Saw Palmetto Reviews (Serona Repens)

glendacheng 's avatar  glendacheng 11/11/2010 17:28

Are there any side effects if males take high doses of saw palmetto?

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Windchaser_8 's avatar  Windchaser_8 24/05/2011 00:41

what are the bennifits for women taking saw palmetto,have  hair loss, bad thyroid and other probs,IBS joint probs, fibromyaliga, lupus. U name it I got it.?

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Navygirlsrfun 's avatar  Navygirlsrfun 21/09/2010 04:18

Saw Palmetto all but stopped the hot flashes I was having. The flashes were quite bothersome for several months, but not super-severe. However, saw palmetto curbed those flashes and completely stopped the night sweats. Oh, and it kick started my libido. I love saw palmetto!

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Greatgranny123 's avatar  Greatgranny123 20/02/2011 20:32 ur reply for sawpalmetto. Very interested in help with my hot flashes. Had them for years. I am going to try this. Did u take it in capsule form and how many a day?

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sainath 's avatar  sainath 24/04/2014 06:57

I am taking 250mg of Saw Palmetto every day. Can anyone tell me does it effect testosterone and cause problems in generating sperm? I read many articles but it is not clear whether it effects or not.

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Darren Smith 's avatar  Darren Smith 07/01/2015 08:14

Yes saw palmetto have great effects on testosterone levels. I am using it from 6 months and it delivers me what i want.

Shay  's avatar  Shay  28/02/2011 13:04

I've been taking 3 160 mg soft gels of saw palmetto and 2000 mg of pumpkin seed oil per day for 6 months. Now I find that getting up at night have been reduced from 3 times a night to 1. My bladder empties more completely and I'm just generally more comfortable.

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Blank 's avatar  Blank 23/03/2011 21:17

Its been good for my bladder, I began taking it so that I could sleep more than 6 hours without needing to pee.

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Mohsin 's avatar  Mohsin 28/02/2012 15:34

just three days back at night when i went for urine out in bathroom first it was normal flow but suddenly at last time of urine flow decreased very slow and so on iam still having such problem of very short flow of urine when required. next day i went to doctor who advised me ultrasound and prostate gland which are normal in all respect but in urine dr test there is red cells are 10-12, proteins are 30 and leukocytes are my age is 51 years male.kindly suggest me that saw palmetto is fruitful for my normal urine flow?  v

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Stufly36 's avatar  Stufly36 27/11/2010 00:03

Yes..I had pain for weeks during my last prostate episode (during chemo) and after a few day of 2 tablets a day no pain and no getting up every 3 hours to go to the bathroom. I sleep 5 to 6 hours now and no pain.

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Miz Lipz 's avatar  Miz Lipz 06/05/2015 23:29

Purchased the GNC Prostate for my husband, and it did not work. Our Doctor recommended the Dr. Max Powers Prostate Support supplements, and he said it is working so much better. A little more expensive but like the old saying goes YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. So He would recommend the Dr Max Powers brand Prostate supplements over the GHC ones.

BJ 's avatar  BJ 23/12/2014 01:39

I've used SP for about a year and it seems to have lessened my frequent trips to the bathroom. The last few months though I've had difficulty sleeping due to a sensation of heat and sweating in the groin area. I stopped taking the pills a few days ago and there is definitely a welcomed return to normal. If this lasts I will never again use SP.

Anton 's avatar  Anton 10/12/2012 20:54

There are so many people out there lying saying this doesn't work.I had issues on the urination tip.Because I was experiencing an enlarged prostate it helped me the first day and I plan on taking it as long s it helps me .

Sparrow 549 's avatar  Sparrow 549 06/09/2012 19:14

Saw Palmetto is great! My husband has taken one 160 mg. supplement a day for a few years for prostate issues and only has to get up to pee once each night. I've experienced symptoms of hormonal imbalance all my adult life such as: oily skin, acne, hair loss, possibly bone loss and in the last year hot flashes and night sweats. After some research I decided to try taking the same pills my husband takes for my hair loss. It's only been two weeks, but I've already noticed my skin is less oily, my acne has improved, the hot flashes are nearly gone, and my libido seems to be returning. Hair takes more time to tell. I take two 160 mg. pills of saw palmetto (berry) oil extract a day.

Orloffcindy 's avatar  Orloffcindy 23/07/2011 15:11

I have hot flashes all night long, they keep me awake, last for almost 1-2 minutes at a time. Sure hope this stuff works for me, worth the try, can't stand sweating so much especially during these hot humid summer days. 

Mohsin_rashdi 's avatar  Mohsin_rashdi 28/02/2012 15:41

i have very slow flow of urine pass  this happening on normal urine pass at the end of urine last night and still low urine pass please suggest that saw palmetto is helpful ?