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Saffron is the most expensive spice in the world! It is produced from the saffron crocus flower (Crocus sativus). It is actually the dried stigmas (which are the insides of a flower that catch pollen) and has a deep auburn colour and sweet flavour. The stigmas can only be picked by hand as machines are not delicate enough. It takes 250,000 stigmas to make just half a kilo of saffron, hence its high price, however you only need a pinch as it is very strong.

The Crocus flower is native to Southwest Asia and some areas of Europe. Though it is often harvested to be used as a spice for cooking or for flavoring tea, it is also known to have many health benefits as an herbal supplement. Saffron has lost some of its popularity as a spice due to more common and affordable herbs and spices, yet it still remains as a herbal supplement because of its many medicinal benefits.

Many people do not know the numerous health benefits that can be gained from using a saffron herbal supplement. The amount of ailments it be used to treat is extensive. Below is a list of some of the more common ailments that an herbal saffron supplement can help with.


Saffron, when taken correctly, is effective at treating mild to moderate depression. It has been proven to be just as effective as some popular prescription medications for depression that is commonly prescribed by doctors to their patients. For it to be effective, the most important thing is to make certain that you are buying 100% real saffron from a reputable dealer. You also need to make sure that the saffron only consists of the red filaments.

When you receive the saffron, it is best to soak it in either broth, milk or warm water before you cook with it. This will help make it more potent when you add it to any recipe. If you do not want to cook with the saffron, an alternative way to use it to treat your depression would be to add it into a tea or some milk to consume. To make it, just mix at least ten strands of the saffron into your drink with some sweetener of your choice. Mix it well and enjoy. When taken at night, it can also help treat depression that is associated with insomnia.

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Asthma can be a really frustrating problem for a lot of people. It can make it very difficult to breathe. The reason it makes it hard to breathe is because your lungs become inflamed. When your lungs become inflamed, your airways begin to restrict which causes less air to be able to pass through. Saffron helps to clear your airways making it easier for you to breath.

Sleeping Habits

If you are someone that has trouble sleeping, using a saffron herbal supplement can also help you to avoid those restless or sleepless nights. The best way to use saffron to help you sleep is by mixing it with some milk or tea and your favorite sweetener and then drinking it before bed.


Arteriosclerosis is a very dangerous condition in which the arteries begin to harden. When your arteries harden they have trouble transporting the amount of oxygen needed to different parts of the body. Because this condition is not easy to detect in early stages, it is vital to take precautions early on.

This is where using saffron as an herbal supplement can help. An herbal saffron supplement can decrease the chances of getting arteriosclerosis. The saffron acts as a stimulant and an antioxidant to help increase the circulation throughout the body.


According to research, saffron can also help aid in a person's fight with cancer. Cancer cells grow by building and creating their own blood supply in the body. Saffron is thought to help fight cancer by entering the cancer cells and sending them a signal to commit suicide (known as Apoptosis), thus leading to the cancer dying off. Saffron contains Carotenoids which are thought to cause toxic and deadly reactions to certain cancer cells in the body, such as leukemia cells, sarcoma cells, and cancerous carcinoma cells.

Menstrual Relief

For women who have irregular periods, they can take saffron to help regulate their menstruation. An herbal saffron supplement can help induce menstruation as well as help relieve pain that is associated with periods. Along with period relief, saffron can also help to reduce chronic uterus bleeding.

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Becca1967 's avatar  Becca1967 20/08/2015 21:16

Spain now imports more saffron than they export, leading many to believe that Iran is exporting to Spain and that saffron is actually Iranian.

Not that it matters that much in quality.

It's worth checking out Rumi saffron from Afganistan, they have great quality and it provides the Farmers with an option other than opium.

amak 's avatar  amak 10/02/2014 05:34

Yes. Saffron is a miracle health "drug." Ingesting 10-12 stigmas each day soaked in warm water or milk leads one to increase their energy level. No side effects whatsoever. Buy from Spain only.

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Fazil Pm 's avatar  Fazil Pm 15/04/2014 05:40

Yes, it is really effective, can see the changes. i use to take with tea. no side effects. the only source to get the best quality is from "IRAN"

1 person liked this.
Shobby 's avatar  Shobby 26/03/2014 20:30

Very effective in rejuvenating the entire body. Have been taking it with warm milk every night and the effects are visible. There are only two sources to get the best quality, either from Spain or Iran

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Ariosaffron 's avatar  Ariosaffron 20/07/2015 07:30

Pure and natural saffron is a rich source of high nutrient so saffron can help and raise our immune system against diseases including: helps to our nervous. Pure Saffron tea can help and treat our nerves because this spice has high minerals. Minerals have main and major role and they also improved quality of the calm nervous. I am a saffron researcher.

Jawed 's avatar  Jawed 29/01/2015 12:52

I have felt and realized the best effects of Saffron myself. Especially with Insomnia, night sleep disorders that made me travel abroad for a doctor. while the medicine was at my own home country Afghanistan; that is Saffaron. Saffron has below good effects on health. 1. Sleep inducer 2. Strengthens uterine bladder and sexual organs so less frequent commuting to washrooms ( especially in older ages or cold weathers) and better sexual intercourse with naturally increased timing while taking at night with hot water as tea, and improved and thickened sperm quality, . For ladies best if problems with menstruation cycles and short duration. I have tested Iranian saffaron in UAE, but not better than the Afghani one. Reason:
AFG ones are still natural with no artificial and lab seed improvement. very lean in compare to thick Iranian ones but aroma and effects are by far better that is why expensive. Anyhow, Where ever it comes from use them. they are the best.

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