does you took? Thanks.

adi 's avatar  adi 27/07/2014 23:23

Hi.How are you getting on with the powder form now.I have been advised to take 1gram per day once a day and have been flg great apart from.the odd bout of palpatations!

How much should i cut the powdee down by?thanks

kerry 's avatar  kerry 28/07/2014 07:40

Hello Adi, I stopped taking the powder after 6 months. Yes i think you should start off on a lower dose and build it up as 1Gram gave me palpitations too. I no longer suffer with anxiety - the occasional body memory of anxiety. I continued to take 100mg in the morning and 100mg in the evening but I am only 8st and 5 foot 7 inches in height. I worked with CBT, NLP, counselling, Rieki along side taking it. I think you have to listen to your body and experiment with lower amounts. Se how your mood is on lower amounts until you get to a comfortable place giving you enough that it helps reduce the feelings of worry but not too much that your body is stressed and palpitating. I hope this helps.

Tiki 's avatar  Tiki 19/05/2015 19:41

Hello, I am taking 40mg of Prozac and I was wondering If I can take Rhodiola. I would really love to try it.

Math 's avatar  Math 30/08/2015 23:05

No. My psychiatrist told me not to take both at the same time. I am down to 10mg Prozac. Started Rhodiola 100mg, while taking prozac EV other day, to cycle off. Now up to 200mg Rhodiola, and will be disc Prozac, altogether. Rhodiola is like turning the lights back on in my "dark house" of depression. It also has knocked my pain down from #5 to #3. Feel like I have hope!

Math 's avatar  Math 22/09/2015 01:33

Would like to give an update. Stopped EV other day Prozac with no problems. After one week off of Prozac and on the 100 mg of Rhodiola rosea twice a day, the only thing I can say is my fatigue went away! I've been on antidepressants for so long I've forgotten what it feels like NOT to have the overwhelming fatigue. I also was put on Carlson's lemon <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-fish-oil.html">fish oil</A>, <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-vitamin-b.html">Vit B6, B12</A>, <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-vitamin-d.html">D3</A>, <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-magnesium.html">Magnesium</A>, <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-vitamin-k.html">Vit K2</A> (MK7) and a good multivitamin by an integrative doctor. I also went gluten and dairy free. It all plays a part in healing my body and my mind. The rhodiola was the biggest positive change for me.

Wendy Hayward 's avatar  Wendy Hayward 24/03/2013 17:55

what dose are you taking??

Paul 's avatar  Paul 12/02/2013 21:13

Rhodiola is a miracle plant. Within hours of my first dose, I was feeling myself again...focused, energetic and content. I can't recommend this herb enough if you are feeling flat and off your game. It is far superior to pharmaceuticals with none of the side effects.

Jeannieblueys 's avatar  Jeannieblueys 02/02/2013 23:36

I originally took rhodiola root for jet lag and it was amazing it worked and I didn't suffer jet lag at all travelling to and from Australia.
I also suffer from depression and SAD si I decided to try it again,after one day I can feel the difference,thank goodness for Rhodiola.

Sam 's avatar  Sam 02/02/2013 08:51

I have been taking one 500mg Rhodiola Root extract now for three weeks. I take it first thing in the morning with my breakfast. I have been on and off anti depressants for 16 years and didn't want to take them anymore. I was having major anxiety, sleeplessness, depression and was v unhappy. I was also over eating. Now after three weeks, but noticed a change within two days, I feel normal, balanced and happy. I can think straight, am not over eating anymore and want to participate again. My creativity has come back too and am laughing again. I highly highly recommend. A chance Dr Oz show put me onto this wonderful herb. My instructions state take upto 8 weeks and then have a month break before commencing again. I don't why it says this, but will follow its instructions.

lottie 's avatar  lottie 07/03/2014 20:09

if you don't have a break you can get hyperactive and perhaps you will get tolerant to it

leslie 's avatar  leslie 02/01/2013 23:52

can you take lemon balm and Rhodiola together.

lottie 's avatar  lottie 14/11/2013 20:45

try larch by bach herbs with the rhodiola, they go wonders together

lottie 's avatar  lottie 14/11/2013 20:40

i have done and i had no bad side effects

Charles Livingstone Manohar 's avatar  Charles Livingstone Manohar 14/11/2012 02:25

I did a research study on this GOLDEN ROOT and have come to a conclusion that it relieves people from STRESS.. Yep, you can go for it... Charles Livingstone Manohar ( INDIA )

Sunil 's avatar  Sunil 06/12/2012 05:36

Can you tell me where it is available in India/ by which brand. Because I am unable to find it on websites pl. let me know on sun_doiphode@yahoo.com

E.D. 's avatar  E.D. 30/10/2012 13:06

I started taking rhodiola about 8 months ago for crippling anxiety...I had become unable to be inside for long periods of time without feeling like I couldn't breathe...I would be constantly having to step outside to get some air...as such I couldn't hold down a job and was living at home with little hope of getting out. I noticed a difference the first night I started taking rhodiola, I was able to stay inside through a whole TV show without feeling anxious or short of breath. I was able to get a job and I depend on rhodiola now to help me cope with stress. I take a high dosage, 500-1000mg a day, which I worked up to from 250 mg a day to start. I have no noticeable negative side effects. I recommend rhodiola to anyone looking for a natural cure for anxiety. It makes you feel calm and able to tackle situations that arise, instead of feeling hopeless and overwhelmed.

Beth H. 's avatar  Beth H. 24/10/2012 22:08

I have been taking Adrecor for treatment of hypothyroidism...and am very pleased with the results. When I ran out, I noticed an immediate feeling of fatigue and was anxious and depressed. I even look stressed and tired. After about two months of use, my friends constantly commented on my healthy glow. I am 53 and have celiac disease. My life was super stressful for the last 30 years, which took a toll on my health. The last three years I have been treating my high cholesterol naturally and eating much healthier. I also do Yoga and have eliminated much of the stress in my life. I was feeling pretty good, but am feeling extremely good since taking Adrecor. I highly recommend this product that contains Rhodiola and B vitamins.

Litgirl828 's avatar  Litgirl828 25/07/2012 00:58

I am hypothyroid and just started taking Rhodiola.  I feel worse the last few days than I have in years.  Absolutely exhausted, burning eyes, cloudy head, weak muscles, constipated (sorry!), and unable to function normally.  I even lowered the dose to see if that would give that extra umph of energy I keep hearing about.  Nope.  I feel tired in my chest, and I can hear my heart beating in my ears.  I feel worse than I did before starting my prescribed thyroid med.

adlbrk 's avatar  adlbrk 08/12/2013 03:07

That is probably because it is over suppressing your thyroid with its interaction witht the thyroid medication. You probably dont need the thyroid medication while on rhodiolla/relora but check with a naturopath first. You endocrinologist moat likely will not know and will advocate only the thyroid medication.

Stanislav 's avatar  Stanislav 19/04/2015 10:21

That is because you are taking too much of it. Do not take more than 1/4 of the capsule if it is standardized extract.

Shirleys@iconz.co.nz 's avatar  Shirleys@iconz.co.nz 14/07/2012 04:12

While taking Rhodiola I noticed my blood pressure came down to the extent that I felt quite dizzy and found I had to cut down on the dosage I was taking, which was 1.0g mixed with multivitamin B.

lavenderpatch 's avatar  lavenderpatch 11/07/2012 19:19

My name is Pam and I started taking Rhoiola just over a month ago.  It has made me feel like me again - able to smile and feel genuinely happy inside.  I've been on depression meds for just over a year and have felt so flat line and I hate it.  Other benefits I've noticed from Rhodiola Rosea is better sleep, not requiring as much sleep, not feeling as easily mentally exhausted, not as easily stressed out, not consumed by stressful things, more spontaneous and free to enjoy life, and as above mentioned - actually happy and able to smile without force!  I have been taking it through recommendation from my naturopath and am on the brand Cyto-Matrix, taking a morning and afternoon dose of 150mg.  I've been taking it in correlation with Chelidonium Plex, which is an adrenal glad support - helping my liver to process my depression meds better.  I feel revived and like I can make plans for the future and actually enjoy the little things day to day.

Horseshoe9 's avatar  Horseshoe9 13/06/2012 11:34

After several weeks of various doses of Rhodiola I found what seemed to be an association with increased eye-floaters.  Has anyone else noticed this?  I have discontinued taking it for awhile.

Maddie Tiki 's avatar  Maddie Tiki 05/06/2012 13:25

I started taking 1000mg of Rhodiola - slow release- about 3 months ago and suplement it with 5HTP - with excellent results for stress!!

Horseshoe9 's avatar  Horseshoe9 12/04/2012 01:06

Started rhodiola 500 mg extract a week ago--major noticable mood improvement even after cutting antidepressant in half.  Also have lost 5 lbs which wasn't expecting, although it may be water weight.  My BP and heart rate are also down slightly.  My wife is  taking it with hopes to cut stress cortisol of which she has some physical symptoms.  Plan to have my son try it to help reduce his work stress level.

Gedion  's avatar  Gedion  14/03/2012 13:28

after biking about 100k i took Rhodiola.the result is amazing.also the next morning I didn't feel the usual sore muscle.

roxanne 's avatar  roxanne 13/11/2011 00:00

\i really want to try rhodiola. but i dont know if its going to work for me. .i really feel so sad al the time always angry with everyone . please help do you think rhodiola is good for me

Horseshoe9 's avatar  Horseshoe9 12/04/2012 22:47

roxanne...only you can determine if it works, but don't continue to live with depression when any reliable md can give you help.

Lizziebeth 's avatar  Lizziebeth 24/10/2011 14:39

how long can you continue to use rhodiola for

lottie 's avatar  lottie 07/03/2014 20:00

i have taken rhodiola for 7 years and had breaks inbetween and its still works

Meghanjoy 's avatar  Meghanjoy 16/07/2011 21:43

Yes Rhodiola has helped alot the natural way is the way to go... :) i suffered from hypothyroid, and synthetic things really are not the way to go. the body is made to adapt to its natural substances . Basically if we all ate a perfect diet, the thyroid issues and depression and mental issues would not be a problem because the healthy diet would take place, but living in a society that we do, healthy diets is almost impossible to achieve . so thank goodness for the vitamins that substitute what our body needs, due to the lack of nutrients that we get in our diets....

preggybelly 's avatar  preggybelly 13/06/2011 18:48

i am  6 1/2 months pregnant,and suffer from anxiety,I dont want to take any meds,was wondering if anyone has taken this while being pregnant

d12know 's avatar  d12know 21/08/2013 22:41

Hi Preggybelly!! There is a tea which is good for infants and will work well with mothers-to-be as well called Rooibos Tea. It is great for relieving anxiety as well as being given to infants for colic. This may be a great alternative since all of nature are God-given remedies I disagree with Shar overall. We are not made to stop eating and drinking while pregnant. Everything we need is already given. Congrats and be blessed.

By the way, the green tea is much better for your anxiety than the red tea. It comes in both colors. The green rooibos tea is much healthier for you and it naturally has no caffeine.

Shar 's avatar  Shar 12/06/2013 18:40

The standard rule is no herbs in pregnancy because they are not well studied...I have seen this is safe in pregnancy and lactation. Long term use is unknown....and caution with other psychotropic meds and Coumadin. The choice is yours...I don't like any herbs in pregnancy, but I am just giving you the information.

DianneP 's avatar  DianneP 30/11/2014 00:50

come to think of it, try cutting back on prepackaged food unnatural chemicals
including any domestic animal and fish made to eat unnatural foods and held in cages

 Joannie 's avatar  Joannie 09/05/2011 00:23

I take rhodiola rosea for extreme fatigue due to stress and recovering from an automobile accident. Rhodiola was recommended by a professional and I noticed a welcomed calming effect within an hour resulting in productive energy and well-being in a few days, even though I have read in literature that this medicinal herb isn't for everybody.

Evee 's avatar  Evee 14/04/2011 17:20

would it be safe to take along with ESSIAC ?

herbhead 's avatar  herbhead 16/06/2011 15:04

Just started taking Rhodiola.  Can't tell if it is working and not sure what to look/feel for.  I take it with my morning soy latte.  Not sure if it is the espresso or the herb that is giving me my boost.  

Rachel 's avatar  Rachel 02/07/2011 04:22

Hi , Just started taking Rhodiola about 3 weeks ago and feel incredible. Its specially helped me with the fatigue and keeps me more energetic. After reading the comments about the herb not interacting with Thyroid medicine on this page, I decided to give it a try as I also have underactive thyroid gland. Thanks for all who posted comments here.

Johna Manning 's avatar  Johna Manning 01/05/2012 21:18

Hi, does this boost you're sex drive?

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Tricia 's avatar  Tricia 07/11/2012 21:55

in my late 30's (2-3 years ago) i was taking 300mg of Rhodiola. I was taking it for a few months....For some reason I became a very sexual person...I wasn't sure why but I began to think it was because of the Rhodiola ... I am also a female. Rhodiola is noted for doing this for men, but I believe it can for the females too. I started to take it again starting today...lets see what happens, I am on it to see if i can loose some belly fat because it turns the adipose fat tissues into energy and now that i have reached my 40's, i am looking for sexual energy as well as brain energy for the gym and the last time I used Rhodiola....I saw my abdominal six pack...hoping to see it again. I don't really remember why I stopped using it back then, but I do remember being in a depressed state (which helped me) and it's possible I felt I didn't need it anymore. Hope this post helps others. :) Thank you.

tierra 's avatar  tierra 15/11/2012 22:30

Where can I get it from? Did u order it?

Sam 's avatar  Sam 02/02/2013 08:54

Am not sure which country you're in, but if you're in the UK go to Chemist Direct online pharmacy they sell 500mg Rhodiola Root Extract quite inexpensively. They deliver next day too.