Spirulina Reviews

John 's avatar  John 27/12/2010 18:53

I enjoy the Spirulina, it gives me intense energy and use it to provide my B12 nutrients. The only downside is my shit comes out green,.

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Connieg 's avatar  Connieg 14/01/2011 00:21

But that is the measure by which you gauge that you are taking enough. If it's not green, you need to take more spirulina

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Frenchy A Philip 's avatar  Frenchy A Philip 20/01/2011 10:35

Spirulina is very use full to me:

My changes in life:

# sleeping tendency wipe away in day time.
# Improves Energy and stamina.
# My Eye Sight power increased.
# All toxins removed from my body
# and lot......Etc

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CM 's avatar  CM 10/10/2010 22:51

I have been using spirulina for over a year now and it is fantastic. I used to have an eating disorder and so i am always conscious of my weight. Spirulina helps to maintain my weight. I also get servere PMS and spirulina has helped my mood swings.

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Thatgirl 's avatar  Thatgirl 21/10/2012 03:51

Does it in a way work as a healthy laxative?

Carlostorace 's avatar  Carlostorace 16/02/2011 09:18

I am 77 years old and has been taking spirulina for almost 2 years. I find that now I can drive my community bus for 600klms without getting tired. Also I have a very big garden and find that I get the energy to cut all the lawns and edgings without getting tired. I certainly recommend Spirulina to everybody that needs that extra serge of energy. CARLO TASMANIA

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Sandmacker 's avatar  Sandmacker 01/02/2011 10:10

I'm a greens junkie and the powered greens as spirulina mixed with OJ or veggie/fruit smoothies seem to be my main food source over cooked food ,of which I now only buy at cafes etc. No sickness , oodles of energy ,stable moods(not easily stressed), and that clean fresh feeling you get is only some of the benefits. I find that my craving for junk food diminished because the body is nutritionally satisfied . I recomend it to anyone and I consider it one of my main food sources

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Prema 's avatar  Prema 02/02/2011 03:25

I used to have flashes of light from my left eye and I have seen a opthalmologist and was diagnosed to have macular degeneration due to high myopia. I was asked to come back if the flashes of light worsened because it may cause retinal detachment. I started taking spirulina as a supplement and after about 1-2 yrs, this flashes of light has gone completely

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Rikster1234 's avatar  Rikster1234 05/03/2011 00:50

my only question is how much have you been taking per day?

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Felicia 's avatar  Felicia 26/03/2011 19:51

Spirulina saved my life - 1 tsp daily with minimal water or organic apple juice. I wasn't digesting food and couldn't eat much. I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disorder, malabsorption, malnutrition, leaky gut, fibromyalgia and gluten sensitivity. Spirulina was easy to absorb and provided me with the vitamins and nutrients (esp. protein) that I was lacking. I truly believed I would not have made it had God not directed me to Spirulina.

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Tiffany 's avatar  Tiffany 19/02/2012 16:05

I as well love Spirulina.  I had (notice that I said: HAD) fibromyalgia, IBS, Rheumatoid Arthritis, IBS.  First DUMPED the Gluten from my diet (see the book:  Wheat Belly by William Davis) then added then added Magnesium (Jigsaw Brand) and then added  Spirulina and Chlorella to my diet.  No more disease, feel like I did at 30 yrs old (now I'm 70) and have the bowl movements of a 20 yr old.  Am loving all the positive changes in my health.  Go to NO alopathic doctors since they don't seem to know anything else but to prescribe a pharma drug which I will not take.  Loving all the comments on this herb.

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Tina 's avatar  Tina 20/10/2013 18:39

Hi Tiffany,
I am suffering from IBS like digestive condition resulting in mal-absorption and weight loss. I am thinking of trying spirulina tablets. How long did it take for your condition to improve? Also what should be the ideal dosage?
Thanks in advance :)

Claire O Meara 's avatar  Claire O Meara 18/08/2013 07:08

Great stuff. Never to late to make a change and feel younger,

Jananderson2358 's avatar  Jananderson2358 21/08/2011 19:54

Felicia...Thanks for your testimony. I am battling with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue. I don't want to take meds that the doctor subscribes. MY husband bought powdered spirulina and I think I will try it and hope it helps me feel better and gives me some energy, just so I can cope. Keep me in your prayers. Jan

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lunaticl lady 's avatar  lunaticl lady 26/09/2010 06:38

i listened about this herbs from my frn, after visiting the webside i know about it so i want to buy this kind of herbs which doesnt side effect

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SparkleCat356 's avatar  SparkleCat356 22/03/2011 01:23

After starting Spirulina, my blood glucose has dropped from 215 in the morning down to 170!!! I noticed this after only something like 3 days!!

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Vaino4go 's avatar  Vaino4go 23/03/2011 14:27

great. I will try and see if same results for me

Tracy 's avatar  Tracy 19/03/2011 01:26

I have suffered with atopic dermatitis on my face for about 5 yrs. Spirulina's high potency as an antioxident has helped immensely. It has also helped with the inflammation. I have tried EVERYTING, medicines, supplements and herbs, with average results. Spirulina has been the most effective!!! It truely does what it claims!

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Kasha/Herbalist 's avatar  Kasha/Herbalist 17/01/2014 03:28

Do you still suffer from dermatitis?

Jackandjill1953 's avatar  Jackandjill1953 01/03/2011 05:31

Energy, energy, energy!

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Holldew 's avatar  Holldew 28/11/2010 09:42

I take the Spirulina powder along with Clorella. (It all tastes pretty nasty so why not get them both down at one time) Plus, you receive so much more nutrition with taking both....complimenting each other :o)

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GR Huth 's avatar  GR Huth 04/07/2013 01:45

Two 500 mg capsules morning and evening helped me to get rid of a persistent (20 years or more) plantar wart that had stubbornly resisted all kinds of other traditional treatments. The wart never returned. Additionally, good friend acquired shingles that affected her face, eye, and scalp. Medical treatments, including prescriptions, were having no affect, so I suggested that she take the above supplemental dose of spirulina. The reversal of symptoms was prompt and dramatic. She began experiencing relief within 24 hours, and all signs of herpes were gone within three weeks, and I know that symptoms of this illness can linger for months. Both plantar wart and shingles are herpes viruses; in two instances, spirulina appears to have charged up the immune system to allow the body's natural defenses to reverse symptoms very effectively.

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Ben Franke 's avatar  Ben Franke 06/03/2013 03:30

I take this great spirulina and chlorella supplement from Onnit. When you cook vegetables or eat cheap salads, you're often getting little more than just fiber and water. You're missing out on tons of alkaline-forming vitamins and minerals. Usually those green-food liquified supplements taste nasty and are really hard to down. Onnit makes a great supplement that helps the body detoxify and provides all the benefits of eating tons of greens without the hassle.

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piyusha 's avatar  piyusha 05/03/2013 08:56

Spirulina contains at least 10 vitamins, 8 minerals, 7 important
pigments, 10 essential fatty acids, 8 essential aminoacids and 9 non-essential
aminoacids. It is a rich source of enzymes and other potentially important
nutrients and has upto70% complete and highly digestible protein. In also
contains more β-carotene than any other while food source of Gamma Lindenic acid, is rich in B vitamins, minerals, trace elements, chlorophyll and has other important nutrients such as sulfolipids, phycocyanin, RNA and DNA.

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Aussie 's avatar  Aussie 28/02/2013 02:04

We have been taking SpirulinaOz in Australia, powder form for a few weeks now, in water, my improvements have been no more heat headaches, much more energy, clearer thinking and for my dog who is getting on in years, she used to shake intermittantly, chin and legs - this has ceased! The vets had no idea why this was occuring and I had put it down to old age. Just a little in her drinking water. Extremely impressed and dont mind the taste at all and neither does she.

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Srmorb 's avatar  Srmorb 31/03/2011 05:25

Doesn't Spirulina provide resistance to exposure to radiation

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Pat 's avatar  Pat 04/02/2011 16:03

did pregnant women can have spirulina?

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Aubrey Menez 's avatar  Aubrey Menez 21/07/2015 14:59

I've been taking spirulina this past few weeks. You can see already great results in just first few days. Spirulina is really a great food supplement for the body.

Jean Chadwick 's avatar  Jean Chadwick 12/05/2015 17:43

Will it make me lose weight

maria 's avatar  maria 09/05/2015 01:43

Yes, its helped me a lot, with everything.
Great illness preventer; I haven't been sick since Jan 2014 ; I started taking the purest form shortly after and have not experienced cold or flu or stomach illness. I recently had a bout with pityriasis roses which is common, but my bout with it was short and extremely mild compared to what I see in pictures on internet. I also reccomend it for helping premenstrual symptoms and for making cycle easier and less noticeable as far as duration; I think this is due to spirulinas iron content. I reccomend you try it:)

TorontoGurl 's avatar  TorontoGurl 28/04/2015 14:57

Im considering taking a royal product for weight loss, what would you recommend? Thanks

switzerlan baguio 's avatar  switzerlan baguio 21/04/2015 21:19

is this really effective?

Susan 's avatar  Susan 03/04/2015 18:17

most all of the companies get Spirulina from China since it is the biggest producer of it. Their is a company in Oregon who grows it organically in ponds. I have been taking Spirulina for years...love it.

margakinch 's avatar  margakinch 23/01/2015 07:11

Is spirulina and klamath blue green algae have in common in terms of health benefits? Both are cyanobacteria. I should also try spirulina soon.

Robin 's avatar  Robin 06/12/2014 15:37

I have hypothyroidism, on one the websites it says this will help with energy and weightloss but now I see alot of weight gain questions, I need to lose some or all of the 80 lbs. I gained, should I not use this product????

Shirley 's avatar  Shirley 29/11/2014 21:28

I have flu and taking anti biotic and flu medicine, is it advisable to take spirulina tablet? And how many tab I can take? Am 54 years old. Thank you!

Jayamani 's avatar  Jayamani 27/11/2014 19:08

Hi everyone,
i am 24 year old....i am consuming spirulina over 6 months i have gained 3kg.....i got interest on this tiny algae and i started to grow this wonderful food in my farm with my friends......we are producing high quality spirulina products....if any one interested qive me a call or mail, +919600567463 , jayamani92@live.com

Monica 's avatar  Monica 10/11/2014 21:17

Hello guys, i have read the amazing testimonials and I am interested in buying Spirulina for my parents who have rheumatoid arthritis. Can you please share where did you buy good quality Spirulina from?

Thank you

Kitty 's avatar  Kitty 01/09/2014 16:56

Oh, I forgot to say that I suffer from alopecia since I was 19 and I've tried almost everything that is not natural and didn't work, now I've started to use the natural and it's not making a huge difference. I've started loosing my eyelashes since 2 years, I really don't want to loose my eyebrows.

Kitty 's avatar  Kitty 01/09/2014 16:52

But where to buy one that is real???? I don't want to go to any website and not know if it's the real thing. Pls. Help!!

Jessica 's avatar  Jessica 09/08/2014 10:10

I've been taking spirulina and chlorella powders now for about 6-7 months, and I have not gotten sick since I started taking them. Also, I don't have allergies to pollen anymore - I remember this past spring when pollen literally coated the cars in the parking lot and I didn't have a problem. I used to work as an ICU nurse in a level 1 trauma center, surrounded by people with all kinds of illnesses and infectious diseases, and I started taking spirulina and chlorella to boost my immune system while working in this setting. During our recent move to Virginia, my husband caught a cold and was sneezing all over the place, and I didn't get sick. (It has been 7 days and I still have not caught the bug he had). I would recommend spirulina and chlorella for immune system and allergy benefits!

DrCath 's avatar  DrCath 25/07/2014 19:21

yes I started to take spirulina about 3 years ago and now I get go a day without it. I'm a triathlete (Ironman distance) and need the extra boost it gives me, energy, immune system, anti-inflammartory. I just love it.

Jodie 's avatar  Jodie 06/06/2014 04:01

I've been taking Spirulina for about 6 months, and I can see a great difference in things. The first thing I have noticed is my allergies. Last year I could not even mow the grass without my eyes swelling shut from scratching them. However, this year that has not happened one time. No sickness either this year. I just feel better overall. I can't wait to get blood work done to see other benefits. Love the stuff!

Florie 's avatar  Florie 04/07/2014 16:03

Hi if you want try to use Spirulina product from Royale Business Club.

Rashmi upendra 's avatar  Rashmi upendra 25/04/2014 08:55

I have heard that Spirullina intake will result in weight gain.Is it true? and also please tel which is the best brand for spirullina powder

Florie 's avatar  Florie 04/07/2014 15:58

Hi, yes it can be use for losing and gaining weight depending on how you take it. We have Spirulina as one of our best seller food supplements from Royale Business Club.

meme 's avatar  meme 26/03/2014 00:53

Since iv'e started taking Spirulina i don't have to take laxatives. It has regulated my digestive system and i have more energy.

Rob 's avatar  Rob 02/03/2014 13:04

can spirulina help with diabetic neuropathy and blood glucose

healthguru 's avatar  healthguru 27/04/2014 22:00

Yes, Spirulina helps balance blood sugars and is alkalie forming.

Haider 's avatar  Haider 18/02/2014 12:54

Hye .. I am 17 male and so skinny .. I was wondering if Spirulina can help me gain weight ? If so, what is the way to take Spirulina in oder to gain weight ? How many times a day and how many capsule and at what time ? And if I do gain weight , will it be muscle or fat ? And if it muscle that I will gain, should I workout to gain it ? Sorry for asking a lot of question .. I just need to know because my life is so hard with this type of body .. Thank you for reading .. :D

Brad Taylor 's avatar  Brad Taylor 15/12/2014 23:58

Definitely workout to gain muscle, there is not secret way to gain muscle. From what I've read, spirulina has protein which helps repair the body. Working out, in essence, damages the body. Its when you sleep along with the nutrition that you consume that repairs the body and makes you stronger and with muscle. Working out + spirulina = good!

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 20/02/2014 13:16

Thank you for your comments. Three good herbs to look at for muscle gain are: <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-ashwagandha.html">Ashwagandha</a>, <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-fenugreek.html">Fenugreek</a> and <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-flaxseed-oil.html">Flaxseed</a>. You can probably source these local to where you live, but if not, you can find them all on this store and they ship all over the world: <a href="http://www.homeherbs.co.uk">www.homeherbs.com</a>
Best regards

Rodney Payne 's avatar  Rodney Payne 03/07/2014 02:17

U did not answer any of his questions about spirulina and helping to gain weight?? Are U recommending not taking spirulina by your absence of an answer to his many questions?? Perhaps U have no answer to his questions?? I desire the same thing as the lad questioned, but nobody seems to know the answer??

NaturalBeauty 's avatar  NaturalBeauty 26/01/2014 02:11

I HIGHLY recommend Greens+. It is research based and contains spirulina along with a whole host of other amazing ingredients. It's made by a company called Genuine Health and since I began using it a month ago I have had way more energy and just feel all around better. It's amazing what a difference this stuff has made in my health. I just quit smoking also 2 weeks ago and find I feel even better now, I think the Greens+ is able to work it magic even more now! I hate rabbit food so Greens + is a must for me!

Laura 's avatar  Laura 17/01/2014 14:06

I am 41 years old and so is my husband. We have been pretty hard on our bodies by partying and just living for the day. Our bodies have been paying the price. We have only been on spirilina for 4 days and we have both experienced night sweats big time. I am thinking the toxins are coming out. We haven't noticed anything big yet but I think we are on to something. Has anyone else experienced a detox sweat when starting this great green stuff? By the way, I drink mine with herbal life vanilla, water, ice, extra dose of vanilla extract and honey. I grind it up in my ninja with a heaping spoon of spirilina and it tastes like heaven!

sri 's avatar  sri 16/12/2013 07:23

can i make form in my agriculture land,,,can u give me the procedure and what is minimum quality of land .....

Sakina 's avatar  Sakina 14/11/2013 12:47

Can spirulina help my daughter in fighting with lupus Sle

Jackie 's avatar  Jackie 13/02/2014 12:12

Yes you can help your daughter with Lupus taking high dose of spirulina and also a very good source of reishi mushroom, i myself have a closly related autoimmune disorde named systemic sclerosis and have been taking spirulina as well as reishi and am doing much better than those on steroids and azathioprin. My doctor is always amazed at my blood test considering I use only a holistic Approach to aiding the Body to cure itself.

jules 's avatar  jules 13/11/2013 21:20

thinking about taking

spirulina as I have anaemia, could it help?

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 14/11/2013 12:08

Thank you for your comment. The best thing for Anaemia is <a href="http://www.herbwisdom.com/herb-vitamin-b.html">Vitamin B12</A> and Iron supplements (Ferrous Sulphate solution).
Thank you and best wishes

tinfort 's avatar  tinfort 07/10/2013 18:38

My mother has a chronic glomerulonephritis for 5 years which made her diet and medication very strick. She can only take medicine that prescribe by her nephrologist. Shes also anemic and often complaning of her arthritis and constpation, i am afraid to give her an alternative medication for her joint pain and bowl problem coz it may cause complications on her kidneys.
Can i give her a spirulina? Can it cause problem to the kidneys in this case? Anyone here has a kidney problem that taking spirulina, can you give me a suggestion pls?

lies 's avatar  lies 18/09/2013 01:45

lies lies lies

lies 's avatar  lies 18/09/2013 01:46

grow your own spirulina, powder tastes like fish.

Cindy 's avatar  Cindy 28/08/2013 12:12

I was recently diagnosed with Alopecia. I'm 58 years old and it started after the loss of one of my dear sisters. They said it is triggered by stress but not caused by it. My Doctor told me there is nothing I can do. I've been reading about anything and everything because I want my hair back. I am taking Spirulina. Does anyone know if it will help or heard of anyone that it helped? Desperate for answers???!!!

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 04/09/2013 12:13

Hi Cindy, sorry to hear about your stressful time and resultand Apolecia. The best herb for hair health is Fo-ti, which you can read about here:
Other good herbs for hair health are Saw Palmetto and Nettle:
I wish you good luck
Best regards

jenry 's avatar  jenry 19/08/2013 03:18

Is it true that when you intake spirulina, it will make you fat?

Jade1881 's avatar  Jade1881 12/08/2013 10:55

I had all the trouble of digesting food, eating has become a misery for me, having to choose what to eat and what not. Will try spirulina, hope it does the trick and remove my misery and help me gain considerable weight cos all the food I consumed have not been well absorbed. Thanks for all the testimonies that I can relate to.

Martin 's avatar  Martin 13/07/2013 21:10

Hi, I have used spirulina for about 20 years and find it excellent in all respects, except for its vitamin B12 content.
From my experience having taken lots of Spirulina but ending up with chronic vitamin B 12 deficiency.
I have seen a study which supported this experience I think in Healing Through Wholefoods by Paul Pitchfordt that B12 in Spirulina is not assimilated by humans due to having a slightly different molecular structure.
Best Wishes

sans 's avatar  sans 11/07/2014 19:59

I agree..I also felt the same.. NOT much change in B12 levels as they claim in Spirulina..Otherwise its a good superfood

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 04/09/2013 10:34

Thank you for your feedback Martin. I have updated our article to reflect this information.
Best regards

Riikka Sivula 's avatar  Riikka Sivula 25/06/2013 10:21

Spirulina used to be found only in herbal products and was easily avoided. Today there can be trace amounts of it even in candy as a natural colouring. I get very sick even from that trace amount. Nausea and vomiting follows a few hours after accidentaly eating anything that contains it. Last time I had about 10 pieces of candy and thought I was going to die.

Christine 's avatar  Christine 13/06/2013 05:01

Also I just noticed, is this website still active? None of the posts are less than a year old! Please advise!

HerbWisdom 's avatar  HerbWisdom 13/06/2013 12:05

Hi Christine, yes the website is very much active. This website has been running many years now, and we don't remove old comments, so there are many comments from the last few years but we also get many new comments every day :)
Thank you for visiting us and posting your own comments. It is much appreciated.

Christine 's avatar  Christine 13/06/2013 05:00

I love Spirulina, but is ANYONE concerned with the Fukishima radioactive plant affecting the ocean waters? I hardly hear or read anyone mentioning it! I wonder if the brand I'm taking is safe?! And the popular Hawaiian brand of Spirulina is still so popular, is no one concerned?

Bud 's avatar  Bud 20/02/2014 16:00

i want to start a spirulina regiment but i want an organic very reputable source ,can anyone suggest such ??

Jackie 's avatar  Jackie 13/02/2014 12:19

Do only take a reliable source of spirulina and I would not consider any spirulina from the ocean to be safe, spirulina is known for absorbing Toxins so thus from the ocean it would absorb the waste from there. There are many reliable sources of organic spirulina which are farm bred. When in doubt ask the manufactorer. Also check which Region it Comes from. Check the manufactors gmp certificates and there certificates of organic farming are up to date.

Paty Wright 's avatar  Paty Wright 02/04/2013 20:04

Never heard of Spirulina before, the testimonials sound interesting.

Steve Wright 's avatar  Steve Wright 23/02/2013 17:23

Interestingly despite your thorough breakdown of it's positive nutritional factors you haven't mentioned it's high content of the mineral potassium, which it is actually a great source of.

Rob 's avatar  Rob 12/02/2013 06:28

I have had Heart Burn for 40 years and thanks to Spirulina i don't get it any more. I am a new person. After endless drugs trying to stop HB a friend introduced Spirulina. Best thing ever.

prabhavathi 's avatar  prabhavathi 10/01/2013 18:46

whether it can be consumed by aids children

santhosh 's avatar  santhosh 06/12/2012 16:49

thk u for this article, valuable information.

Dustin 's avatar  Dustin 15/11/2012 01:33

I have just started taking this stuff and will report back with my experience. Initially I feel a bit of anxiety as I have taken probably in the neighborhood of 10x the normal dose recommended on the bottle in a means to catch up to all you healthy folks. I am worried I may turn green as this stuff makes anything green it touches.

hoarybat61 . 's avatar  hoarybat61 . 30/01/2014 18:21

Cows eat green all day and they don't! LOL it does stain clothing tho but ur innards are worth it!

فاطمة حسن العاملي 's avatar  فاطمة حسن العاملي 13/10/2012 06:29

I recently started to use Spirulina powder. I bought the NowFoods powder. I did an internet research on the product and I am becoming skeptical. I am afraid that Spirulina does not actually benefit me as much as it claims. Does anyone feel the same way? Did anyone find out something negative about it?? Please share! I would very much appreciate it!

Jackie 's avatar  Jackie 13/02/2014 11:59

Ist vastly important that you buy a reliable organic source because you do not want to take spirulina that can do damage. I wouldnt use a source that Comes from the ocean because it could pollutants and make sure the Distributor adds no pesticides or supplements to the water which could harm you in anyway. Be careful not everything that is claimed to be good for you is. you must trust the Producer.

Mike Snyder 's avatar  Mike Snyder 11/10/2012 18:23

I have been using a tablespoon of spirulina powder in a 32 oz smoothy 2 to 3 times a week for the last 13 months. I went for eye checkup 36 days after starting and to my surprise, the doctor told me that my vision improved and needed less powerful prescription. Can't wait to go next week for yearly checkup !

Ruby_madija 's avatar  Ruby_madija 25/07/2012 06:10

spirulina will it helps me to gain weight

DrCath 's avatar  DrCath 17/07/2014 21:42

It depends of the reason why you don't gain weight but a lot of athletes take it, so I think it might help you. Start slowly and increase the dose every day a little bit.

Spirulina powder 's avatar  Spirulina powder 15/03/2012 11:36

 Spirulina is a very healthful and powerful source for extra energy... this is an amazing and helpful content you did share beside us...great!

Melissa Locks 's avatar  Melissa Locks 22/02/2012 05:27

My family, including myself, have always had digestive issues one way or another. Due to this I tend to keep a fairly healthy diet including fresh fruit, veggies, grains, etc... Still I needed something to help things along and this supplement is working well for me. 
I have been taking 2 pills of Fiber Cleanse when I wake up and 2 pills about 8 hours later in the afternoon (this routine has gone on for about 3 weeks now). My bowel functions have regulated and become easier. I do not feel any nausea upon taking these pills on an empty stomach and the pills do not have a strong taste or after-taste. 

I have also felt a slight change in energy level. I am usually a bit fatigued and sore due to anemia, but lately I have been feeling less fatigue and a bit more energy. So far there is nothing I do not like about this product and I intend on keeping up with my daily routine.

bachcole 's avatar  bachcole 30/08/2015 12:07

You might try staying away from wheat, rye, and barley (all in the same triticale family).

Joan Leaver 's avatar  Joan Leaver 21/01/2012 00:58

I have been using spirulina in my smoothies since 1992.  Yep, that's 20 years now.  I used to be a distributor with the company Light Force out of Santa Cruz, California.  It was so difficult to talk to people about this super food as main steam America is so used to fast food and processed food.  But I have hung in there and still use several products from it's spin off company, Royal Body Care.  If anyone would be interested in signing up to become a member of this company and receive 25% discounts on the retail price just let me know.  jllvr@sbcglobal.net.  Joan

Sampride13 's avatar  Sampride13 18/01/2012 08:22

Is this product any good for Fibromyagia? As lupus is mentioned. I don't have lupus but it says it csn stimuate your immune system which coud have a negative affect.much appreciated.samantha mslibra

Sampride13 's avatar  Sampride13 18/01/2012 08:27

If only I could spell: 0). I meant to say stimulate the immune system which could have a negative affect,this is the part that worries me,it could make my symptoms worse.please advise me.

Tiffany 's avatar  Tiffany 19/02/2012 16:17

Yes it is marvelous for alleviating fibro....had fibro for 30 yrs (30 yrs of misery I might add) and now thankfully it's gone gone gone.  Stimulating your immune system is what you WANT.  You really need to read and understand how the immune system works as it will help you understand how a healthy and active and stimulated immune system helps repel disease (of any type). Spend some time with Dr. Google and ask about "what is the immune system"  "how does the immune system work", etc.

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kyliepat 's avatar  kyliepat 17/09/2011 07:48

i took 3 spiralina tabs after lunch today, and now i feel sick in the stomach and feel like i need to vomit, is this normal?

dw 's avatar  dw 25/04/2012 14:10

the nausea is normal for some people, it is a detox reaction it will pass. it did the same to me , but it passed i take 24tablets aday plus i put 2heaping tsps. into my 64oz. vita-mix smoothie and bottle it up and take to work every day.

Tiffany 's avatar  Tiffany 19/02/2012 16:11

 Could be that 3 tabs was way too much for you all at one time as I don't know how much was in each tab that you took.  But for a whole lot of people it is best to SLOWLY add this or any other herb supplement to your diet so as not to upset the gut with something totally new.  I take mine with freshly juiced fruit and I take 3 caps (mine comes in cap form) once/day.  Try taking the herb slowly like 1 cap/day with Aloe Vera Juice (tastes better than water) for couple weeks then next week add another for a week then of course take 3 caps next week and from then on always with Aloe Vera Juice (settles the stomach) and always paying attention to how your stomach reacted to the herb.

Stooosh 's avatar  Stooosh 11/08/2011 02:51

I love Spirulina! I've been dissolving the powder form in Orange Juice every day once or twice for 4 months now. My eyesight improved, I don't wear my glasses anymore. It has great energy benefits. I don't get sick with cold either ( used to all the time). I want to tell the World about it!

spiruboy 's avatar  spiruboy 06/03/2015 12:11

how many correction eye-glasses do u have ?

hoarybat61 . 's avatar  hoarybat61 . 30/01/2014 18:03

How long before you STARTED to see the results with your eyes especially?

Jackie 's avatar  Jackie 13/02/2014 11:52

I have a friend of mine who was neary blind she did laser therapy but I suggested a very high dose of spirulina 60 a day and now she can even sow! Wow 2 months ago she nearly got run over because she couldnt see a car and now shes energy laden and watching all her favorite tv Shows. She never wants to miss it again.

Hm 's avatar  Hm 21/06/2014 11:55

Hard to believe.. but hopefully it's the truth.

Leci 's avatar  Leci 15/07/2011 00:00

Thanks for the info. This is exaclty info on spiruliuna i searched

Manhattan Di 's avatar  Manhattan Di 22/06/2011 00:08

Having relied on this fab food for a few years, I am now looking for a safe source. Fukushima spoiled much in the world.  Any ideas?

Susan 's avatar  Susan 18/03/2015 03:47

It's in powder form from India.

Spurlyman 's avatar  Spurlyman 07/04/2011 02:21

Im 37 yrs. old been taking spirulina for two weeks,I have increased energy,I have started working out again and have gained 12lbs of lean muscle because of spirulina,I just wish I would have heard about it a little sooner.Nothing but good reviews from me.I love this product.....

Nina_jose08 's avatar  Nina_jose08 17/10/2011 10:43

how many caps of spirulina to take per day in order to gain weight?

jenry 's avatar  jenry 19/08/2013 03:19

wow. i want also to gain weight

Sofie 's avatar  Sofie 06/09/2012 13:45

my friend told me to take at least 3 times a day after meals. aftr bfast, lunch and dinner.

jenry 's avatar  jenry 19/08/2013 03:20

wow. amazing. then, your friend grew fat by then?

Cabrown212 's avatar  Cabrown212 19/03/2011 07:47

i 'used spirulina green- blue algae' for over a mo. in college '98ish. i did not sleep i could not concentrate on school'work' yet synchronicity was everywhere. maybe. need to ingest some more and nori.

catia 's avatar  catia 14/10/2012 16:55

does spirulina cause weight gain????

DrCath 's avatar  DrCath 17/07/2014 21:44

Spirulina is a protein so it can help to gain weight, but in general if no modification in the diet is made, spirulina by itself won't make you gain weight.

I hope this helps

Dr Cath