Ginger Root Reviews

Rudy 's avatar  Rudy 23/01/2013 23:12

Is too much ginger bad? how much is too much?.. I use ginger by squizing the juice

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Blue boy  's avatar  Blue boy  21/03/2013 15:03

I have been taking ginger for 1 1/2 for tennis elbow and it works great but now I noticed that I get erection like a high school feel great !

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Mishima 's avatar  Mishima 07/08/2013 00:59

I just purchased ginger root from wholefoods and took about 6 caplets my sour tummy gas and pain of my tummy and headaches have virtually disappeared. I will use this forever. Is there a problem of too much ginger? mishima

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Itumeleng 's avatar  Itumeleng 29/07/2013 10:06

ginger is a miracle to me cuz I have been suffering from sour throat but now it is a history.
Question: Can ginger burn fat?

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Moya Taylor 's avatar  Moya Taylor 23/02/2015 03:13

can i get some help on how to get rid of prostate cancer ? i want to help my church brother. i read up on ginger roots for prostate cancer, do anyone know or have this experience ? and how the ginger root should be taken.y

Shannon Dicks 's avatar  Shannon Dicks 16/08/2015 07:42

Fat sick and nearly dead it's a documentary with Joe cross might help with what you are looking for also the documentary hungry for change woman had stage four cancer did what joe cross did and she is still alive and better then before

Bill 's avatar  Bill 20/07/2015 00:32

Research B17 (Laetril) regimen. The regimen consists of the apricot seed, vitamins C, E, and A, zinc, magnesium, manganese and selenium. Also Lypo-Sheric vitamin C (and regular vitamin C) + B12 are cancer killer as well. Organic selection of vitamins and food in my opinion is the only route too rebalance the body. Turmeric slow cancer as indicated by research. Most chemotherapies aren't effected by the above, per research. As your research proceeds, you will find so many treatments options. However the regimes requires patient and commitment.

marph 's avatar  marph 12/04/2015 05:14

If your friend is suffering from cancer then look up on youtube some of the cancer cures that use hydrogen peroxide. No lie you will find many people healing themselves and ridding tumors with hydrogen peroxide. The reason is that disease cannot survive in an oxygen rich environment. Research one minute cure it is a book with a protocol for using it.

cathy 's avatar  cathy 26/11/2013 03:13

I have been making ginger tea which is great for my aching joints but have read that i must not take ginger if i have gall stones. why is this?

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augie 's avatar  augie 18/12/2012 05:22

Ginger will be in my life forever. Been 6 weeks of juicing it and the 3 days i did not drink it, i can feel the difference when i did not.

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rbalderr 's avatar  rbalderr 13/02/2013 18:16

When you said you juiced it, how much did you take? how many times a day?

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Charles 's avatar  Charles 14/02/2013 14:29

I have always used Ginger root to treat cough and cold. As soon as I feel a cold coming on or a sore throat, I rush to buy fresh ginger roots from the grocery store, peel them and cut into small sizes that I chew in the mouth, only swallowing the juices. This works for me all the time.

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Carhome 's avatar  Carhome 14/12/2012 01:29

I have been using ginger grated and mixed with fresh garlic, honey and lemon to prevent attacks of COPD, works great

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eisutton 's avatar  eisutton 11/01/2013 01:00

I am amazed! I broke my back in two places two years ago. I have had two surgeries and have had to take tramadol and hydrocodone to control the pain. Two days ago, I was in the airport in Las Vegas and saw the candy store selling candied ginger root. I love ginger so I thought I would give it a try. While it is not for the feint of heart (very strong and hot) I seemed to be craving it. Since I started eating it, I have not needed to stronger hydrocodone even though I was traveling and sitting in an airplane! I started researching to see if the ginger could be responsible for the relief of the pain since it was the only new addition that might be responsible. I would much rather eat candied ginger than take a powerful narcotic!!!! Yea!! Now if I could get workers comp to cover the purchase of the ginger. . . .

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Luba 's avatar  Luba 27/01/2013 00:46

There is nothing strange about the fact that ginger reduced your pain.
Pain comes from inflamation.Ginger is known for it's strong anti-inflamatory properties. However, I wouldn't eat candied ginger as it is soaked in sirup and in addition has lots of sugar on top and sugar is very inflamatory. Try to eat fresh ginger, add it to soups, stir fries, juices (if you have a juicer) or to shakes you make in a blender. I also love ginger tea... cook slices of ginger in water and then let it sit for a while to steep, strain and drink it with a bit of dark honey which is much healtier than sugar, has many healing properties. Good luck.

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Cheeco 's avatar  Cheeco 14/01/2014 17:05

Rolling the idea over to try ginger instead of eating ibuprofen to prevent leg/back aches with being on my feet 12+ hrs as a nurse. With you receive same benefit from ginger ale soda? Is there a dosing amount proper for daily use for herbal preparations? Are there life threatening side effects like bleeding or respiratory symptoms associated with daily use?
Help. Want an alternative to ibuprofen!

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Fatima 's avatar  Fatima 23/01/2014 05:51

What about ginger powder and ginger paste ?

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linda 's avatar  linda 25/01/2014 23:08

I have a problem with pimples. Heard it said that cutting a slice of ginger root would clear up my pimples. After two days, my pimples are almost cleared up. How do I store the ginger after cutting into it?

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geneva 's avatar  geneva 13/05/2013 05:23

can you grow ginger? if so, HOW? thank you geneva

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Sashajean 's avatar  Sashajean 25/09/2013 14:18

I've tried growing Ginger Root but it wasn't easy for me. I was using a large pot. NO GOOD. Ginger Root needs depth. So it must be planted in the grown. It's a plant that takes a while, months and sometimes years to grow. Check it out online. That's how I began growing mine. Didn't do so well.

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karen 's avatar  karen 27/10/2013 00:27

can ginger root and hawthorn berrie be taken together

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Sashajean 's avatar  Sashajean 25/09/2013 14:13

Have you tried a Ginger Root Bath? Another way to relieve symptoms of arthritis, constipation and restlessness. You will sleep like a baby. Bath Recipe: 2 lbs Ginger Root chopped added to a 1/2 gallon boiling water. Turn down to Simmer for 45 minutes. The water should turn brown because of the color of the Ginger Root. Run your bath. Pour this Ginger Water through a strainer into the bath water. Set in the bath at least 15 minutes. It works from the outside in. As a Massage Therapist and a Doctor of Reflexology, I've advised my clients to try this and they loved it. IT WORKS. But if too many of these baths are taken like nightly for over 3 nights the opposite of constipation will occur. Diahrea. That is what my clients had told me.

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bcam7 's avatar  bcam7 03/06/2013 16:34

really great sight...will share it!

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HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 03/06/2013 17:02

That's great, thank you! Your feedback is much appreciated. Glad you are enjoying our website :)

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jumper 33 's avatar  jumper 33 13/01/2014 02:37

Does it control blood pressure?

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Fab50 's avatar  Fab50 12/12/2012 20:17

I chewed two slices of ginger root for a bothersome, headache and nerve pain in my tooth. Boy! I am elated to say the pain is gone.

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NomadGloria 's avatar  NomadGloria 29/10/2012 19:21

Tasty & Healthy.

Ginger has been part of my diet since I have been able to cook (I am a self taught gourmet cook). Indian, and many oriental dishes use ginger. It is so aromatic & tasty. Crystallized ginger, available at most grocery stores, and health food stores, is a wonderful snack.

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Gloria 's avatar  Gloria 23/09/2015 14:10

I had a terrible sore throat last night, then I remember how a friend of mine has once told me about the importance of Ginger root. Luckily, I have some in my fridge, I quickly peeled the skin off and cut it into smaller pieces and chew it, as I swallow the juice down the throat, I noticed immediately that a miracle is taking place. Amazingly, the sore throat disappeared in the morning.

Tom Stanley 's avatar  Tom Stanley 22/07/2015 19:28

I can't be sure but it might have aided in my DME, just know the results were better than expected. It might have helped in my eye's recovery after injection - recovery seemed fast. Also perhaps ginger has been the cause of the disorientation spells I have been having as of late. None of the above I have any proof on just suspicions and questions.

camilla 's avatar  camilla 30/06/2015 13:59

I use ginger root, <a href="">turmeric</A>, and boswellia 2-3 times a day for arthritic pain or headaches and it works well. You dont want to use the supplements from any where but a reputable health food store tho

LouAnn Kyser 's avatar  LouAnn Kyser 30/05/2015 01:05

I just started today. I have a stumach ulcer and dyspepsia. I took some fresh ginger and made it into a tea and drank before dinner. I had NO discomfort eating or after! I am amazed! I think ginger is going to be in my life from Now on. Also my pharmacist said it helps reduce the effects of Metformin (for Diabetes) I have been taking for 12 years. So if I still have my liver and Kidneys (I do) I needed to do something like years ago.

carol 's avatar  carol 25/03/2015 01:01

had a very bad cold,felt sick like a dog,i shaved some ginger root lemon juice honey added hot water and boum next morning gone...i am still in shock.!!!!! so i promise myself to do this twice a works!!!!

Guest-MD 's avatar  Guest-MD 16/03/2015 07:04

I have used ginger root for fevers, common colds, sore throat, nausea, and menstrual cramps. I wash the Ginger root, cut it up and boil it. I then use the water from it to make a pitcher of tea (decaf Lipton tea). This worked great for my son as a toddler whenever he had a virus or fever as he always had trouble keeping down Tylenol and Motrin.

cliff 's avatar  cliff 26/02/2015 19:06

I have been using it for an aggravating joint stiffness in my pointer finger -which gets used for several hours a day(6-10) on the computer mouse, It does not completely take the stiffness away but makes it far more comfortable ie. no pain. About 90% of the pain and stiffness is gone-I can live with that. just a small piece of candied ginger daily seems to do the trick. I suspect that is the anti-inflamaiory effect that does it.

Barbara 's avatar  Barbara 23/02/2014 18:45

I suffered from Ocular migraines very badly. Since taking fresh puréed ginger in my tea, I have not had one migraine in over a year.

Carol 's avatar  Carol 20/02/2014 19:03

is the variegated or solid ginger grown in yards an edible ginger root?

David 's avatar  David 14/02/2014 23:46

I testify that it's fantastic for getting a sweat on thus providing a great way to flush out toxins when you have the flu!

Debossman 's avatar  Debossman 24/01/2014 19:00

I had a very sore throat, felt like strep. A friend told me to chew some Ginger Root. I did so and got immediate release from the pain.

Jerry 's avatar  Jerry 23/01/2014 09:07

I have Parkinson's and the meds I take give
me nausea. Ginger helps tremendously, even better than the nausea meds they give me. The added benefit is how well it helps with inflammation of my joints and tendons!!

Lynda 's avatar  Lynda 05/02/2014 04:32

I have Parkinson's and my meds were making my life unbearable, after taking ginger , the pain subsided , the nausea went away, the dizziness went away and feel normal again. Every day is a little bite better.

Mike 's avatar  Mike 18/01/2014 05:03

Very hard to believe, this ginger info. How about the ginger that is included in an order with sushi? Is that variety any good?

Marcus  's avatar  Marcus  13/01/2014 04:32

I have taken ginger tea after I'm done drinking, I don't get sick or hangover. I have make ginger tea fory sister in law after her kimioterapy and it help with the sicknes.
Heartburn and indigestion.

ROBBIE WITH A SMILE 's avatar  ROBBIE WITH A SMILE 11/01/2014 05:52


tessy 's avatar  tessy 13/12/2013 09:25

hello i am trying to get pregnant ,is it right for me to take ginger for cleansing for some days befor goin for the process thanks,,

Lynn Ryan 's avatar  Lynn Ryan 30/09/2013 10:50

I've been having GI issues for a few months, mostly nausea. I also have painful arthritis. Last night I made a cup of ginger root, green tea and about 1/4 tsp. splenda and had amazing results! Simmer about 1 1/2 inch peeled and sliced ginger root in 2 cups of boiling water. Let boil for 5-10 minutes. Toss out the ginger and pour water over 2 green tea bags. (I used a 12 oz cup). I thought it was delicious. Half way through my nausea disappeared. This morning I got out of bed without needing to hold on to the wall and saying ouch, ouch. I had taken vicodin for the pain and that in itself had it's own side effects. So I'm very thrilled to have a natural remedy that worked for me. Ginger root is the way to go!!

StillGrowing 's avatar  StillGrowing 21/09/2013 17:28

I had to stop using naproxen because of stomach bleeding that was causing me to have serious iron deficiency. I had used the naproxen only in the evening so I could sleep(1 pill). Osteoarthritis is the cause of my joint/back issues. I had read that ginger could help with inflammation. So instead of switching to another pain reliever, I started using ginger - several slices of the root a day. My pain level and stiffness have decreased to a tolerable discomfort when I am inactive too long. As long as I am active there is now little discomfort. The stomach bleeding has decreased or stopped. I made the change in June. I could feel results in August. So it didn't take all that long to make a difference. The only other change I made during that time was to begin taking an iron supplement and eating iron rich foods.

Dawn 's avatar  Dawn 19/09/2013 03:05

Ater losing weight i am frequently cold. Someone recently suggest steeping ginger in hot water.. I did and it worked immediately. With all of the other benefits i plan to incorporate ginger into my daily diet!

gary wirfs 's avatar  gary wirfs 28/08/2013 19:28

i have prostate cancer, read article about zingiber officinale helping cancer cells. I cannot find what form of it to get, where to get it, how to take it??

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 04/09/2013 11:55

Hi Gary, you can buy ginger capsules online. Try to get pure capsules if possible, no fillers or binders. But the best and cheapest way to take Ginger is simply to buy fresh ginger root from your local store and then use it as a food: grate it into dishes, add slices to hot water and drink (lemon and honey are good additions).
Did you know Saw Palmetto is also widely regarded for prostate health. Obviously with you having an existing cancer you should speak to your Doctor first. You can read about Saw Palmetto on our website here:
Good luck with the treatment.
Best regards

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Carol  's avatar  Carol  25/01/2013 13:01

Felt nauseous with cramps and gassy stomach, placed boiling water over sliced fresh ginger root and my problems immediately started to die down within 10-15 minutes.

Weezie king 's avatar  Weezie king 01/11/2012 16:00

I am in the process of taking ginger root for a baker cyst behind my knee. I hope this works because the pain from this us sometimes just so unbearable

Curious 's avatar  Curious 02/11/2012 18:30

Weezie King ~ I would be interested in your progress as I have a family member with the exact same issue. Are you applying it externally or ingesting it? Thanks…

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Curious 's avatar  Curious 02/11/2012 18:31

Weezie King ~ I would be interested in your progress as I have a family member with the exact same issue. Are you applying it externally or ingesting it? Thanks…

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Miniworld  's avatar  Miniworld  13/11/2013 10:47

It works. I had a diagnose late August and I suffered until Middle October then for some reason I started adding ginger to my weekly vegetable juice. The pain went loosing of balance stopped my Osteopath could not believe how soon I recovered. Last weekend I feel and fractured my arm, just went to the Doctor today he could not believe how quickly I can move my arm in less than a week and swelling is as if I have had the cast for 4 week.
Hope that helps.

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