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Avena Sativa - Oats Benefits

Are you feeling stressed, tired, depressed, fed-up, run down or even lacking your usual sexual desire? If so, have you considered a daily dose of Avena sativa (also known as Oats or Oatstraw)?

This wonderful herb is thought to be soothing to the brain and nervous system, whilst at the same time increasing sexual desire, and performance, in both men and women!

Avena sativa is quickly becoming a popular natural alternative to pharmaceutical erection enhancers without the dangerous side effects. Also known as Oats Milky Seed or Oatstraw, Avena Sativa is used to stimulate both men and women quickly and effectively. It is often described as the "Natural Viagra"! Its stimulating effects are well known in the animal world, especially with horses where it is widely known that if you feed them oats their behaviour will be wild and energetic! And we've all heard the term "sowing your oats".

Dr. Larry Clapp has studied alternative virility medicines extensively and concludes that "ten drops, under the tongue, twice a day works very powerfully to enhance erectile function." Other studies have also suggested powerful results in both sexes.

In women, the effect seems to be that of increasing sexual desire rather than physical performance. Avena sativa contains compounds which are both sedative and soothing to the brain and nervous system, hence it is said to be a good herb as a nerve restorative. In women the aphrodisiac effect seems to work by relaxing the body which in turn allows a natural increase in desire.

In men it appears to be effective for treating impotence and premature ejaculation, probably by increasing healthy blood flow.

As a food, oats are known to be good for the heart because they keep blood fats under control. They also have other medicinal properties.

Avena sativa seeds are not only a rich source of carbohydrate and soluble fibre, they also have the highest content of Iron, Zinc and Manganese of any grain. It is said to be useful as a nerve restorative.

Avena sativa has no known side effects, unlike the sometimes dangerous sexual prescription drugs. It is used as a nervous system general tonic as well as a general health tonic.

Avena sativa is often the primary ingredient in expensive sexual formulas and in the popular alternatives Herbal V, Cobra and Biogra. There is no need to purchase expensive herbal formulas. The pure herb is more powerful and is not expensive to use.

Avena sativa does not appear to interact with drugs so it is often used as a safe alternative to other herbs that are used for anxiety, such as St John's wort, which cannot be taken with many prescription medications. Avena sativa may also be of use in helping with drug withdrawal and is often combined with valerian and skullcap.

Oats are sometimes added to the bath as a topical treatment for the skin condition eczema. Generally, there are no side effects or contra-indications from using avena sativa herbal supplements.

Avena Sativa - Oats Herb Notes / Side Effects

Latin Name

Avena sativa

Common Names

Oats, Oat Straw, Oats Milk seed

Suggested Properties

Nourishing and restorative to nerves and reproductive organs. Antidepressant. Strengthening


Loss of libido in both sexes Impotence Premature ejaculation Anxiety Nervous system tonic Weakness and nervous exhaustion Restless sleep from overexcitement Used with Valerian root to ease withdrawal from tranquilizers PMS with scanty menstruation and cramps Exhaustion after childbirth and during breast-feeding Baths for eczema.

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Shane lundgren 's avatar  Shane lundgren 11/03/2015 03:50

Oats make me feel happier and less anxious. A safe and milder alternative to using cannabis. Can help one to reduce or quit cannabis usage. Another happy herb is "vervain" but this is harder to find.

D.A/Marty 's avatar  D.A/Marty 28/05/2011 17:42

Is Avena Sativa a good substitute for Viagra 100 mg.?

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Andrew 's avatar  Andrew 17/10/2011 08:06

I have been eating oats to help with anxiety and found that my anxiety has gone.  I just have a bowl in the morning and in the afternoon, but would prefer to have the tincture instead.  Just don't know where to buy.

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Harold 's avatar  Harold 04/10/2010 10:34

benn taking for a week 3 tablets per day no effect whatsoever

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Buckster64 's avatar  Buckster64 07/02/2012 04:54

I'm 47, and I have not woke up with morning wood, it's been along time. I recently started the tincture under the tongue, and low and behold with in a week I woke up with my woman by my side, saying what the blank is that poking through the sheets.

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Vinny 's avatar  Vinny 27/10/2010 21:36

I been taking it for a day, and it is giving me more energy, this is my second day and my erection is stronger and lasts longer, im 21 so that might be why it is helping me.

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