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Apricot & Peach Kernels Benefits

Apricot and Peach Kernels Represent Powerful Herbal Supplementation Practiced In Skincare And Diet.

Apricots and peaches provide reputable sources of vital vitamins. They have sufficient vitamin A (beta-carotene), vitamin C (ascorbic acid), iron, calcium, potassium, and phosphorus. Apricots and peaches are among nature's gifts to promote wellness.

People from the eastern hemisphere have a tremendous regard for apricots and peaches in their cooking. These popular fruits have roots that can be traced to Armenia. However, it seems the peach tree may be inherent to China from several centuries earlier. The broad-leafed peach tree came to the northwestern portion of the globe in the late 1600s. In order to raise peaches in less temperate climates, the peach tree must be maintained to no more than 13 feet tall. It flourishes in relatively warm climates, and it can soar to over 25 feet in height. Peach trees can be distinguished by their pink-lavender blooms and satiny, extended greenish leaves.

The apricot features a rich golden color in a firm, polished, modest-sized fruit. The apricot has a seed or kernel in its core. The peach's skin has a smooth, indistinct texture. The peach can be characteristed by its yellow-orange hue and pit also called the kernel. The apricot kernel can be pressed into a base oil, and this substance can be applied in skincare products and foods. For example, sweet almond-flavoured liqueurs can be used in the preparation of Moroccan and Asian cuisine or cocktails, such as the amaretto sour. Once ripe, apricots and peaches expend alluring characteristics and aromas to arouse the palate.

Working as a base combined with essential oils, apricot kernel oil represents a well-known additive in skincare products. Apricot kernel oil absorbs into the skin without imparting a greasy feeling. Moreover, it complements all skin types with ease. Individuals with combination or oily skin will find apricot kernel oil to be gentle, and it does not clog pores. Individuals who struggle with dull, flaky skin will realize that apricot kernel oil sustains the skin's natural moisture balance and provides the appearance of more youthful visual aspects.

Apricot kernel oil comprises the principal fatty acids oleic and linoleic acid, and these fatty acids are responsible for the high levels of vitamins A and E found in the kernel (antioxidants). Apricot kernel oil may be used to calm skin irritations keeping the surface of the skin subtle. Apricot kernel oil can be purchased in creams, massage oils, exfoliants, scrubs, lotions, and balms, and even in some soaps. In health food stores, one can purchase food-grade apricot kernel oil to be enjoyed on a fresh salad or other favorite foods. As a daily nutritional supplement, apricot kernel oil can be expensive, so it may not be the best choice in food preparation customarily, although, the high concentration of essential fatty acids contained in it makes it indispensable.

Since apricot kernel oil tends to be cold pressed, it maintains the top grade potency. Even though it is a more elaborate process, cold-pressed apricot kernel oil has more flavor. Heat can destory the quality of apricot kernet oil. Presently, there may not be sufficient laws to oversee the processing of apricot kernel oil. From one location to another, the rules can vary, so product labeling may be undefinable or ambiguous. When it comes to topical or digestible herbal products, a smart consumer needs to practice reading labels. Genuine apricot kernel oil can be identifiable by its affluent coloring and intense fragrance.

Peach kernels can be harvested for their medicinal properties. As do apricots, peach kernels warrant the same safeguards and recommendations to avoid poor quality and the potential for exposure to high-toxicity vulnerability from over use. Most commonly, vitamin supplements contain apricot kernels that promote healthy blood flow and prevent occasional irregularity. Additionally, peach kernels are thought to relieve symptoms associated with female complaints such as uterine fibroids, heavy bleeding, bloating, irregular menstrual cycles or fatigue. Regular use of peach kernel supplementation can avert symptoms entirely.

Practiced as a nutritional supplement, apricot and peach kernels ensure curative benefits wanted for glowing skin and the reduction of various female maladies.

Apricot & Peach Kernels Herb Notes / Side Effects

Because of the mildly toxic nature of the kernel subsequent to prolonged usage, some individuals have encountered symptoms that range from severe headaches to heart palpitations. Persons experiencing unusual ailments should cease using this kernel oil and consult their doctor immediately. Lengthened exposure may result in life-threatening toxicity levels that may lead to respiratory distress and/or coronary insufficiency. Lactating or pregnant women should refrain from using herbal remedies.

It is necessary to avoid overuse of apricot and peach kernels to avoid any adverse side effects. Always consider the use of these and any herbal medicinals with a medical professional.

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peterbernhard 's avatar  peterbernhard 11/03/2014 19:26

That is exactly my way to explaind why apricot and peach kernals are commonly held for a "forbidden" fruit. Can you explain what you mean by "pasteurized"? Where can I read about your research?

wholefoodie1 's avatar  wholefoodie1 24/08/2012 16:42

I use both the oil and the whole apricot, kernal and all. The oil is very good and reduces lines on my dry skin. The kernals are consumed with the cots. No side effects.... Well one, it lowers my blood pressure. I feel great. I don't consume them year round, just when they are in season.

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Michael Haymar 's avatar  Michael Haymar 06/09/2013 10:54

When they are in season I eat 4 to 5 Apricot kernels per day. No side effects. The reason why I started eating the kernels is because they contain B17

Lauralockie 's avatar  Lauralockie 18/12/2011 15:23

I experienced the toxic effect of apricot kernals after eating 3 or 4 of them a day for about 6 weeks.  I started to experienc muscle fatigue and soreness and inability to get a good breath.  Honestly I felt I was dying.  On researching them further I found that when they break down in digestion, cyanide is produced, so I was sufferring from cyanide poisining.  I felt immediately better on discontinuing use, and actually felt the toxin pass through my system.  Please use with extreme care!

Amygdalina 's avatar  Amygdalina 04/10/2011 20:04

I have become a regular Apricot Kernels eater, since discovered published online research from international labolatories about Amygdalin's anticanceric properties. It got me ahead of modern medicine. I want to live cancer free up to 100years and now eat 6-10 kernels a day with additional fresh apricots in summer. In addition, my skin and hair become soft.

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